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  • Ramanisky21

    Calling all EuroQBN’rs .. have a listen to this Murican


    • lol, i literally just watched this on redditNairn
    • Lol, she's even doing the Ben Shapiro "Let's assume that" thing. Good fucking god, spare us from this egg-shaped moron.garbage
    • Well if you drive from Madrid to Prague you’ve driven through 8 Muslim countries so she’s not wrong.
      -insert QBNr here
    • Let that sink in.palimpsest
    • Idiocy is...OBBTKN
    • Why are so many Americans so ignorant?utopian
    • Don't worry, we have plenty of morons over here too.Nairn
    • Yeah, but are they egg-shaped?garbage
    • what a fuckwitsab
    • :-(PhanLo
    • Don't Americans have wee festivals where they celebrate the unique differences of the European countries they came from? Tartan Day in NY for example?PhanLo
    • As an American living in Europe for 15 years, I would say she's right, but for the wrong reasons.jmckinno
    • What is she right about? Nothing she said made any sense. Therefore, she's neither right nor wrong.palimpsest
    • America: you’ve seen one big box plaza you’ve seen them all._niko
    • Take me back to the land without sidewalks and 28 lane freeways. That's real culture.PhanLo
    • We're still not talking about the real issue: This clear evidence that the egg people have reached earth.garbage
    • okayjagara
    • https://old.reddit.c…Nairn
    • She's trolling!
      She's trolling, right?
    • The egg people are unique in that they have achieved interstellar transportation, but their society has never developed sarcasm nor nuance.garbage
    • why is she so mad?dmay
    • 30% real american. 70% troll. (successful)cherub
    • @dmay because her face is shaped like an egg. How happy would you be to wake up to yourself every morning looking like that?garbage

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