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    Not happy about my music streaming habits, I think it would be cool to have a box at home that stores all the music on a hard disc, can be operated directly on the hardware, and provides the capability to access it remotely from an app or the web.

    Something like the iPod Classic with old iTunes, but in the form of a stereo component.

    I found the brennan b2 which is similar to what I am looking for, except it has a built-in cd-player, which I don't need.


    Also found the Numark Single Player NDX500 Tabletop, which I like, except it doesn't come with a built-in hard disk. But a Dj-wheel interface would be great.

    Do you know any device that doesn't have a cd-player, stores all the music locally, can be operated without and with an app and is built like a stereo component?
    A box you would use for years to come at home and eventually could pass on to your grand-children as your music collection?

    • https://www.sonos.co…imbecile
    • my bad, still needs an external hard driveimbecile
    • thanks. I'm also finding lots of media streaming boxes. not really what I want though, quite sure it must exist out there, just need to find the search term.uan