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  • Krassy21

    grafician will have a major meltdown by the end of the week and leave QBN

  • drgs-2

    • But the democrats have a secret weapon this time. Wait for it ... Hillary fucking Clinton. Fuck this shit. Seriously.monospaced
    • If it’s trump, Hillary and biden again I’m not voting. This is just a joke.monospaced
    • Lol at Killary, it's like they never learn. Might as well run Sanders in the primaries again.PhanLo
    • I'm not even sure that Biden can finish his current termdrgs
    • I can see Manchin trying. Fucker.formed
    • Wonder how Michelle 0bamma would poll.Brabo_Brabo
    • Hopefully Trump, all of his team grifters and all of his stooges with be in prison by 2024.utopian
    • How many times do we have to save itnb
    • Ok. I probably should ask, but why does anyone think Hillary is running again?CyBrainX
    • Civil war by 2025MrT
    • AOC?mort_
    • Dis: Anyone but Trump
      Dat: Anyone but Hillary
    • pete buttigieg is gonna make him look like the superfool he is.neverscared
    • Tipper Gore!kaiyohtee
    • Bernie 2024sandpipe
    • Save Hate Again!kaiyohtee
    • TheRock2024dbloc
    • Did they forget to press ‘CTL+S’ the first time?Chimp
    • Manchin and Sinema have effectively neutered an already nutless administration, and we're going to have a red wave this year and probably DeSantis in 2024.garbage
    • And my partner of 7 years wants to move to the south for some fucking reason.. hope we never have an accidental pregnancy.garbage
    • how many times do you need it before you can save it?ShenanigansTV
  • imbecile2
    • jeeze. imagine taking that to the mechanic and he has to fix all your rotating, self-moving panels.sarahfailin
    • no mechanics, if self-moving panel fails, crush car, buy againprophetone
    • so coolscarabin
    • He's pushing the Nissan Porn Panel Button correct?kona
    • Is that the robot that looks just like his master/inventor?fadein11
    • til your sleeve gets caught in the mechanics. Is any of that motion necessary?omg
    • don't wear your gandalf costume in it and you'll probably be okayscarabin
    • what if you honk at somebody and your steering wheel disappears. how upsetting will that be!sarahfailin
    • unnecessaryernexbcn
    • The fuck is the point of that. Maybe if you spend all your money on your car and need it to double as a font roomset
    • does it transform into a robot?pango
    • is there a override button for taking over the car n crashing it like in the case of the reporter?yurimon
    • more than meets the eye!SteveJobs
    • I need a font room... I have so manyAmicus
    • meep.Hayoth
    • Is the air bag an anime blow up doll?pango
  • drgs4

    When the pandemic is over, there will be people who refuse to stop wearing face masks

    • ugly people mainly.Brabo_Brabo
    • I'll wear a mask when I'm sick with something like the Asians do.ShenanigansTV
    • Tbh, Asian countries have been wearing them since around SARS. I don’t think it has to be a political thing. Kids will have no issues keeping them onhardhat
    • and the anti mask crowd will fight to implement the anti mask laws in place.
    • I’ve seen this in Spain when we didn’t have to use them in the street 80% still used them although there is no evidence to support the benefit.Chimp
    • Reverse psychology dictates that all MAGA types will start wearing masks in protest of no-more-masks movementgrafician
    • nah, that's just not true.Brabo_Brabo
    • yea outside of western countries its pretty normal to wear a mask when feeling unwell. we're just coddled spoilt little entitled babies.inteliboy
    • Asians wear masks for the sake of other people because they're considerateGuyFawkes
    • I kept my mask on outside today because it’s below freezing out and it felt better.monospaced
  • Continuity6

    A rich field of ideas centred around pestilence, isolation, loneliness, despair, and social breakdown will herald a new Golden Age of Heavy Metal.

  • chukkaphob3

    I predict that not a single US citizen who "threatens" to move to Canada if Trump is elected will actually do it.

