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  • SimonFFM10

    In the new issue of Playboy Germany you can find a preview of my new coffee table book Mellow on six pages, together with a short interview that was done with me.

    I am currently in Tenerife and therefore can only show these Photoshop mockups, but it's all real and at newsstands.

    As I just sit here in the sun, it's hard to imagine that today in one week, I'll be standing in the printing house all day, accompanying the actual printing of my book. I'll keep you posted.

    • Life is hard!
      Great work, you deserve it.
    • :-)SimonFFM
    • Congrats Simond_gitale
    • Congrats, I love printhouses, enjoy!OBBTKN
    • I will be nervous though as this project is such a huge investment. But I will film it, too, so I can share.SimonFFM
    • That will be great to see. I probably haven't been to a print run since the last millennium.CyBrainX

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