Shooting for TV and Social at the sametime

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    In an ideal world, you would be framing your main 16:9 shots in such a way that doing your 9:16, 3:4, and 1:1 masters would be relatively painless.

    The reason is that you want to re-use the same footage, instead of going through the hassle re-framing and re-shooting (and also risking that your other takes for other formats aren't nearly as good as the main shoot).

    It's shit, but it really is the most effective solution.

    (But, why 3:4, though? I thought FB was 1:1 ... )

    • Also: time is money, and multiple re-shoots based on output format is really costly and time-consuming.Continuity
    • < This. If the mental image I have of this client is correct, you should already be factoring in an annoyance tax.garbage
    • Because the ads can run on both FB and IG it can be 1350x1080 or 1080x1080err