The World is Fucked

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  • HAL900113

    Social media, internet, apps and all that has created a generation of addicts.

    I was at a Pixies concert, the girl in front of me just kept opening her phone every 2-4 minutes to do absolutely useless things. Like a freaking addict she couldnt help herself but to look at her phone.

    To do what? Post pictures of the concert, read, like and reply to the posts. Scroll Instagram and Facebook and look at asolutely useless things like pictures of some toddler anniversary and many other useless crap to look at during a concert OF A BAND YOU LIKE AND PAID BIG PRICE TO SEE LIVE.

    She also ... and this is beyond stupid ... looked at videos on Youtube... OF THE PIXIES IN CONCERT ... THAT HAPPEND IN THE PAST! She is litteraly sitting in front of them right now and they're playing for her..! She prefer to watch them on youtube.. What in the actual fuck is wrong with people!

    She also spent some time reading the freaking Wikipedia of the Pixies.

    Talk about living in the moment.

    Addicts, all addicts.

    • It seems that you've spent your time looking into her phone instead of enjoying the fucking concert...fucking pervert.oey_oey
    • it was in my field of view, i tried to not focus too much on it. I really enjoyed the concert and had a great time :) I was expecting Paz on the bass thoHAL9001
    • just kidding. I feel you. only if she was watching porn...oey_oey
    • lol oey_oeyGardener
    • Pixies are waaaay past their sell by date, when I saw them on the Bossanova tour in '91 they were on the slide, really loud thoughGardener
    • hehe I was waiting for ...and then TABERNAC I got fed up and punched her_niko
    • @Gardener, i told my gf it was the last time we go see them. it was fun but i dont want to see them live anymore.HAL9001
    • Sounds like you had a blast!palimpsest
    • Haha fuck those people.NBQ00
    • You should've confronted her about it and started a discussion.NBQ00
    • lol yeah, try confronting an addictHAL9001
    • the only thing fucked here is the amount of time Ben spent watching her behaviour and the time you took too complain about a stranger's behavior. seek help, Benimbecile
    • I was in a meeting with a client who was flipping back and forth between app icon screens. Not even opening anything. Shlubsletterhead
    • Old men yell at clouds.

      ; )
    • @letterhead, she actually did this too.. flipping through her phone icons pages, opening nothing. pure madnessHAL9001
    • "The Mere Presence of One’s Own Smartphone Reduces Available Cognitive Capacity"grafician
    • https://www.journals…grafician
    • The 1st time I saw the pixies was in 1989 opening up for Love & Rockets and they were loudAF! I've seen them 3 times since but always with Kim No Kim No Pixies!fooler
    • lol @ oey oeyRamanisky2
    • My gf got some front rows for a show in.. '04? It was depressing. I wasn't on a smartphone, I was on my Nokia brick because their set was so boring.garbage
    • I am so with you. These massive addictions make me disconnect from society because I don’t understand others (the addicts) any longer.SimonFFM
    • jup we are fuckedmilfhunter
    • just like television before the internet... from reading zombies to tv zombies to internet zombies... new tech but same old...neverscared
    • sorry @neverscared but its different, the level of involvement is much more intense with cellphonesHAL9001
    • What's next though, VR zombies?Gardener
    • VR Partners, a la Blade Runner.garbage
    • different yes obviously... but worse ?! probably not...just wait for the biotech age zombies becoming mass media with their dna synthtezisers... uh uh..neverscared
    • Comparing books to smartphones is ridiculous.MrT

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