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  • shapesalad

    Thinking of doing some side hustles...

    I've been hand drawing a series of birthday/greeting cards for friends/relatives (because I'm cheap and don't want to spend £3 on a card when I can draw something myself..) - have had good reception of them, thinking to draw them up properly and sell them. Options are either brand and setup own website, or use a platform like minted.

    Anyone have experience of this?

    Also... regarding printing, would going for a more craft print, (Gocco, Lino print, speedball screen print) be more attractive for sales, than digital printed at the local print shop/print on demand drop ship?

  • uan4

    you need a logo for your side business:


  • jaylarson7

    i'm pretty burned out on the idea of side-hustle. the idea is over-romanticized for me and pushed me to burnout. last thing i want to do after working is more work. good luck though!

    • totally ... I picked up a client on the side years ago and it basically engulfed the entirety of my free time ... not fun at allmonospaced
    • can agree, but my work is 9-5 and lacking creativity recently... also want to maximise my investments while i have energy.shapesalad
    • Sides are not all bad, just as day-jobs are all not bad. Sides can be very lucrative & brief. And can be unusually creative. The trick is to pick the right onesBustySaintClaire
  • monospaced5

    Not gonna lie ... I see a lot of friends go to Etsy to purchase artwork for kid party invites. They spend good money for someone to churn out a template with a couple of words swapped in, and send a PDF. No printing or anything, just the PDF.

    Seriously makes me want to consider making a few templates and just creating a store to generate a few bucks here and there for moms throwing parties n' shit like that.

    • interesting. I used to read this blog https://www.kalzumeu…shapesalad
    • the guy made a website to generate language lesson bingo cards, a fairly healthy paid side hustleshapesalad
    • thanks for downvoting a legit comment :)monospaced
    • Look at the sales of templates on Envato, etc., it's pretty insane. $25 template....sold 20,000 times...$250,000...n... bad!formed
    • exactly ... and the purchaser still has to go to FedEx office and pay out the ass to print and trim them!monospaced
    • You should do it. End of story.canoe
    • Etsy for invites? No way. Dollar store, baby!stoplying
    • Like custom ones. So if someone wants an ocean theme, or shit like that. You'd be surprised what's out there. Amateurs making bank.monospaced
    • You know you have to pay a monthly fee on Etsy? Even if you sell nothing, as soon as you have items in your shop, they charge you. More items = more fees.Bennn
    • I didn't know that. Can't imagine it would be prohibitive though. More a small cost of operation, it's to be expected.monospaced
    • Yeah, $0.20 per listing, good for 5 months. Plus a hefty rake off each transaction. Not too bad!monospaced
    • Should have created Etsy.Raybandana
    • The fees on Etsy are ridiculously low.canoe
    • fees are low, but if you make no sells, it sucks to send money when the goal is to make moneyBennn
    • not to be mean or anything Bennn, but you're being captain obvious again and pointing out a non issue considering services were renderedmonospaced
    • You're also talking about $0.20 cents. Even if you listed 100 items and sold NOTHING, it would be $20 for 5 months. That's $4 a month. Not that bad dude.monospaced
    • I think it cost me more than that when i was on Etsy.. it was like 7-8$ a month for like 6-8 items in the shop. But i dont remember clearlyBennn
    • That would be pretty expensive.monospaced
  • Sandder0

    Anybody into crypto day trading?

    • why not day trade forex? isn't there more risk with crypto? Eg:shapesalad
    • https://www.theguard…shapesalad
    • I do some swing trading, 1-2 orders per monthdrgs
    • Buy, hold, buy more on dips. Fools game to trade. Entire market was up 30% last year, can't beat that.formed
    • can beat that - Rhodium LON:XRH0, 5 year chart, up 1000%shapesalad
    • I did, and was rich, then lost most of it... waiting for next clear signal of a bull/bear run. Pretty much gambling otherwise.inteliboy
    • low 7ks will be your last chance to get aboarddrgs
  • fyoucher12

    Been thinking about getting a pro drone ($1200) and a motorized camera dolly that also rotates ($300), and starting a small side hustle for creating pictures and videos for people looking to sell their homes (or real estate folks) within the semi-local area. Create a website for it, Google SEO shit, Yelp, etc.

