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  • rusty_ace

    Hey has anyone given this a try...not the stand alone version but the one built as the c4d render client. Is it that much better then Advanced render, as far as render times, net render compatibility, look etc. I'm just looking for someone who has had a good/bad experience with it. Beyond the promotion material so to speak.


  • nthkl0

    Yes I've used it. Its pretty simple to get going if you have a vray pro walk you through it, else itll render black (no auto light). You have to use vray cams/lights/materials. But I've learned that the global illumination advanced render engine is just as good, if not better if you get in there and tweak the settings. I generally lower the GI settings to speed up preview renders till the end. I used vary on a project where we used a render farm (rendercore) and had some issues with transferring the vray settings to the renderfarm. Ultimately had to have a tech re-enter all the vray channels from scratch in their end. Pain in the butt.

    If you use net render successfully over your LAN, you'll most likely need the vray license on each box you plan to use... Not sure though. Might be answered with a quick phone call to the vray licensing dept. They're always eager to help a customer.

    In the end, I'd stick with GI unless you're looking for something specific from vray.

    • nthkl, Your reel is fantastic. Great work.CyBrainX
    • Thank you, means a lot. Of course, there were many talented people on each project. I did what I could... :)nthkl
  • nthkl0

    Back to render times, GI in C4D R11.5-12 is similar to vray in the sense that the render boxes focus on and individual complex region first, finish fully, then move on. Instead of doing the entire screen at one time with long horizontal strips from least complex to most complex. Seems faster than R10-R11 to me.

    You can lower GI quality to speed up render times but the biggest factor for faster render times is having more processors. 3D unlike After Effects or Photoshop uses processors, not as much graphics card/ram... Thoughtge hair module and caustics can use it. So an 8-12 core will really come in handy for ya.

  • nthkl0

    Dude, check this out:


    Love this guy.

    • grayscale gorilla, your my heroautoflavour
    • seriously awesome tutorials, and a very likable guy ..autoflavour
    • and the light kits are definitely worth it.. go buy, NOW..autoflavour
  • rusty_ace0

    Thanks for the info, much appreciated.