Europe is Fucked

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  • NBQ00

    Winter is coming. And gas won’t be?

  • NBQ00-2

    • could be tuff.. austria probalby has the hardest ties to russia in this 80% of gas supply.... citiziens are ok for the winter..industry must slow down maybe...neverscared
    • depending how they can fill up the gas tanks will then...neverscared
    • We have to save up gas twice as much as EUneverscared
  • grafician-5

    Aren't you from Etiopia?

  • cherub0

    Any Spaniards or French here?

    How you Europeans feeling about that no A/C thing right about now?

    Ready to change your minds?

    • meh, sweat it outhans_glib
    • Not really if you're up north, also electricity prices are going nutts.ApeRobot
    • A/C is dumb.scruffics
    • Nah, I never wish I had AC except in a car. Lived in NYC for a long time and had ceiling fans in my place, I'd pick that over AC anytime.spl33nidoru
    • You can manage your house/apartment temp simply by opening/closing windows and curtains at the right times during the day.shapesalad
    • And a fan with a wet cloth with a few drops of mint oil on it are just as refreshing.shapesalad
    • AC = having all your windows closed and breathing air passing a manky mouldy old filter.shapesalad
    • Can't live a day without ac. It'll be 100 here today without a cloud in sky, no shade.formed
    • It's above 40 degrees in Seville, Spain rn. Shapesalad that wet towels and opening windows crap doesn't work when temps are in mid 40s. Duh.cherub
    • Works in the UK but extreme southern europe I think you're in trouble this summer.cherub
    • 3 days in the UK over 30° = Deathly hot, close the country down. (See also 0.5cm of snow)Morning_star
    • It's going to be 41c in Madrid on Wednesday. I really don't like AC but it's going to be necessary.Chimp
    • Most houses and flats around here in the South are extra insulated = chill in the Summer and warm in the Winter.
      No A/C needed even at +30* (inside feels less)
    • You guys are all delusionalHayoth
    • It’s not uncommon to reach these temperatures here. Although this year it started early!Chimp
    • Someone's not been to Badajoz at the height of summer. Shit's been super-hot for hunderds of years.Nairn
    • It also depends on the house you have. The top floor flats in Madrid that are southern facing are an oven but the 1st and 2nd floor ones aren't too bad.Chimp
    • I meant cherub, not you :)Nairn
    • I have AC and these few days it's being essential. Last week we had 38° during the daydmay
    • And I use AC all year round, for cooling and heating.dmay
    • I lived in Lisbon when it was 36+, no ac for me, windows/blinds + fan all goodshapesalad
    • I think Europeans have houses made of bricks, not fucking paper and wood. Like shapesalad said, manage your shit.babydick_
    • lo fucking l at the ludicrous idea that fans and an open window are as good as ac, or better. I hope you’re jokingmonospaced
    • Also those filters can be changed in seconds and are high quality air cleaners. you don’t know shit about ac or else you wouldn’t say something that far offmonospaced
    • Mono, It really depends on your house, last night we slept in the semi basement and it was really fresh.Chimp
    • We normally only have to put the AC on when it gets above 36c. It’s also very dry here which helps.Chimp
    • No AC in Basque Country, we've got ceiling fans, but we use them more to spread the heat from the fireplace ;)OBBTKN
    • They have announced extreme heat for this week, but we are on vacation in Catalonia... where it is even hotter, lolOBBTKN
    • OBBTKN I've bought parents a trip to Bilbao and Donostia for the 20th. Hopefully it won't be more than 30c then!Chimp
    • lol @ air passing through a moldy filter. You're doing it wrong if that's the case. I had no A/C for many years. I finally have it and would never go back.dbloc
    • Yeah... maybe USA people should build their houses with stone/bricks. Then you don't need AC, big think stone FTW. Have they not read The Three Little Pigs?shapesalad
    • First World Problemsutopian
    • Ain't Global Warming a Bitch!utopian
    • bad news for some of you. some areas night time are getting warmer. even well insulated house requires night time to cool the house.pango
    • even with AC you still need a well insulated house to keep the cool air in. so i'm going to provide all of you a 3rd option.pango
    • My apartment in the UK, old converted brick school seems to get fucking hotter after the sun goes down. It's measurable, makes no fucking sense.kalkal
    • My house is brick. If you think Americans don’t have brick houses you’re as ignorant as the people who think ac is as good as a fan. Fuck off with this bullshitmonospaced
    • Brick house. Top notch insulation. And the ac is Fucking awesome. Only turns on a few minutes per hour when it’s over 85 and it’s glorious.monospaced
    • Literally no way for an air filter to even get wet let alone moldy. Enjoy your fan and open window and keep lying to yourself that you have it good. Lol.monospaced
    • It'll be almost 120 here today. AC or I fucking die.Akagiyama
    • how to effectively move air into the house. (measured)…
    • A wind fan would be enough.milfhunter
    • Live in South France and no AC. Yes, fans/windows closed do make a difference but around 35-40c it's not enough to be comfortable.lemoucheron
  • NBQ000

    Around 45c (113f) next week in some EU parts.

    Gonna be a bitch to sleep with no AC.

  • sted0

    ah a nice thread for NBQ00, graphicician, shapesalad and Chimp.

    • Why?NBQ00
    • I'm not racist, sexist and homophobe like the other 3. (lol) I created it mainly because of the upcoming energy crisisNBQ00
    • Thanks I like it.shapesalad
    • The axis of evil.palimpsest
    • $100 is saying that they all downvoted this post.sted
    • Not meNBQ00
    • He’s listed the Four Horsemen of QBN.shapesalad
    • Your third eye is real.sted
  • shapesalad0

    Some maps for you all

    • Top map - seismic activity forecast for next 50 years.shapesalad
    • the swedes are learning Swedish on duolingo lol_niko
  • neverscared-1

    Europe could face energy rationing as ‘really tough winter’ looms, Shell boss warns
    Ben van Beurden says Ukraine war fallout means big rise in bills and possible need to ration supplies

    “It will be a really tough winter in Europe,” said Ben van Beurden, speaking at the Aurora spring conference in Oxford on Thursday. “We will all face very significant escalation in energy prices. In the worst case, Europe will need to ration its energy consumption.”…

    • You will all have to suffer long before we even begin to consider contemplating ruminating over the possibility of maybe nixing our increased profitsNairn
    • Thank god UK has British Gas.shapesalad
    • UK imports most gas from Norway and Qatar. Both switched to increasing exports to EU instead...grafician
    • The UK will be better off than the EU but not by much.Chimp
    • necessity is the mother of invention, they'll sort out out, Russian gas made them lazy and stymied innovation. This will be a good thing._niko
    • I was kinda joking, I love how it's called British Gas, and most brexit voters would think it's 100% British, not know it's a fraction native and mostly importshapesalad
    • Mad isn't it. But then, Yorkshire Tea isn't actually Yorkshire grown teaIanbolton
    • WHATNairn
    • And tea isn’t grown in England, nuts!Chimp
  • neverscared-1

    • Germans again. History repeating itself.NBQ00
  • neverscared1