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  • Daithi

    I’m starting a new project and wondering what CMS would fit the bill on the following:

    A festival of free events that must be booked in advance to avoid over-subscription.

    Ideally, a user would be able to select a number of tickets and fill in a form to include their email address. When all the tickets were taken the event would be declared full on the site. An admin would be able to undo this process if necessary.

    I was looking at EE but it doesn't have the capacity without some heavy duty customisation — something similiarly nice would be great — and it doesn't have to be free.

    Thanks for your help!

  • vaxorcist0

    Most of the CMS's I've seen don't have an in-built ability to do what you want.... the event booking looks more like an application, or possibly a plug-in. After a few minutes of looking at wordpress events plug-ins, I don't see anything that has a ticketing and the ability to declare the event full after x signups... there may be one, but asking a CMS to do this is outside the scope of what's usually considered.... Possibly a Joomla or Drupal plugin could do, otherwise you may have to use a separate app and tie it into your CMS. Note that if you have a separate app, having one user registration system for both may be an issue, as they each would have their own ways of doing things out of the box, resulting in 2 user profiles, not one for each person who signed up as a commentor on the CMS and an attendee at an event.

  • mightyj0

    wordpress and event registration: http://wordpress.org/extend/plug…

    I currently use it on a site for sand volleyball tournament registrations and it seems to get the job done nicely.

    • thanks! do you have a link to your site — just to see it in use, not to rip offDaithi
  • vaxorcist0

    mightyj's idea looks good... I checked that plugin a bit and it looks like thought went into it....

    • Cool I'll check it in depth and report back. Thanks to you bothDaithi
  • Daithi0

    A report I promised and one you shall have.

    The events plugin was very useful and fit the bill perfectly for the site that I had. I went ahead and built the site in Expression Engine (way more familiar with that than WP) and linked to single entries using a lightboxed iFrame. Worked well. There were about 160 events so I uploaded them in one go, using the provided Excel template.

    —Strange things happened with the Excel import as a result of the wp install not being in the root.
    —Email confirmations were glitchy when there was high activity on the booking (a few hundred bookings in a day) so I switched it off as it wasn't 100% necessary for my needs.

    —Easy for me to do, a single install/instruction page explained the lot. A more experienced programmer (particularly in PHP) would find it a piece of cake I think.

  • mightyj0

    sorry I never posted the site I used it on. It's www.airvorne.com