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    • The buffalo bills draw a lot water around here Lebowski. Children and families don’t draw shit! Stay outta Buffalo Lebowski!nb
    • It's call Corporate Welfare or with it!utopian
    • the city is hoping it will lead to fewer missed field goals.hotroddy
    • ^ I love that the following sentence is entirely true:garbage
    • Tyler Bass got so many death threats for that missed FG that he cut off all social media, and in response a local cat rescue started a donation campaign..garbage
    • his name, and they raised over $100k in days. Football's weird y'all.garbage
    • Toronto's SkyDome cost $570 million in 1989 dollars and was largely funded by public money...colab
    • 2004, Rogers Communications purchased it for $25 million.colab
    • Adjusted for inflation to todays dollars, it was constructed for $1.4 Billion and sold for $40.5 Million.colab
    • most of that 800 million will be going to NYPD pigs.face_melter
    • @garbage vincent gallo's fucked-up film buffalo 66 comes to mindhotroddy

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