    Basically just take videos of their homes where you can have a 3D panorama video or a room, or house fly-by, shots from above etc. Have like set fees for each type of video or photo.

    I know there's folks that already do this, but I'd undercut them by a shit ton. It's easy work and I could teach someone else to go and do it for me too. People sell their homes and create websites or Facebook pages for their houses for sale non-stop. I'd imagine there'd be a huge market for this.


    • don't undercut, just create a better product for the same price, you have an advantage because you're a designerGuyFawkes
    • Good luck. There are BILLIONS doing this and they've driven the prices down to pennies.formed
    • We have drones and cameras, but the bottom feeding market, which is selling homes, is so over-saturated.formed
    • if you undercut, in the end your working twice as much, don't let those tacky boomers winGuyFawkes
    • That said, if you can compete with full-production video houses (think at lot higher end than a $1200 drone, which is like lower-midrange), then you could do itformed
    • ^ Perhaps globally but near me (Philly burbs), there ain't shit.fyoucher1
    • I'm talking mom and pops selling single family homes, not big metro apps or corporate buildings.fyoucher1
    • That's not a side hustle at allcanoe
    • ^ Well, I'd set it up, and have someone else do it for me. Won't make a ton, but it's easy loot. Something I'd work on weekends.fyoucher1
    • My Brother in Law did exactly this business. It's a grind. Realtors will swap to whoever is cheapest - very little loyalty. I think he was trying to charge $250mathinc
    • per house. And then there were still guys who entered his area and undercut him. You have to arrange with the realtors to visit, logistics up the ass.mathinc
    • Then edit the shots, deliver via Dropbox, most of the realtors have no idea how to use DB. Also, add a Matterport camera for 3D. $$$mathinc
    • Honestly you're probably better off making a clever product where you can use your branding skills or something.mathinc
    • ^ grrr, thanx for the insight mathinc.fyoucher1
    • A side hustle would be if you bought the equipment did something for yourself and then promoted it - like a topic-specific vlogcanoe
    • You're talking about having to set up a huge site, get all the gigs to build a service portfolio, integrate SEO, go to realtor events, just the marketing alonecanoe
    • is a huge undertaking. Now if you specialized in doing ONLY commercial buildings or manufacturing, etc, then you'll slim down the work and possibly charge morecanoe
    • do weddings.shapesalad
    • dont forget you need license to drone in CanadaBennn
    • A buddy of mine prints, cuts and wraps cheapish cigars for birth announcements. It’s his only job and he only sells on Etsy. I have no clue how much he makes.misterhow
    • Link up with a realtorrobotron3k
    • Like mathinc said, it’s a grind and the agents will always use the cheapest. 250 is max in my town. (Friend of mine is an agent, she tried to get me to do it)Gnash
    • But the numbers sucked and it’s basically a ft job, not a side hustleGnash
    • What matinc said. Ive had many property clients and they switch 360/photo suppliers on a whim. The clued up ones will just take it on in-house.microkorg
    • (i worked for company that built their sites and did marketing material for them btw, not doing their shots)microkorg
  • formed3

    Working with a friend investing in properties. Many of the presentations require renderings, website, branding, etc.

  • canoe1

    Wouldn't mind starting a photo journal of the outdoors stuff I do and seeing if any local mags would pick it up... I really need to take a class to make sure I haven't picked up any bad habits

  • pinkfloyd4

    I like to flip sports cards as a side hustle. Love to watch sports and find cards I think will be profitable. Made 3k in 3 months from it.

