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    Illustrators in Sydney wanted for a freelance contract.

    Client is a well known company I used to work for.

    You'll be required to design a mascot, so experience in character illustration would be a plus.

    Send me an email if you're interested.

  • andre23v0


    My names is Andre, I'm a young italian illustrator but I live in Dublin.
    In regards to the illustrator needed post I saw, I am very interested. I have been asked to illustrate for a number of children's books and I worked in animation cartoon for a company leader in Europe.
    I could produce quality work and easily meet deadlines. I am very proficient in producing graphic digital art and have an enormous number of styles, I can draw anything and in any style. Also, I could easily produce a new style or mood in the drawings based on what you specifically want.
    If you are interested let me know and i will send you a link of my portfolio.
    Regards Andre

    • just post a link to your portfolio, don't be a nOOb...utopian
    • you forgot to put your emailhellojeehae