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  • jagara6

    - I am the CEO one of the largest Mexican cheese manufacturers.

    - Que. So?

    Just made this one up. Thank you.

    • *ofjagara
    • 'K, so?
      Would be more "legible".
      #hooked on phonics.
    • OK, so? also works.
      Oh, queso?
    • Lol. Loved pali's accurate edits.maquito
    • But "Que" is Spanish, which adds extra depth to this phenomenal pun.jagara
    • 1.QuĂ© didn't work because it's pronounced Keh. 2.When you make a pun in writing you want to use the misdirection and have the reader hear the pun in their head.palimpsest
    • But you do you, chief.palimpsest
    • The more accurate one is it's being pitched to American Big Cheese, and the response should be inverted:garbage
    • "Y que?"garbage
    • I, too, am hooked on phonics.Continuity
    • @garbage
      You're gonna have to explain that one, champ. Because eye know compren-day.
    • To quiero Taco Bell. Run for the border.monospaced
    • mmmKay. So?wagshaft
    • It's the common expression for "So what?" Kraft wouldn't give two shits about the CEO of a large Mexican cheese manufacturer. I didn't say it was funny.garbage
    • @mono there is no "to" personal pronoun. "Tengo ni el tiempo ni los crayones", as the saying goes.garbage
    • (That I probably butchered, but that was what one of my profesoras would mutter when I wasn't getting something)garbage
    • LOL
      So you were just flaunting your Spanish.
    • Si, siempre. Estoy muy.. rusty?garbage
    • I am glad this content sparked relevant debates and exchanges.jagara

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