    • how long between buying and selling a card, on average, to generate profit?monospaced
    • if you get it at a good price, you can make a profit instantly. there's great deals out there. these cards are liquidpinkfloyd
    • what do you use to check pricing on cards. is Beckett still a thing?capn_ron
    • sold listings on ebay is what people use. people don't like using beckett. pwcc marketplace has past sales as wellpinkfloyd
  • shapesalad0

    I might join County Lines, I’ve heard you can make a killing.

  • Bennn0

    I've been brainstorming for years to try to find a sidehustle project that would generate money without not much effort. I havent found anything.

    I tried different things without success. I've made a website to sell desktop and cellphone wallpapers. I've made a website to sell icons, wallpapers, textures images and others graphics, i tried creating a website like the millions dollars page... I also tried to sell stuff on Society6 and Threadless.

    The only thing that worked was the buttons pins and magnets, I sold a few to some QBNers and I've made around 30 to 50 selling on Etsy (dont remember exactly) but it was too much to manage for the small amount of money that i was making.

  • robotron3k0

    I'm working on a book

    Has anyone self-publish on Amazon??

    • No, but I need to do a bit research on this... Working at two personal projects this now, and prob. will follow this route too... Good luck!OBBTKN
  • aslip0

    Flipping houses and acquiring rentals. No 401k or retirement at day job, so gotta fund my own. Up to 10 rentals now :)

  • maquito0

    I thought this thread was about posts with 100 comments :P

  • pinkfloyd0

    Also flipping watches if fun. I get to wear them, then sell at a profit later.

  • pinkfloyd0

    Samples of profits some people from my group made from sports cards:

    Luka purchased at $1,025

    Sold for $4,371

    Luka purchased for $3,000

    Sold for $6,200

    I bought a group of cards for 9k

    Later sold them all for close to 12k within 3 months

    Sold for

    • Good for you and congrats, of course, but Good God people spend a lot of money on [what I think is] total shit.Nairn
    • This is just scratching the surface. There's cards worth way more. The 52 Topps mantle in a high grade goes for millions.pinkfloyd
    • Luka signs himself "lulu" lol!grafician
  • Gnash0

    Pinkfloyd’s post has reminded me that I need to jack my kids old Pokémon / yu-gì-oh decks.

    I have shoeboxes full of these. gotta be some gold in there somewhere

    • If they are first editions or shadowless of charizard!pinkfloyd
  • pinkfloyd0

    With watches, I made a 1k profit on just these two watches

    Also found a couple of watches (one seiko for $50, sold it for $450) because the seller didn't know how valuable it was. Also bought an nth watch from him for $80, and sold it for $400+

    • have you had to replace any of the bands before you sell them? I have a Swiss watch that i saw sold for good money but the band broke.capn_ron
    • if people want the watch, there are buyers out there who are ok with aftermarket bands or original bandspinkfloyd
  • dbloc0

    I have a buddy that goes to garage sales strictly for old Nintendo consoles and games. He actually does pretty well selling them on ebay.

    • gary vee does this, there's people making a fortune doing itpinkfloyd
  • mg330

    I've been intending to get a small side business going shooting family photos. At a minimum, I'm finally getting going on shooting headshots for kids at the acting school my 5 year old daughter goes to. It's good quick money once in a while and an opportunity to keep improving portrait and editing skills.

    • Oh damn. You can make some good coin doing this. My old studio neighbor made/makes a killing doing headshots. He process was brilliantGnash
    • Trick is to gang them all up in one day, one after the other. Create a headshot event, charge a reasonable fee, set up the set onceGnash
    • 3 different backgrounds; headshot, 3/4, full body. Bang bang bangGnash
    • my Friend even offers makeup - she pays a friend 200 for the day to powder the kids facesGnash
    • she used to do 3-4K per day back when I knew herGnash
    • This is her:
      She’s got the process down to a science. Copy it
    • With your already well crafted photo-processing system, this should be a no-brained for you. Go big dude, no one-offsGnash
  • pinkfloyd0

    • I want my dad to give me his wine business he grew to millions then I can self promote, say dumb things and never ever be wrong cause I'm already rich.robotron3k
    • lolpinkfloyd
    • punches for....utopian