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  • Ramanisky27

    I think we need an Argentina is Fucked thread

    • Argentina has been fucked like a dead corpse every election for the past 25 years. time to un-fuck 25 years of hyperinflation. You have no clue, of course.hotroddy
    • you've never experienced hyperinflation the same way you've never experience insecurity because there are still people in this country that don't want to treathotroddy
    • ..treat the USA like the dead corpse that is Argentina.hotroddy
    • Don't Cry for Me Argentinautopian
    • lol, I knew you'd be a fan hotroddyyuekit
    • I guess liberalizing the economy could be a good thing but on the face of it he seems to be proposing some pretty insane ideas like ending all trade with China,yuekit
    • ending the central bank, replacing their national currency etc.yuekit
    • the only way to save their currency from being treated like toilette paper.hotroddy
    • as anti- prosperous as twitters ad revenue...neverscared
    • I have to say Ramanisky is right - we do need an Argentina is fucked thread. If only for the comedic factor of how wrong things go down there.maikel
    • It's always puzzled me as to how Argentina ended up where it is.thumb_screws
    • This is a great little summary (but its Aus centric)
    • trump burns in his heart..u can only find it hard to tranquillize speculations that argentina is on their optimum trajectory towards their very own jan.6neverscared
    • @neverscared
      But he won, Trump didn't.
      Or are you saying Trump won?
    • sure i´am saying trump won .. what´s this the idiot hour ? trump won his first election though.. which set the U.S.A on their pathway to jan.6 after he lostneverscared
    • his second... am i responding to a rehtorical question ?neverscared
    • I get you, you were talking longterm. I missed that. I'm am an idiot. My apologies.palimpsest
    • 'I guess liberalizing the economy could be a good thing' Jesus fucking Christ. Strip-mining *everything* at the behest of capital and leaving nothing. Ok. Cool.face_melter
    • This will be Ukraine in 10 years lol after Blackrock melt everything. Some mad Azov Nazi strongman who chews bricks and drinks animal blood will take over.face_melter
    • At least I'm happy hotroddy's getting his rocks off.palimpsest
    • @palimpsest not a thing..neverscared
    • have u seen this sucker celebrate?..far out..moves around wild like king kong on stageneverscared
    • Gotta love the chainsaw.palimpsest
    • Where did I say strip mining? When you have a corrupt, centrally controlled system some kind of liberalization (a balanced one like in Sweden for instance)yuekit
    • could be positive. But probably not this random guy with a chainsaw who looks like Bilbo Baggins going through a coke-fueled psychosis.yuekit
    • jan 6. sequel chainsaw edition ...neverscared
    • wat? https://i.guim.co.uk…neverscared
    • A supporter of Javier Milei .... wolverine president has some nutty fans...neverscared
    • Hey now, don't tarnish Chainsaw Man. It took one second of googling this man to know he's a fucking moron, have fun Argentina.garbage
    • His take on homosexuality: doesn't bother him, but equated it to a man having sex with an elephant. Enjoy the voyage to becoming a 4th world country.garbage
    • Media Matters president responds to Elon Musk lawsuit threat https://www.youtube.…neverscared
    • oops sorryneverscared
    • I'm surprised hotroddy is busting a nut over this. I didn't take him as a "by any means necessary" type of guy.palimpsest
    • hotroddy is ready to drop the communists out of the helicopter.yuekit
    • Garbage's reaction to the decades-long plundering and theft within the Argentine political bureaucracy consequently wiping out the middle class is...hotroddy
    • "he doesn't affirm my pronouns" whawha. Classic Marxist left cultural playbook vodoo-victmization. .hotroddy
    • Venezuela was the largest investor Argentina's socialism. They bought 5 billion dollars of Argentine debt. Great deal for Argentina.hotroddy
    • The Kushners were busted for received millions of american $$ in cash smuggled by Chavez on his private planes.hotroddy
    • rationalizing theft and corruption under the belief that they hold a morally superior positionhotroddy
    • *Kirchner not kushners, Kushners are angles in comparison.hotroddy
    • @thumb_screws Argentine's believe they're 'Europe' of south america forgetting they are 3rd world. 30 years of striving for European socialism got them herehotroddy
    • I think hotty typed something, but I didn't read it because he's somehow solid when it comes to mental diarrhea.garbage
    • let me reiterate: when affirming pronouns is more important than protecting your retirement savings = garbage = Username checkouts.hotroddy
    • I said nothing about affirming pronouns. Also if you're trying to make a garbage joke, you meant to say "username checks out".garbage
    • What's life like being constantly triggered? Don't bother to respond, because that's rhetorical and I don't care about your thoughts.garbage
    • It’s so lovely seeing this much passion being thrown around this. +1 for coke-fuelled Bilbo.maikel
    • there are two people in this world. Those who get triggered over pronouns and others who get triggered by 150% inflation year over year.hotroddy
    • Ironically, you're both? I didn't even mention pronouns. I pointed out that this guy was a homophobic moron.garbage
    • hey, you're the first to bring up an instance of a bullshit cultural marxist topic as a reason to validate not doing any more research on the subject.hotroddy
    • no wonder the left kids now a days know anything. They just cruise for social justice causes instead of focusing on real problems.hotroddy
    • all to feed your SJW ego. :)hotroddy
    • Again, all I did was point out that this dude is a fucking moron who equated homosexuality to fucking an elephant.garbage
    • I'm not your SJW boogieman, you massive pussy. You ever think that people don't like you because you never make valid points and always play the victim?garbage
    • what a child. 'people don't like you', 'I didn't read your post'hotroddy
    • I read it when you keep it simple. When you go multi, I know it's not worth it.garbage

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