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  • PonyBoy7

    Bill Anders, NASA Astronaut / Photographer…

    Dude just passed in a plane crash a couple days ago @ 90 (flying by himself)...

    His most famous image—

    • looks so fucking fakeAQUTE
    • He wasn't just flying by himself, he lost altitude while doing loopty loops near San Juan. There's.. video. I accidentally saw them today.garbage
    • He hit the water so fucking hard that the plane exploded.garbage
    • Flat Earther's Hate Him!utopian
    • Yeah. He totally was just flying by himself when he crashed. Crazy. I also looked it up and saw video today. Wild.monospaced
    • Sounds like he went out he wanted to, then.
    • The video was caught by a couple wildlife photographers, and they claim that he was trying to pull out of a stall and failed.garbage
    • Sounds like he didn't go out how he wanted to. RIP.Nairn
    • Yeah.. also Seafair starts at the end of June. Big speculation, but he might have been warming up for a show.garbage
    • (Seafair is a month of madness. Airshows, displays of military power, hydroplane races.)garbage
    • I live right next to one of the lakes and the small seaplanes have been flying lower than normal right over my house. I'm guessing he pushed it too far.garbage
    • Also he was 90, he shouldn't even been allowed to drive a car.garbage
    • The original photo was this orientation and had lots of stars.
    • lol Nairnfuturefood

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