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  • MikeDubs

    Figure I'd have a go at the freelance thing. What do you think of this site? Any tips or advice?

  • epilI0

    your icons are kinda all type with this 1 image of young girl smiling at you doesnt seem to fit with the rest of the work.

    I do not like the grey/ khaki gray colourway as it reminds me of other things that which your works does not talk towards.

    i do like when you click on the links in the nav, that it shuffles the work out like playing cards being dealt with a poker style feel.

    if you are going to use this feature, why not make the icons shaps more closer to that of a shape of a playing cards? to help solidify the creativity and the vibe.. something like that..

    overall i dont feel "Creative Designer" since all i see are bar graphs and numbers.. i get more of a sense of a sales guy or someone who isnt related to any creativite outlet as the one who created the site..

    its lacking that extra element a "creative" person would make..

    i think you are headed in a positive direction, but i would like to see some other variations..

    but dont take my word for it since i am not in your industry..

  • epilI0

    i do like when window is resized that arrangement of icons gets equally spaced on view for different size screens, the only thing i do not like is the left justification or larger margin on the right side.. i wish it was centered.. as the weight seems too asymmetrical..

    • Yeah, I've been trying to fix that for a bit now.MikeDubs
  • d_rek0

    my first reaction was that I felt overwhelmed...

    the thumbnails are almost too telling - meaning they're not so much thumbnails as they are literal fragments of the works themselves. If you could find a way to simplify some of them and have a range of thumbnail styles I think it would help to calm down the landing page quite a bit.

    My next piece of advice would be to trim down the folio to only your best pieces. Some of the work at a glance is very similar to the previous/next piece. Maybe trim it down to half of what you have now - give us your best work.

    • maybe i have a misunderstanding of the word thumbnailhonestIy
    • they're just too busy for a thumbnaild_rek
  • utopian0

    Nice client work, but I was overwhelmed by your stock web template and the loading time was really slow.