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    Posting on behalf of a video production guy in my incubation space who is pitching a project and will need either an awesome multitalented web design/dev chap or a small team.

    What I have been told the website pitch involves:

    1.) The site needs to be accessible by 50 users (password protected site). Not publicly accessible
    2.) Dynamic image/thumbnail display - I showed him jQuery Isotope and he says that is exactly the sort of filtering he wants.
    3.) Search functionality based on keywords & the admin of the site must be able to create categories for the images
    4.) Search functionally based on color (probably same as above, just with a nice colour UI) - Like Google Images search by color.
    5.) There will initially be 150 searchable images with tags (but this can expand over time)
    6.) Thumbnail size needs to be adaptable (small/medium/large)
    7.) High res Images need to be able to be downloaded and usage selected if it's for web, advertising and this needs to be tracked.

    Essentially it's a small-scale stock site for internal use by a company - A way of managing their own branding material and in-house image libraries.

    My friend is after a rough idea of what anyone who may be available may charge, and if possible a breakdown of what your fees might be per section.

    Be aware this is for a pitch but he's only asking for your cost estimates and portfolio right now - No spec work!

    If you're interested, send your price ,availability and portfolio to erwindeboer@stockpitch.leemail.m...

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