Quitting job, need advice

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  • fourth

    I've decided to find another job in a different state. My resume and portfolio are almost completed but there are some complications:

    - I'm probably going to be promoted to a Senior role in the next coming weeks. My boss hints that it's in the works, and blames our slow HR dept.
    - Because most companies like to hire locals my friends are suggesting that I move there prior to submitting applications.
    - There are two postings that have been up for ~30+ days that are perfect for me and I'd like to apply before they are no longer available.

    It would be ideal to have the supposed senior title prior to quitting, and move out there before submitting applications but time is running out. I'm leaning towards applying anyway. What should I do?

  • Hayoth1

    Find another job before quiting. If you pay for your own move, out if state companies would be willing yo hire you. Make that clear upfront.

  • sted2

    - Fake promise nice trick to keep you in track while finding somebody better, or if not promote you. Slow HR is the oldest excuse in this industry, the problem with that that HR definitely doesn't knows yet about your promotion...

    - I would hire you if you where saying that i'm just moved into the city, no mater that it happens tomorrow or happened yesterday. be honest.

    - go on, more is better. don't hesitate.

    And no, move on. Don't be that asshole who waits up the promotion than leaves...

    • I don't understand your second bullet point. Can you clarify? thanksfourth
    • ok i think I get it n/mfourth
  • robotron3k1

    wait for the promotion, then leave... yes i'm that asshole and why, because for companies, people are chattel.

    • Yes, definitely take the promotion before quitting. You earned the promotion, don't throw away all that hard work. It's not assholery, it's just business.nb
    • ever worked at the other end of the stuff? i mean have you ever been responsible for others?sted
    • Don't bother waiting for the promotion. Just get more money at the next place.cannonball1978
  • smatras2

    - Get the job and then move, don't burn through your savings.

    - Push and wait for the promo, better title and more dough.

    - Leave when YOU are ready, you don't owe HR or any company 'special treatment'.

    - Follow the rules when leaving, and work hard your last two weeks.

    At the end of the day it's your life.

    • Can't +1 the fourth 'bullet' enough. Moving on is a part of all jobs; do it with grace.noRGB
  • GeorgesII3

    not to be an ass, but they are lying to you, HR is the go to excuse to prolong talks,

    first, don't quit your job, the first rule of not going broke is to never quit a job until you've found one,

    second, they are literally millions of wannabe designer/etc etc, that are eager to work for less money than a senior position, ffs it's 2016, network through emails and take a trip or two if needed,

    third, why is time running out? Are you afraid you won't be able to quit once you take the position? Are you expecting a baby?Are the cops after you?

    Comon bruh! don't quit till you have a new job.

  • oey0

    find a job before quitting.
    if the promo comes before you leave...better.

    don't stay waiting for a promo that you're not sure about.

    no problem in waiting for it and quitting afterwards.

    good luck and that.