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  • yuekit1

    Musk says he's going to file a "thermonuclear lawsuit" against Media Matters as soon as court opens today because of this blog post. Difficult to see what the possible case would be based on what they wrote.


    • Can you honestly believe that he's what they say he is?
      Are you really become a racist or nazi if you read or see racist/nazi post on X?
      Are you that stupid?
    • i honesty can say he is.... can u really become woke when u read an woke post on X ? how does information work in the information age... ... ape are u thatneverscared
    • stoopid that u dont know ?... sure looks like it..neverscared
    • no company is delighted to find themselves next to hardcore racists or nazi neanderthalers.... doesn´t get worse.. thanks elmo u made it so much worse.neverscared
    • Agree with you Ape. As unpalatable as those views are for most, nobody is changing their political perspective because of tweet. Diversity of opinion and ...Morning_star
    • ...political perspective is healthy and nothing to be scared of.Morning_star
    • Not changing their opinion because of the tweet? Where do you think fascism comes from? Where do you think these conspiracy theories come from?imbecile
    • Complaining about social media’s influence then also saying it has none is a pretty stupid stance to haveimbecile
    • In my experience fascism comes from ignorance. When examined, it's a bad idea. Give people the opportunity to question and understand the perspective and...Morning_star
    • ...they'll discover for themselves how bad it is. Hide it, ban it, force it underground and it will rise with with many different masks.Morning_star
    • lol.. thats the dumbest and morbid thing u can say... racism is healthy because its part of diversity... buahahahah... damn... thats stoopid.neverscared
    • sure u enjoy your racist hero next to your apple computer ad... .classic X plattform....neverscared
    • I think both can be true. A nazi tweet isnt going to make me a nazi, but i still wouldnt want my ad next to itrobotinc
    • advertisers are smart .. they don´t what their stuff near hate speech... they understand proxmity in information theory to the core.. because once the damage isneverscared
    • done it´s too late...C'est la vieneverscared
    • Proximity and gastalt principles have little to do with what's being discussed. Notice how the companies have only 'PAUSED' their ads and not closed their ...Morning_star
    • ...channels and removed their presence completely. X is one of the most effective places to promote brands and products. They won't be paused for long.Morning_star
    • I think you're missing the bigger picture here. The largest corporations are telling Elon that he's a fucking idiot and he should shut the fuck up.garbage
    • Disney (WB + NBC), Apple, IBM. They're telling the idiot manchild to go to the kid's table. Because again: Musk has always been a fucking idiot.garbage
    • Part of the reason Twitter failed so hard is because they didn't have a nanny team for him. SpaceX and Tesla had crews specifically deployed to keep in line.garbage
    • Media Matters president responds to Elon Musk lawsuit threat
    • I understand but the platform is effective for advertisers. When the big corps start deleting their channels then maybe you have a point. Elon isn't X.Morning_star
    • This is pretty simple though, in a shocking twist turns out big companies don't want their brand appearing next to Holocaust denial posts.yuekit
    • YouTube had the same issue a couple years ago. The problem is Musk seem to care more about his alt-right ideology than running a successful business.yuekit
    • Mush is not X ? so who is calling the shots then ?neverscared
    • was it the holy ghost who fired all the people working there who kept the discussed topic better in check..? welcome to mornings fantasy land....neverscared
    • elmos fingers are innocent as christmas in this whole bad situation...neverscared
    • X is a social media platform with 350million active users. All of which see and interact with advertising on a daily basis. From an advertisers perspective...Morning_star
    • ...few can afford to protest like the big corps because it works. Access to that number of people who you can target at a nano level is far more of a ...Morning_star
    • ..attractor than the clumsy views of Musk. It only seems important to those who keep bleating on about how we shouldn't have free speech. Those people in my..Morning_star
    • ...opinion are far more dangerous.Morning_star
    • of course , thats why he is making a lawsuit and whines the whole time becaue the doesn´t need the bigger players... sure must be why he led all the racistsneverscared
    • back in the game and to have their influence bounce again... he didn´t even anticipated the backlash though..neverscared
    • i doubt he will fly too high with the smaller revenue... coz there are only very few people who actually generate all the big traction...neverscared
    • Twitter isn't actually that big compared to other social media.yuekit
    • It's not irreplaceable, they can easily just advertise somewhere else.yuekit
    • lol...and no lawsuit in sight.yuekit
    • @yeukit you may want to look into the ad reach X has and the number highly targetable people vs cost compared to other platforms.Morning_star
    • snowflake manchild nazi whining bitchutopian
    • I stand corrected...didn't think he'd be dumb enough to go through with it but apparently he filed a lawsuit in a Texas court.yuekit
    • Mroningstar, I think we'e not necessarily contradicting each other. It can have value but since Musk took over the advertising, which is their main revenueyuekit
    • source, is down by over half in one year. And that was before this latest debacle.yuekit
    • I totally agree with what imbecile said BTW. Fascism and conspiracies are the result of propaganda. Anti-semitism being the classic example.yuekit
