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  • fyoucher10

    There's a bunch of 'nice' ways to do it (like creating a mask for each, adding sheen, slight reflection, perspective, etc like others have mentioned.

    If you're looking for "easy", then just go into Photoshop, chop out each of those TV rectangular areas, save out an image with transparency of that background. Then, just pop the image into a new comp, and then put the video underneath. That's probably the easiest way of doing it.

    • yeah, doesn't have to be too nice. and just one video playing over the entire area of the array.johnny_wobble
    • just use masks over the entire screens and put the frames and lightsheens back over the top from your photoshop doc..._me_
    • thanks, got it done, easy peasyjohnny_wobble
  • lvl_130

    you could do it in final cut pro or after effects. hell, you could do it in flash if you wanted to. you would simply mask the video to have that grid effect just like you would in say photoshop.

  • _me_0

    you can bring in your video clips - drop them over your background image and and "cornerpin" them [ effects > distort > corner pin ]- this will skew the image to the tv's slightly rather than them just being cutout... then add a light reflection sheen over the top.

    you could also perhaps then flip the bottom layer and blur it slightly on low opacity to make a reflection of sorts...

  • Hombre_Lobo0

    There's an inbuilt effect for this type of thing, I've used it but forget it name, search in the effects panel, for something like tile or cctile.

    I'm sure someone here knows what I mean, they'll be able help.

    • lol, this is like the crap kind of 'advice' I offer on here. " I think I remember that, it was definitely SOMETHING"detritus
    • :)detritus
    • Haha, you're welcome sir!Hombre_Lobo
  • johnny_wobble

    is there an easy way to add video to these screens and make a little quicktime video? the goal is for the background to stay static and there would a video playing on the array of screens. i've never used after effects, but i assume that will be what's needed, yeah? maybe put a video in that area and mask off the rest? any tips or links to tuts would be appreciated. tried googling but can't find what i'm trying to do.