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  • hans_glib2

    nope - still £58/month in the uk.
    such a fucking rip-off

    • This is my 4th or 5th year paying half price. Usually they offer it when you cancel instead of renewing.palimpsest
    • I used a VPNYakuZoku
    • Other options are talking to a human or using the chat.
      This year it was changing the region that worked for me.
      Nobody should be paying full price.
    • what pail said, I've had it for around half price for 4 or 5 years now. Use the live chat and say you want to leave.fadein11
    • obviously ask to chat to a humanfadein11
    • Yup same. You don;t even need a sob story just askProjectile
    • Just get a torrent alreadyjagara
    • I jsut straight up ask for a discount to match the price from the previous year. Always match it but get sick of playing the Adobe game to have to contact themsab

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