    • As an example, Trump convinces his followers through a bunch of bullshit the election was stolen then based on that he tries to overturn the result.yuekit
    • I also think free speech is important but you can't ignore the other side of this which is that it's incredibly easy to brainwash people.yuekit
    • its great for planting spite in the weak and the tame when u dont do anyghing against hate speech... also doesn´t work for SM as the last decade has proven...neverscared
    • @yuekit and neverscared, who decides what should be censored. Which person or organisation? Your reasons for controlling speech seems to be because 'people...Morning_star
    • ...are stupid and do things i don't agree with'. That approach creates surefire route directly to fascism.Morning_star
    • to we have to post the hate speech classifications again .... u can just google it.. its not a mysterium .neverscared
    • racism ... ohh so complicated to classify... white supremacy... how does it work... and anti-semitism...even harder.. damn u are dumb..neverscared
    • u are a naiv dreamer who things without regulations things become milder... instead the become wilder and more disgusting...neverscared
    • there u dumbo ... read up https://www.un.org/e…neverscared
    • speech is already controlled...or have u ever seen anyone advocating and pushing pedophilia... nope its. for obvious reasons just like racism .neverscared
    • so dream on like dictator about absolutism in free speech.. it will always be asymptotic.... for good reasons.neverscared
    • hey.. maybe we shouldn´t regulate CO2 emsissions...the people will finally come around and stop.... oh yeah when will that be ? when the planets burned...neverscared
    • seems anti-scientific and cruel to me.... so much for regulation.neverscared
    • Jesus Christ, and you call me naive. I'm glad the world for you is so back and white. Congratulations.Morning_star
    • thank you.... i have the blackest blacks and shinest whites....thats where the important singularities happen...otherwise life would be too gray.neverscared
    • truth be told there is nuffin grey about that speech isn´t controlled allready... wouldn´t u agree?it´s pretty black there as in u can´t blabber around anyneverscared
    • thing you just want... c above example.., incitement.. etc.neverscared
    • u go right to in front of the judge in his black robe...neverscared
    • its a very dangerous move from u to bring racism and anti-semitism in to a greyzone...but i´am confident it will not be welcomed by moderate folksneverscared
    • If you are confident that "it will not be welcomed by moderate folks" then we're in agreement and you've articulated my point very well. Get those opinions...Morning_star
    • ...out in the open for all moderate folk to see, judge and respond to and call them out for what they are.Morning_star
    • wrong.. the moderate folks are apple, ibm.. disney etc.. who dont want putting their ads next to racism and anti-semitism because they know its to dark andneverscared
    • and not light grey....alone your argument that a tweet as any other part of info can´t change a point of view is not flying very well with the compannies.neverscared
    • Please be more careful with your language. Folk = People or Users, not Corporations.Morning_star
    • its pretty ignorant when u think about memetics... or better a really undereducated mindset when it comes to information and affection.neverscared
    • I couldn't give two fucks about corporations. They'll be making their decisions from a commercial and brand perspective and if they find the content too...Morning_star
    • ...controversial then protesting by pausing their ad spend is more a signal to their audience than a punishment for X.Morning_star
    • of course ..because proximity to hate and racism is only groovy for people who enjoy hate and racism .. so u find racism controversial ... wow.. thats full onneverscared
    • racist !!neverscared
    • proves my points... there is nuffin controversial about anti-semitism, racism, hate speech next to your ad ...it´s proper classifedneverscared
    • not caring about corporation is not a smart thing to life by.. they are immersed in all of our lives from the nano to the to km..neverscared
    • Morning I think you're the one looking at it in absolutist terms. First of all Elon Musk isn't actually especially pro free speech.yuekit
    • He's very forgiving towards certain political viewpoints but then when someone criticizes him he'll sue them using his influence with GOP politicians.yuekit
    • Anyway free speech is guaranteed at least in USA by the First Amendment. We're talking about policies of an individual site.yuekit
    • Musk seems to want to turn Twitter into Gab or 4Chan. That's up to him since he paid $40 billion for it but expecting these big brands to embrace a site thatyuekit
    • promotes alt-right disinfo is knd of strange isn't it? Freedom of speech is a thing but so is freedom of association.yuekit
    • People from the right who bitch and moan about free speech also tend to think it's a one way street.garbage
    • When legitimate arguments come back at their bullshit, they claim to be oppressed and silenced. Soft minds are at play here.garbage
    • @yeukit, you never explained who should be making the decision as to what is and isn't censored. Should we also censor those who promote communism?Morning_star
    • There’s not really censorship involved here. “X” already promised advertisers they don’t show ads next to extremist/racism content.yuekit
    • Media Matters pointed out correctly this doesn’t actually work. Elon Musk got mad and is trying to sue them.yuekit
    • Also a key point: Musk doesn't have the cajones to go for the companies that negged him, just Media Matters.garbage
    • He might actually have one smart lawyer that sat him down and said "Apple and Disney will fucking ream you in court. Have a lollipop."garbage

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