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  • doggydoggdog1

    How much of your convo/personality is about your work/job?

    When people ask you about life, does work come up?

    I need to separate my work from my life more.

    • About 2% and only if askedsausages
    • there's this one guy in my building who is a google scholar on generative AI. he always opens with that with new people on the rec deck lolephix
    • Almost none. It’s all parenting now.monospaced
    • 20% homeowner shit.monospaced
    • work and life are intertwined. Most of your life you are working so why won't you talk about that shit? You only talk about football and politics?milfhunter
    • I usually don't talk about work unless it comes up. I wouldn't talk about politics because it's too apocalyptic. Meanwhile, I just saw my next door neighbor...CyBrainX
    • giving a talk at the CES Show about AR.CyBrainX
    • I hate talking about work unless it's with someone that might understand, which isn't that frequentmonospaced
    • i just tell people that I do colouring-in and that it's slowly burning away my will to live. things move on pretty sharpish after that.face_melter
    • I never talk shop, ever. My girlfriend and I have lived together for 9 years. She knows that I write and design, some photography.garbage
    • I know that she keeps the lights on at Prime Studios. It oddly makes it easier to not talk shop because we both work from home.garbage
    • When the day is over, the house is the home not the office.garbage
    • Only IF asked by someone REALLY curious. Never specifics.grafician
    • I make sure not to use the word convo. Otherwise, yes, works comes up in conversations. Mainly bitching about it.jagara
    • It's best to just walk away. Be professional, and only talk business with people you have to do business with.garbage
    • Dollars to donuts, nobody gives a shit about what you do for a living.garbage
    • Tell the basics, but that because of NDA I can't be more specific about it.Nutter

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