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  • georgesIII

    Can you help me with my light setup in C4D,

    I'm trying to do them similar to what you used in your gifs but they look crappy as fuck,

    What kind of lights do you use?
    Do you have a softbox?
    What material settings do you have?

    here's an awesome thank you gif (pronounced jeef)

  • dyspl0

    follow this tutorial :

  • baseline_shift0

    Wow, my very own thread! I'm glad i stopped by today.

    I often skip GI, as it kills render times and allows me more iteration to fine tune lighting. I always use AO as it makes the shadows super tight.

    I do use softboxes, usually an overhead one and one or two on the sides. I'll also sometimes use a sky light as fill lighting to capture details.

    For materials, lately I'm simply choosing a color, adding maybe 10% or so blur w/ 10% or so fresnel. In lieu of anti-aliasing sometimes i'll add a bit of blur, which can have a similar effect and save render weight.

    The final rendered result is a mix of lighting, materials, and presets. Experiment to find the mix that works for you! Hope that helps.