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  • _niko6

    here's my shitty attempt at it, first prompt. --sref goes a long way, just describe what you see and add the url as a source and it gets you in the same ballpark.

    • and by same ballpark I mean utopians AA affiliate lol. but --sref is a huge timesaver and hair-pull saver_niko
    • Yup, creating my very on style references from images that I sketched and created in Illy and PS. FYI - a very low carbon footprint.utopian
    • When artists wake up and start realizing that they can generate and expand on creating their visual vocabulary using AI, their careers will already be obsolete.organicgrid
    • Sketch > Scan > Illustrator > Photoshop > Midjourney > Photoshop
      is the new
      Person > Woman > Man > Camera> TV
    • Someone asked me the process...but sure.utopian

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