PRODUCE: NEW Texas Store!

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  • mikoto

    <a href="">PRODUCE</a>
    <a href=""></a>
    415 Peoples St.
    Corpus Christi, TX 78401

    My friends and I just opened up a store!
    We currently carry: SupremeBeing, Ironlak, Krink, Nixon, Supra, Gourmet, Funk, Incase, Juxtapoz, a good amount of toys, music (cd's and vinyl records), additional clothing, magazines, books, shoes, and others.

    We'll have a music production studio next door that's planned to be open by SPRING 2010 along side with the DJ academy.
    We also have an art gallery.

    here's a video to give you a feel of what we're about:
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    Here's some store pics:

    and here's some pics from our Grand Opening this past Saturday.
    We had <a href="">DJ DIGG </a>from Austin at our shop all night.

    <a href="">IAYD</a> at our current art studio.

    <a href="">Giant Hornets from Japan</a> in our art gallery.