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  • microkorg

    Anyone on here using TouchOSC App for iPad/iPhone communicating via MidiYoke & PureData?

    I've got the iPad communicating with Ableton fine and have even created my own Templates using the Editor which i've been able to assign using MidiLearn in Ableton.

    My problem is getting feedback from AbletonLive to the iPad - i.e when i tweak a parameter i've assigned in Ableton it doesn't update that assigned knob/slider/button in TouchOSC on the iPad.

    I know it's not a Firewall issue because I can use LiveControl fine with feedback back and forth.

    I'm thinking it's maybe either the Ableton Preferences > Midi Sync > Outputs (Track / Sync / Remote) On/Offs


    Maybe it's the Midi In settings in PureData?

  • autoflavour0

    i think i remember reading somewhere it has something to do with the version of ableton you are running.. its the same with the akai ableton controllers... it needs to be patched to allow bidirectional ..

    not sure if it was with Touchosc, or some other touchosc'esque software.. there was one which i played with which was essentially a touchosc template but then had its own custom helper app..

    but that was all hard coded and stopped working when you tried to change the layout too much..

    maybe give Rob Hexler an email.. he has always been super helpful whenever i have asked him anything.. and usually pretty quick also..