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  • mg333

    I did the demo this afternoon. Have any of you done one yet?

    I was blown away. They nailed it 10x over. Everyone else is going to be playing catch-up for years. Apple owns this market now.

    • I like the idea of designing for a horizontal canvas. Like it was before phones.hotroddy
    • But do you see people really using this on a day to day? I think its more a big curiosity right now,HAL9001
    • once you've tried all the features, its collecting dust on a shelveHAL9001
    • it is like the next level of escapism, all the distraction you currently have + more with immersion.BabySnakes
    • That’s a good way to put it.mg33
    • I used my quest 2 last night just to compare and while it is still cool, Apple kills it with that 8K Vision Pro display.mg33
    • only assholes and morons have 3 and a half grand to drop on this.face_melter
    • I need to setup my rift-s again and jump back into half-life alyx, so fuckin dope, then the quests came out, it's like it got worseYakuZoku
    • Please Apple save VR's fate from fuckin FacebookYakuZoku
    • Her screeching voice made my ears bleed.milfhunter
    • ow sorry wrong thread.milfhunter
    • Doing a demo this weeknb

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