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  • dewilde

    I am reaching out to my international brethren...the family and I are taking a trip to Southern France to stay with some friends. We are renting a car so we will be able to explore a bit. Any suggestions on things not too miss? Museums, Art shops, touristy stuff, etc...

    Our friends have a house on the beach so we will prob hang there mostly, but I know there are some amazing spots. Any tips? Thanks. (keep in mind, I am travelling with a toddler and pregnant wife, so we have some limitations, haha).

  • WhiteFace0

    I live in Briançon in the southern alps and it's a pretty cool place, there's loads going on in the summer, lots of gnarly mountain biking, rafting etc but also some wholesome family crap :)

    There's a medievil festival on the 7th & 8th of July:…