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  • johnny_wobble

    I'm trying to install a new wordpress site on my server but have a database issue. I haven't had WP installed for a while, at least several versions ago, but never had a problem before. I'm not a web guy, but can stumble through setting up the database and all that. But this time, I just created a new database through my hosting admin page and it isn't a new enough version of MySQL it says. Wordpress needs 5.1 or something, it's telling me that mine is 4.9, but my host is calling it 5.0.

    So my question is, can you update to a newer veresion of MySQL yourself? Or is that strictly on the hosting end?

    I googled it and it was kinda making my head spin.

  • dMullins0

    you'll have to contact your host, and see if they can upgrade php for you. sometimes it costs, sometimes they do it for free. either way, they will have to wipe the server in most cases (if shared VPS).

    • thanks man. that's the kind of answer google should find.johnny_wobble
  • vaxorcist0

    can you upgrade mySQL version yourself? usually not... it depends on what permissions the host gives you....

    I would first as the host to upgrade mySQL, they might ask you to switch to a newer server in their rack, they may be able to migrate your account themselves, or you may have to download everything and upload it again, possibly a huge pain....

    ... if they balk when you ask, or don't know what you're asking for...switch hosts.

    Most hosts upgrade this sort of thing for you semi-automatically.... and being able to run a current wordpress version is something most hosts are expected to do now...

    • thanks. i ended up using indexhibit for this one, but still want to get this sorted.johnny_wobble
  • panacea0

    Been through this before dude. It's a huge pain in the ass. You should be able to or could have done it through your cPanel, if your hosting provider allows for it. Agree with vaxorcist, if they give you shit, tell them to fuck off.