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  • PhanLo6

    Ed Piskor Jr. was an American alternative comics artist.
    Suicide aged 41.
    I really enjoyed his Kayfabe podcasts.

    • Very sadspl33nidoru
    • Eh, there were multiple credible claims that he was a Kricfalusi-level pedo that were getting louder recently. Probably why he killed himself.garbage
    • fucking suicide note...not gonna read it fully.oey_oey
    • I did. It's somehow a mix of cringe and self-damnation. It reads like "oh shit I'm going to kill myself so that I don't have to go to prison".garbage
    • Also mentions that COVID was hard but when the lockdown was over, that girl wouldn't be 17 anymore.garbage
    • "Maybe I’ll be able to haunt you dorks as a ghost. I come from Gypsy heritage and I’m definitely cursing a lot of you." Imagine that being your final lines.garbage
    • Pervert Moron Status: Confirmed.garbage
    • I've read half of it but I read the "out of context" argumentoey_oey
    • Yeah, it was a career ending move, his friends abandoned him, there was no Matt Gaetzing it for him. He would never recover from it.PhanLo
    • Yeah, I think it lends to the allegations tbh. Also the texts..garbage
    • He kinda resembles Fassbender from The Killer.Ramanisky2
    • I’m pretty sad he died.PhanLo
    • The podcast was nice. Too bad.bezoar
    • Technically talented, but I don't divorce the skill from the artist because there are too many instances of an artist grooming children.garbage
    • If you actually read his posts, they read like "damage control" and then "fuck it please don't believe the receipts"garbage
    • There was a girl, a child, that liked his art. Thought that he was interested in her for her talent, but he was waiting for her to turn 18.garbage
    • The only way about being sad that he died is that he got an easy out. Dude was a calculated pedophile.garbage
    • Strangely I knew him mostly for the podcast which I enjoyed listening to. Apparently his comic maybe gave a hint at where his head was at, but I never read themPhanLo
    • I never did either, but saw some of his frames and heard of his reputation. This was 100% a "Oh no, better ragequit life before everyone knows I'm a pervert".garbage
    • The guy is dead, garbage, what more do you need ?spl33nidoru
    • I don't and didn't need anything, just pointing out the facts. Good riddance to bad rubbish.garbage

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