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  • Nairn10

    My daughter and I count car occupancy when we're walking around (FUN!) and seeing traffic backed up with pissed-off looking people all quietly swearing at all the other drivers taking up their road. Literally 90% of cars in London have one person in them. It's so stupid.

    ANd then there're all the fucking SUVs.

    • yep - fuck all those (usually small)yummy mummies in their fugly ginormo-heaps who don't know the width of their tanks, clogging up the streets...hans_glib
    • ...driving their likkle darlings a couple of miles to school.hans_glib
    • ...and then dumping their tatwagons on the pavement with blinkers on as they 'just quickly' dash into school for ten minutes and fuck you all.Nairn
    • lol @ tatwagons. It's pretty common to use a suicide lane for quick parking here, but it's not convenient because they're usually stuffed with delivery trucks.garbage
    • i wish we had more trust in one and other to have more ridesharing here in the UK. Getting the kids to school shouldnt be a nightmare for everyone else.Ianbolton
    • Or, y'know, a comprehensive review of public transportation and appropriate taxation on cars, higher the more expensive/larger they become.Nairn
    • Also, means-tested parking fines so all the shitty Mercedes-owners don't just park where the fuck they like and eat the flat-rate £60 fine or whatever it is.Nairn
    • And it is always Mercedes owners.Nairn
    • so weird as it's the same in Leeds. Merc SUV owners pulling over, hazards lights on, holding up rows and rows of traffic. I hate driving!Ianbolton
    • It's Tesla owners in my neighborhood. They're angry at the world because they've made a terrible life decision.garbage
    • I definitely have the win here: I have witnessed an illegally parked white Model 3 in fucking Sentry Mode.garbage
    • Two people on my block run Sentry Mode at home, in the safest neighborhood in Seattle. Assuming the cameras work, they have a lot of bird finger photos.garbage

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