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    Erik Prince Calls for U.S. to Colonize Africa and Latin America…

    • America spent a lot of time and money destabilising Latin America. Weird how it never worked outPhanLo
    • America spent a lot of time stabilizing the Caribeean and South America. It was Castro and the Russians who destabilized it into the shithole it is now.hotroddy
    • lol, imaginei_monk
    • Who does love and could not agree more with a certified war criminal?utopian
    • I'd bet hotknobby would like to get colonizedpango
    • utopian level trolling pangshotroddy
    • no i'm serious. you don't want to get colonized?pango
    • @phan What? It totally worked. Cuba and Brazil were the only failures. America installed dictators all over Central and South America.garbage
    • ^hehe yep. Mad stuff like the Bay of Pigs. That glowing jesus attack idea was comedy.PhanLo
    • dipshits don't realize USA left a void in south america. Being replaced by Iran, Russia and China. There are more authoritarian govt's today as a resulthotroddy
    • BRIC nations are making Garbage poorer as he cheers as they try to replace the dollar.hotroddy
    • I'm honestly confused as how you're able to not just be wrong about some things, but everything. You have never made a salient point.garbage
    • Everything BRIC is something we absolutely wrecked on purpose, and we will do it again. Have you ever even been to America? It's what we do.garbage
    • Been that way since the Ford administration, ffs. China is completely entangled with us, they're not making any power moves without the US.garbage
    • Russia is just Russia (lol), and India is doing its best to pretend it isn't the biggest 3rd world nation on the planet.garbage
    • hotknobby should get colonized. he loves that shit.pango
    • ^ lol, I wonder what flag is printed on his ball gag.garbage

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