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  • Ramanisky214

    • Allllaaah AkkkbaararrggghhhhhNBQ00
    • Ok trumpercanoe
    • I mean, somebody saved him from himself.garbage
    • One of my best friends was a PMC, I think he was scheduled in Arjifan in Kuwait. The prevailing joke was Kuwaiti Sunnis shit like this..garbage
    • Saud Sunnis abandon a Bugatti in a parking garage because they scuffed the bumper.garbage
    • you said what, canoe?NBQ00
    • lol @NBQ00feel
    • @nbq00 if u are going to make fun of religion keep it in the easter thread.hotroddy
    • what's the name of this movie?Krassy
    • How is nobody talking about how fucking lucky this guy is, and how funny the "WTF JUST HAPPENED" resurface is.garbage
    • ^ yeah, this guy got the break of a lifetime (assuming it's real)formed
    • I believe i can flyyyyyPhanLo
    • *I believe I can flippppgarbage
    • Sora?Krassy
    • Ah so we can only make fun of Christians and Christianity but Islam is sacred on QBNNBQ00
    • Nothing is sacred on QBN.cherub
    • @NBQ I don't know how you come to that conclusion. It's about the money. Change the outfit and this is a rich idiot kid in Gulf Shores Florida.garbage
    • And dumbest brag, but I used to teach in churches. Read the Torah, NT, Quran, all the apocrypha. Believe it or not, I was going to be a pastor.garbage
    • However I'm just an atheist that hates how Christ's name is slandered by the fool following that has been muddied over the centuries.garbage
    • There are good people in every faith, it's just the extremists that make the news.garbage
    • Very fine people.palimpsest
    • lol, that's too simplistic and you know it. Hard line lies in politics? Absolutely. I live in fucking America. Fight them.garbage
    • Existential lies that somebody tells themself? Let them be. Faith should be personal, and it becomes a problem when they impose it.garbage
    • I'm on board.
      I even defend flat earthers, we all believe in something.
    • Lol, too far. You can prove that we live on an oblate spheroid. You can't prove nor disprove God.garbage
    • God is real insofar that he is both the catalyst and excuse of almost every conflict we've had as a species.garbage
    • God is also real in that he helps your average Joe go to sleep at night. I'm ok with that, but Flat Earthers need to go to school, not church.garbage
    • Back Seatsandpipe
    • staring at the sea, staring at the sand..._niko
    • impressive height.bulletfactory

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