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  • dee-dubs

    Anyone have any suggestions, have been google and seem to just be finding nothing of use.

    I have a panel on a page that needs to stay the same size but will end up having too much text within it.

    In the old days I would do the text as iFrame and use JS to and couple of graphics to scroll the text up and down, but I'm guessing that isn't the most SEO friendly way of having the content of the page.

    Can it be done with CSS and JS like hidden overflow of text box and middle..any pointers to examples would be most appreciated.

  • seeessess0

    .scroll {height:200px; width:200px; overflow:auto;}

    <div class="scroll">
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  • dee-dubs0

    Cheers, just found out that this would be skinnable using jQuery plugin, hopefully not too painful to get my head around.

    • You can do it dee-dubs; trial & error homey...ideaist