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  • mekk

    Hello Folks,

    I need some advice, how to set up the lightning in a studio and the color correction for this look, esp. the skintones and the hair:

    Tried to recreate it with classic recoloring/hue&staturation and stuff but I don't really get there..

    Image credits: www.feelfactory.pro / www.mikecampau.com

  • formed1

    Mike Campau is the post guy, Tim Tadder is the photographer (in case you missed that). He's got some great stuff.

    Top image (middle one looks bad to me, bottom one not so great either) - for compositing, you need to consider what the surroundings will be and match the lighting. He's done a typical 3-4 light setup (or similar) with two gridded lights on either side which create a highlight on her edges, making it easy to cut out and stand out in a composite (note that she doesn't look like she is really there).
    She's probably got one big octabox lighting her from front, above camera and a hair light.

    There's bts for both. Go read up on Joel Grimes, he has a ton of videos that goes over lighting and compositing, matching colors, etc. Kelby Training has all of them, worth the money.

    Start with the setup with the 3-4 lights, it'll make your life a billion times easier, just make sure you pay attention to the bg and lighting directions.

  • Ben990

    first one look almost CG. I know its not. But LOTS of Photoshopping.

  • mekk0

    formed Thanks for your input! The bts video shows just a bunch of bearded people playing advertising agency or a gif of the steps..

    This was not a beginner question, I am able to do proper postpro but I am no photographer. But sadly I have to do a private shooting with photographer I don't know and I don't think much of him so I want to do it myself.

    The image will be a color blob/gradient in the background, no other objects and a person's head and parts of the chest pictured, the product is wool hats.

    So I'd put two rectangle softboxes left and right, one soft octabox in the front and no highlights or ringflashes or something like that. Maybe another box from the top for the hat.

    Models will get a professional makeup job done with airbrush by me. Wish me luck :D

    Camerawise I'd go for a 50mm fixed lens, I hope he has that there..

    I was hoping for advice to do exactly the beauty skin tones and hair - I'm more used to industrial machines and automotive.. My skin tones are more dark and dirty and overly dramatic.

    Should I shoot another pic with ringflash just for the hair?

  • formed0

    Depends on the angle. The ringflash will make the hair perfectly even. In the example photo, her face is lit perfectly (where you want your eye to go), so a ringflash would make her hair way too bright.
    Maybe shoot a few with a hair light and a few w/o?

    Checkout this group: www.facebook.com/groups/40016661…...

    The skills there are beyond mine (I think I am "good", been using PS for 18 years, shooting for about 5 now, but these are real pros). You'll get a TON of detailed info there for editing, colors, etc. (it's all editing, no photography).

    • Link isn't working: https://www.facebook…formed
    • Yes I think I will do it just I do it with automotive stuff; multiple shots, then compose it togehter. Soft/smooth skin and sharp hair.. thank you!mekk
  • docpoz0

    You need a lot of light and a lot of photoshop. And perhaps HDR on the 3rd one?