    • fuck it...I'm going shack up with Pango.utopian
    • Drumfft junior has a free ticket for celebrities, maybe a few people here are eligiblegeorgesIII
    • pango's already prepping for itbklyndroobeki
    • people say that every electiondbloc
    • basic bitches are basicchukkaphob
    • Canada socialism works because people are relatively all well educated and society puts pressure to be productive.hotroddy
    • @hotroddy wrong. LOLchukkaphob
    • In US - Have fun trying to get Bily Bob McHick and Shanequa Jackson off social services.hotroddy
    • @hotroddy Canada "socialism" "works" because the US has Canada's back and because Canada's population is less than that of just 1 US state - California. Hahaha!chukkaphob
    • US unemployment rate = 5.5%
      Canada unemployment rate = 7.2%
    • i'll start prepping bunk beds in the basement.pango
    • I agree Canada can afford to spend more less on defense but it's a nordic culture that keeps the system from being abused.hotroddy
    • Implement socialism in US is the equiviliant to implementing it in Mexico large % are less skilled / educated than northern countireshotroddy
    • and who wants third world socialism.hotroddy
    • Canadians are Nordic culture?pango
    • I would say so - not only are you geographically north but apart from Quebec, I would say original settlers where nordic as apposed to spanish settlers.hotroddy
    • If you consider anglo - nordic.. which I do.hotroddy
    • not nordic. most of the early settlers were Scots -- I should know, my ex father-in-law wouldn't shut the fuck up about it.Gnash
    • Any of you talking about Canadian culture actually Canadian?ETM
    • scotts are from the highlands egh?hotroddy
    • You're comparing Canadian to Scandinavian socialism, which is different in that they are more socialist by a good amount. Also smaller land/populations.ETM
    • Canada is still small in comparison to US. But sounds logical - the larger the population the less amount of quality socialism is sustainable.hotroddy
    • ya... seriously first time being compared to Nordic...pango
    • UK's may be most similar to Canada. Though they still don't have the vast, spread out space of Canada to maintain infrastructure wise.ETM
    • I always find it amazing we maintain such overall solid infrastructure on the land we have, with only 35 or so million people.ETM
    • ^ it's just a thin strip along the border, reallyGnash
    • there is a population of scandanvians living west of lake superior. and nordic in the sense harsh cold elements shape your work ethic.hotroddy
    • I fell like if the us didn't have the south - it could get away with more social programs.hotroddy
    • I know it sounds like I'm geographically profiling.hotroddy
    • @Gnash... yes a 3,200 mile / 5,158 km wide "thin" strip. :)ETM
    • Or 5,780 miles/9,306 km at it's widest point.ETM
    • ^ though I question those numbers.ETM
    • @ETM. I'm canadian. Spent a third of my life there.hotroddy
    • when I lived there the NDP were in office. I know things have changes after harper.hotroddy
    • and how about Pierre Trudeau legacy? Socialism a scandanavian would be proud of.hotroddy
    • I'm thinking of moving there for the social services and going on welfare so i can be on qbn all the time. it would my public service.yurimon
    • tabernac! don't you fucking dis pierre -- no syrup for youGnash
    • LOL ...NordicAl_dizzle
    • Yurimon, an idiot to then. And aren't you always on QBN anyway?ETM
    • @hotroddy what are you on about? The NDP have never held a federal majority.ETM
    • As a Canadian my whole life, and having close friends in Sweden, you don't have a clue about "Nordic" socialism beyond something you must have read somewhere.ETM
  • drgs8

    Ukraine wins Eurovision 2022

  • utopian9

  • utopian2

    Apple or Adobe will buy Procreate

    • AdobeBennn
    • Yes, for $10 on the App Store.NBQ00
    • I think Adobe will more likely try to promote mobile versions of Photoshop and Illustrator.CyBrainX
    • and then discontinue it.monNom
    • Nah the guys that make it are not selling anytime soon. Have close mates that work there.thumb_screws
    • Adobe better not buy procreatepinkfloyd
    • They're trying desperately to replicate it, they can't buy itgrafician
    • Adobemaquito
    • I don‘t get why adobe can‘t just code something even better with all that money they have.uan
    • Adobe needs to put their resources for all their other creative suite, apps, ports and yes also iPad versions that they just released.NBQ00
    • If it was just about the money then Apple would‘ve already built an electric car by now.NBQ00
    • all tech companies will be bought and owned by Tencent, Huawei, Baidu and Xiaomi as the US collapses.inteliboy
  • BustySaintClaire3

    With many salons closed, we will soon see an epidemic in bad hair and many failed attempts at do-it-yourself cuts. A new trend may emerge.

    • i got my hair cut just 3 days before it start last week or so, and got them shorter than i do normally. i'am ok till MayBennn
    • i shall surviving suchBennn
    • 5cm long beard and long hair already. Will keep both going forward.grafician
    • I own a hat.nb
    • Covid-19 loves long beardsi_was
    • My big hair is down to my tummy now :) shower is good, clean up is a mess :)helloeatbreathedrive
    • Been cutting my own hair for years. Philips rotating hair clippers and a couple mirrors, easy.shapesalad
    • My wife is asking repeatedly to “just give me a trim”. “Fuck no you’ll look like watermelon cat and we will divorce.”ben_
  • utopian5

    • How Carl Sagan "Predicted" 2020... in 1995utopian
    • surested
    • he also predicted that a golden vinyl record duct-taped to a rocket would be appropriate to communicate with a more advanced civilization in the universe.uan
    • @uan, that kind of comment helps prove what he said in the above Sagan quote about dumbed down sound bites.CyBrainX
    • just trying to be funny. relax.uan
    • lol, in the QBN Cinematic Universe, we argue over the merits of the Voyager Gold Record, and then Gardener pops in and is like..garbage
    • .."Found it in a boot sale."garbage
    • Lol @garbageOBBTKN
  • deadsperm5

    QBN will require phone verification.

