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  • mekk


    so we're moving togehter which makes me, being the occasional square, think about my home network stuff.

    So I have two AVR's in the network and some other network player devices that all work like a charm. Now my girl wants to play her crap with her iPad and iPhone thingies.

    I was thinking about getting an airport express so she can stream her tralala to one of the AVR's, but I tried to set those Airport things up once and nearly puked. This thing wants to be a master access point, not a slave-like device. WTF?

    All Wireless devices are connected through my router and it stays that way. The device should pop up as a player in the network, without the need of connecting directly with our though it. Simple task, you think?

    So, how do I just add an airplay functionality without this kind of humilation?

  • Peter0

    Apple tv 2 with firecore? (atv2 flash)

    No support for atv3 just yet. Probably never. But with ipad/iphone that might be neglectible.

    • "Without humilation"mekk
    • Has anyone tried one of those little 3rd party airplay receivers?mekk
  • autoflavour0

    i just added an apple tv just for airplay.. that said, it chokes pretty bad if you dont have the airplay connected to a physical cable to the wifi router.

    but when its connected, it works like a charm.

    • Apple seems to have wifi issues with all their products..mekk
    • No issues here with wifi and apple tvmonospaced
    • it works, just drops frames all the time. its not a ipad/iphone issue.. just with laptop.. googling finds its not isolated incident..autoflavour
    • no dropped frames on my movies we stream, but I am using a 5GHz bandmonospaced
  • wckd0

    I just went raspberry pi (with wifi dongle) running volumio. Works like a charm.

    • Hmm.. "Audiophile quality" with a headphone jack... But I'll give it a try! Thanks!mekk
  • monospaced0

    You could always just upgrade to an AVR that has built in AirPlay support. Tons of the newer models have it and it would probably be the most integrated if you don't want an Apple TV or express plug in device. Just a thought.

    • Yeah this was my first thought. I have the Sony STR-DN1020 that I just bough three years ago. The follower has Airplay but mine's too new to upgrade..mekk
    • Sony's built-in streaming is rubbish on this model and on their TV's too, BTW.mekk
    • I have a Sony AVR as well, but it is too old for any streaming. I use an Apple TV for my audio every single day and I have zero complaints. Great at parties toomonospaced
    • It's only $65 new, it's tiny, silent, boots up instantly, never crashes and ANY device on the network with AirPlay can stream nearly anything to itmonospaced
    • HDMI straight to the AVR with its own input, no need to even turn on the display.monospaced
    • The Apple TV doesn't need it's own network and tries to be a router, or?mekk
    • no, not at all... it's more like another iphone on the network than anythingmonospaced
  • mekk0

    Tried to get help from Apple. The support forum is ridiculous:…

    • < I thought he was making a pretty good effort to help you. No offence, but you came off as a bit of a dick in your response to him.Gnash
    • I think he was defending the plate of warm shit Apple serves, telling me to accept it because it's such a nice turd combined with some of that expensive pepper.mekk
    • lol, I guess. Excellent use of imagery, btw :)Gnash