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  • Gardener9

    • so funnyscruffics
    • lolYakuZoku
    • have a trip to the slaughterhouse and mass animal factory then to dry up your mouth...neverscared
    • I had a Porterhouse steak last night...delish.utopian
    • sure....emeralds and jewelz look kool too as long as u dont have to bring them out of the mine by yourself.. u can a have alot of fun with it...neverscared
    • soon u can even switch to synthetic meat... only if u need the taste of course...neverscared
    • its a free world..neverscared
    • I love the smell of freshly cut grass.SimonFFM
    • fresh mowed lawns smells crazy good!milfhunter
    • Hmm steak or a soy bean?robthelad
    • I’ve been to a slaughterhouse. I still love steak.monospaced
    • so vegans eat grass? cool, cool...sarahfailin
    • Mouth waters? Is he a dog?NBQ00
    • u love it even more because u have been in the slaughterhouse... with all that cruelty... then the meat tastes even better.. hello saddistic folks...neverscared
    • go into mass animal meat factory too .. iam confident your gusto for meat reaches new heights when the slaughterhouse already gives u kicks...neverscared
    • mono must be the guy with the - i love slaughterhouses - bumper sticker on his carneverscared
    • What the fuck is wrong with you? I never said I liked it. I said I liked steak. Grow up.monospaced
    • another lie ... u said u love steak...not like.. imprecise like a little child ur ... u clearly love the slaughterhouse... otherwise u wouldnt love the steak..neverscared
    • u enjoyed that visit strong enough .. all the blood..and guts ... and the reek of death... it does not interfere with your gusto ...neverscared
    • what are u having today ? trump steak ? wouldn´t be suprised...neverscared

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