  • utopian4

    Trump will be impeached.

  • monNom8

    Warm water antiviral rinsing therapy (drinking small sips of warm water (never cold!), every 15 minutes), is shown to not only prevent corona virus infection, but also proves to be effective against several forms of cancer, heart disease, shingles, stomach ache, the shivers, and sleep apnea.

    As a proven medical therapy, the FDA swoops in to limit access to warm water for use by prescription only. In a massive crackdown on black market trade, they seize all teapots and hot plates, and make it illegal to leave cool water sitting in direct sunlight without visible icecubes floating in it.

  • utopian8

  • Krassy7

    pr2 meltdown and departure coming up in 3, 2, 1...

    • departure means he'll come back during the next conspiracy, ban his assGuyFawkes
    • Aren't some shenanigan-starters here already on their, like, 11th account? Why do they bother?Akagiyama
  • srhadden8

    Pornhub buys google

  • microkorg4

    By 2025 all of the naysayers in the NFT thread will have succumbed and bought some kind of iteration of NFT.

    Not saying an art NFT. It could be anything, Art, Music, a Subscription/Membership, Gaming etc.

    • Just got another message on Instagram from a kid wanting me to start a NFT collection with him...

      NFTs = tulip mania
    • Save post.palimpsest
    • Not even downvoting, but I predict your net losses will be greater (fees, minting, time wasted, etc.) than your profits from NFTs involvement by 2025grafician
    • with all that celebrity jumping in https://finance.yaho…neverscared
    • you might be right... or not.. it higly like can just die off as an 2 year fad.. u are exactly refering to that thing in the nft documentary ...neverscared
    • everything will get a token.... imagine how nightmarish that will be... phew..neverscared
    • the deepest dream of the hypercapitalism elite powered with brutal co2 emission tech..(except tezos maybe ) comes true...shitty future is the making.neverscared
    • mates, for commercial transactions you need refunds - there's no refunds with crypto - but keep dreaming about a future with crypto and nfts and all that crapgrafician
    • tezos seems to be more like the little fish swimwing around sharks mouth... gettin some food... when the shark signs out the little fish goes where ?neverscared
    • I predict that 90% of people creating NFTs will lose money. 9% will make break even and 1% will make a killing.utopian
    • A lot like a grand Ponzi schemeutopian
    • more like 0.1% when u look at the data so far.neverscared
  • Krassy5

  • formed2

    Smaller prediction, but I think videography and movies will jump to the next level soon. It's almost there, but what's held back a lot is that you still need to operate a steadicam for decent playback. It's a pain in the ass (I know, I have two and suck at using both).
    Gimbal's are going way down in price, thanks to drones. Once you can get a decent one for a few hundred buck and a great 4k camera for a few hundred more, or some kind of phone with glass available (Sony had the right idea with those lenses that were controlled with a smart phone, just a weird item to grasp..yet).

    Only a handful of years ago we had to bolt a rig with gyroscopes to a helicopter and put a $100k camera in there w/ a dedicated operator. Not cheap. Now you can get better video with a toy.

    Then with editing being able to be done on a tablet, etc., the possibilities get much bigger.

    [Reliable] entertainment is changing too. Up until Netflix, you had to rely on knowing an actor or director to 'judge' a movie. Now that Netflix has a stellar reputation, everyone will watch anything they produce. Amazon is close behind.

    I hope these converge and you get more quality with less cost (and less "stars").

    • Good comments. I agree with (almost) everything.youngdesigner
    • I kind of agree. Though people have been saying this since the 80's - camcorders! vhs! mini-dv! etc.inteliboy
    • as vod becomes the new standard, atleast in the near future, will pre-vod movies soar and theatrical releases be something you tell future generations about orArchitectofFate
    • yeah, it's been said before, but I think this time all the pieces are there. The stabilization is a really key to looking "professional"formed
    • I should say "part" of the key, obviously there's a lot to making a film, but that's always the first giveawayformed
    • Theatrical movies will be around indefinitely. I think Star Wars is proving that big time.CyBrainX
    • I really want a drone but I know I'll make a mistake and end up getting the military shooting down my flying GoPro.CyBrainX
    • I hope cinemas keep the crowds coming. People do love spending money on stuff, doing stuff, going out, breakfast, dinners, shows. So it's not dire yet.inteliboy
    • Stabilising and drones shots have changed the game for sure -- we've had a drone on nearly every outdoors shoot this year.inteliboy
    • plus the alexa mini is a godsend on one of those things.inteliboy
    • Check the DJI Osmo camera. Handheld 4K witha gimbal for $700.stoplying
    • it's been said before but it was also true... look at the success of Youtube. However totally agree that this revolution isn't finished yet with more to comes.sephil