Germans, you're awesome

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  • oey0

    I was born in Germany, and I currently live in Germany. I always thought it was a great place. Now that I've returned, and after living in the Netherlands for 3 years, I can't stop thinking and noticing that Germans make such an effort on not being Germans that they become more German. No fucking sense of humor, they know everything, are certainly not polite etc...Nice girls though, even if they should move more while having sex!

    • lolhilchev
    • ... and shave more!goldieboy
    • hahahahaha! teenagers shave!oey
    • you might have a point here, oeypressplay
    • but at least we’re not as annoying as the spanish who always have to stress how cool and funny and relaxed they arepressplay
    • ... and spirited and sun-kissed and good-looking and naturally good dancers and blah blahpressplay
    • but that about the spanish is true! dutch think they're best and their society is the thing.oey
    • germans are ok mostly but too uptight. too political correct (history) and very conservativeoey
    • sometimes it's really difficult to connect or explain them there's a different world out thereoey
    • yeah, might be true about the spanish... but could they just stop bragging about it, ffs!pressplay
    • hahahaha! yes please! hahaha!oey
    • Starfish?ross
    • yeah... methinks oey is doing it wrong.Amicus

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