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    I saw imbecile's post on what he feeds his dog (see pg 3772) and wanted to make him feel a bit better... with a bit of context...

    In between design gigs, I've found immense joy and fulfillment in dog training. Specifically, I've been working with reactive and aggressive dogs, giving them a shot at a happy, shelter-free life. This led to me working on the weekends with the military and police dept doing K-9 training.

    I ended up adopting a Belgian Malinois (I renamed Mattis after Gen. Jim Mattis) that was supposed to go to the Marine Corps but somehow ended up with an extremely abusive civilian owner who thought beating a dog with a metal rod was a good Idea.

    After a year of hard work he's living the good life with my chihuahua mix, Jolene

    I'm currently training him to do search and rescue work and personal service dog work (combat ptsd). His protein requirements are absolutely bonkers and for anyone thinking of getting a working dog, this is what he eats 2x a day:

    - Beef stew meat
    - Beef cheek meat
    - Sardine
    - Quail egg
    - Blueberries
    - Apple
    - A small scoop of Stella & Chewy Raw coated kibble
    - Splash of goats milk
    - Supplements, olive oil, apple cider vinegar

    For treats he gets cow trachea, raw chicken feet and frozen carrots

    • Dog eats better than me :)_niko
    • I'll have to film us training. He works really hard for that raw food. :PGM278
    • Nice! My mal is an abused rescue, too. Giving her what she wants is kind of a no brainer I’d love if she could get such scent training.imbecile
    • Wow. Beautiful pup. I always wanted a Malinois. I imagine the original owner was the horrible combination of "didn't know what they were getting into"..garbage
    • ..and "total fucking asshole that deserves a metal rod themselves".garbage
    • Surprisingly, she knew. The PO did bite competition sports and doesn't know what she's doing....and is a psycho who shouldn't be allowed near animals.GM278
    • @imbecile I love doing scent training work. Happy to send you resources if you want to learn how to get started.GM278
    • Dogs eat better then the average American, i can tell you that.milfhunter
    • Handsome pup!skinny_puppy
    • Great save, also shout out to Jolene.garbage
    • I can't unsee that slab of meat in the bowl that looks like dogs fcae.utopian
    • A nice, wholesome post. Keep up the good workstoplying
    • cow trachea doesn't get enough mention these daysmisterhow
    • It's a great way to help clean a dog's teeth (besides brushing) and is a great source of glucosamine. ;)GM278

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