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    ChatGPT continues to satisfy when it comes to easy-to-implement HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Working on some prototypes for some work I'm hoping to land, needed some simple counters to count up from a starting number to another number, use ease-out and an editable timing to slow down as it reaches that number, needed it to be triggered with an event listener so it starts when it's visible in the viewport, and needed the ability to place a $ symbol before monetary numbers, or a % symbol after percentages.

    Had the code in less than a minute, dropped it into place, and bang, worked like a charm.

    Any of you using it for this reason or doing anything far more complex as far as code goes?

    • Love it! Did you see that video where they input a pic of a whiteboard flowchart and it spit out a working a prototype? So coolnb
    • @nb that is fake.sted
    • it really is great for writing functions that i know I will spend 4 times as long debugging if i wrote it myself.BabySnakes
    • Keep feeding it. It will feed your replacements. Half-coding is leading to full-coding, and human irrelevance. This has been projected for about a decade.garbage
    • feeding it? it reads all the code examples and docs already online.BabySnakes
    • i think this type of query is only useful for QC. do a search on some random lines from that code you will probably find a stackoverflow comment or a git reposted
    • @snakes Not that simple. Any ML or GANs system requires successful input that results in passable output.garbage
    • It's in the name. You feed it more input, and eventual result is the replacement of the creator. "Generative Adversarial Network".garbage
    • Those engines are training engines we haven't even heard about, and they will be beyond Adobe-level subscription levels.garbage
    • This conversation started a decade ago, and you'd have sounded insane about suggesting UBI, but it should have been where you put your votes.garbage
    • I don't care how good you are at what you do, you will be replaced in the near future by something that can do your day's work better and faster.garbage
    • TL:DR - AI isn't neat nor new.garbage
    • lol @ "it's in the name." GPT = generative pre-trained transformers. Not a GAN.kingsteven
    • I do all my coding in Cursor now which is a fork of VS code with GPT built in. It is shit but saves me a lot of googling. Can't even imagine the current gen AIkingsteven
    • is a threat to anyone, it just saves time organising and copy/pasting (which is not coding!)kingsteven
    • great for SQL, boilerplating and small apps for data conversion etc + and great for learning new things - it's just google with less steps.kingsteven
    • I don't know where you took a wrong turn, but I never said GTP was a GAN.garbage
    • The positive feedbacks are 100% feeding privatized GANs engines, and if you didn't know this years ago you're behind the game.garbage
    • Anyone using Sensei on CC has been training their replacements for about a decade. This isn't conspiratorial, it's happening.garbage

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