Russia-Ukraine Invasion

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  • AQUTE5

    I watched the Tucker Carlson video with Putin and now I just watched this Biden video.

    Putin 69
    Biden 79

    Time does tell.

    • IQ? Age? Height in cm?_niko
    • Girthrobotinc
    • Tell, what?OBBTKN
    • money does tell : bidens cabinet economic performance unreachedneverscared
    • Ah, good ol' Genocide Joe. Makes Putin look like a kids party entertainer. Who'd have thunk?!Khurram
    • Would be funny if he wasn't such a morally bankrupt fucking degenerate.Khurram
    • But he's not quite there, so blame his "handlers". Shhh! He's tranna have a nap!Khurram
    • Putin seems to be having mental issues as well. This interview was supposed to be his big chance to connect with the global right-wing audience, instead heyuekit
    • spent hours babbling about his weird takes on Russian and European history, how Poland really started WW2 etc.yuekit
    • His main gripe is with Anglo-Saxons. Something nobody’s self identified with in over 1500 years. And don’t get hm started on the Visigoths._niko
    • https://qph.cf2.quor…_niko
    • ^^ yet : https://en.wikipedia…Khurram
    • Very "Anglo-Saxony".. the 'Ingraiz"Khurram
    • Very interesting analysis here…
    • Putting this interview together with Putin's previous statements, it's probably not about NATO expansion or Russia just wanting to crush Ukraine's democracyyuekit
    • But instead Putin's personal views about Russian-Ukrainian history seem to be the motivating factor for the war. He really wants to unite Ukraine and Russia,yuekit
    • even if it means killing hundreds of thousands of people and destroying much of Ukraine. So yeah Biden may be old but Putin's eccentric worldview ends upyuekit
    • being what destabilizes the worldd.yuekit
    • He doesn't want to unite with Ukraine, he believes it is his. He also wants to continue expanding his empire before he dies.garbage

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