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  • Stugoo

    Out of curiosity can anyone say anything about the freelance markets for front end devs, in Brighton or Glasgow at the moment?

  • scruffics0

    sorry mate! everything is taken in Brighton ;)

    • PS: Nice work Scruffics.
      From a fellow Brighton dweller.
    • < I meant your photography stuff BTWHorp
    • design.... not so much :)
      thanks mate
    • lets hook up yo! shoot me an emailscruffics
    • Ha, I didn't see your design, only your photogs. I was clarifying so you didn't think I meant "Good work on ....Horp
    • ... putting Stugoo off looking for FED work in Brighton".
      Also, yeah, we should have a miniQBN meetup in Brighton...
    • I work in London but next time I'm going to be out and about I'll drop you a line. Cheers!Horp
    • wooooooord!scruffics
  • 23kon0

    The amount of freelance work you can get is surely dependent on either your contacts or how good you are at pimping yourself, no?

    A lot of companies out there are outsourcing work to freelance developers, coders, flash guys (and girls), app makers. Rather than having all those skills in-house they'll just have a designer who knows something about new media and maybe one semi-html'ly kinda dude.

    I reckon theres a market out there if you're good at pimpin'.

    Would definitely keep you in mind for any stuff we needed to outsource if our devs were busy busy.

  • Stugoo0

    Coming back to this, late.
    I'm based in London and am only asking as I've got itchy feet. However if I was to do a short stint back in Scotland I think that I would like to work while I'm there.

    • I'm glad...your post makes the UK sound like a massive field with a town at each end.see_thru