• vii

    Design That Cares

    Wanted to help promote these guys and Project M:


    Last June, I spent 4 weeks in Hale County, Alabama wit…

    Jul 29, 082 replies
  • vii

    Taxes and Freelance

    Does anyone know much about freelance and issues with taxing? I do a little bit of work on the side, mostly with my church, but ma…

    Feb 20, 043 replies
  • vii

    postal regulations?

    I am doing a flyer which will be sent through the mail and I am trying to find more information on the regulations for the front(w…

    Jan 7, 042 replies
  • vii

    Copyrights & Collages

    I am developing a concept for a flyer and I am thinking of using pieces from popular magazines, newspapers, ads, and other types o…

    Dec 11, 035 replies