Weird Sleep / Dream Habits

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  • DaveO

    I have this weird habit where I roll over on the spot multiple times to get comfortable. Also, i sleep right at the edge of the bed, even if my wife's not home.

    Oh yeah, I keep dreaming I've lost or broken my retainer. That I've not had since 1997.

    Anyone else get weird in the snooze zone?

  • hotroddy0

    The dreams I've had are weirder than anything I've seen on LSD. Good thing is I quickly forget - otherwise I'd be a wreck.

  • pinkfloyd0

    I dream i'm swimming in the brazilian olympics.

    • you should do well with shaved armscbass99
    • take it easy pinkfloyd..take it easy.cbass99
    • lolpinkfloyd
    • hows your health? you doing anything bad habitish?yurimon
  • microkorg0

    I have the same recurring theme in my dreams all the time.

    Usually takes place in derelict buildings or old cinemas or schools. Being chased by something, sometimes with old friends from childhood too. Never see who is chasing so don't know if it's cops, aliens, monster, ghost ....

    Some dreams take place in a house, maybe a new one we've moved into. At some point I discover one of the doors can't be locked properly or that it leads to next doors house and again is not lockable.

    • Do you feel you are going in the right direction in your life? anything unresolved?yurimon
    • i have this dream recurring too... start with exploring a new place and then sometimes it turns into being chased or hiding from somethingmonospaced
    • ^ your dream means you are running from the truth. your subconscious knows when your awakened state dont.yurimon
    • and your words are the diarrhea that your brain is having because of the shit it eats, and therefore your diagnosis is both pointless and complete shitmonospaced
    • you are repressing something broh its your dream.. dont tell me.yurimon
    • i would say know you is you are running from a higher spiritual path that is an aspect of truth and entrenched in the lower materialism of this worldyurimon
    • meaning you are entrenched in the material world for security, and ignoring another aspect of yourself. sorry phone typinyurimon
    • you're wrongmonospaced
    • if you're talking about me, that ismonospaced
    • according to toaist health practices. your repression will end up as a disease or an emotional crisis. repressed emotions in toaism are circulation blockadesyurimon
    • You hear that micro? Yuri is a Taoist dream philosopher and he's got some doom for you. ;)monospaced
    • everything is motion and circulation. if there is a blockage it effects circulation in different aspects of the body prevents a healthy flow. tension is alsoyurimon
    • not a diagnosis but good to see how toaism handles health. pretty good.yurimon
    • I have had these dreams for as long as I can remember. The paths/ways/emotions change thru life but my dreams stay the same. So not one source.microkorg
    • They don't scare me and it's cool seeing inside old buildings.microkorg
  • pinkfloyd0

    When I was in high school, I would dream that I forgot my locker combination and my sneakers.

    • Still dream about forgetting my locker combination.fiver
    • I have that dream too.hotroddy
  • pinkfloyd0

    Sometimes, I try to control my dreams where i'm flying.

  • set0

    I often dream that I wake up, get out of bed, get in the shower, get dressed, make breakfast, eat it, leave the house, walk to the train station, get on the train, arrive at work... and then I wake up and have to do it all over again.

    It's fucking annoying.

  • sureshot0

    I often dream I live in a small wooden cabin in the Amazon Rainforest.

    • lingering unresolved problems, could mean you are not spending time to take care of your needs?yurimon
    • I hope you are being rhetoric yuri.sureshot
    • im practicing here. are you being rhetoric?yurimon
    • not always.sureshot
  • yurimon-4

    Davo, how are you doing financially?

    • 1.5%DaveO
    • your in the 1.5% elite?yurimon
    • just mash your forehead against the keyboardset
    • can i smash your forehead it looks more smashable than mine. you eat to much meat bro.yurimon
    • I eat meat once a week, haha. Yuritardset
    • Just mash your forehead against the keyboardset
  • DaveO0

    I had a mental one the other night where my brother met me in LA claiming he was on a tour of brothels, researching a specific type of lounge music scene – apparently it was called 'Boudoir'. So we spent a weekend going up and down sunset (which must have been from the 1980s as it had loads of brothels on it) and i waited outside when he went in to 'research'.

    So very detailed, but if nothing else gave me a great name if i ever wanted to form a lounge band.

    • your bro may represent freedom or liberation.yurimon
  • monospaced0

    hahaha, yuri the dream interpreter!

  • SteveJobs0

    I actually don't dream much at all anymore. It will happen time to time but it's short, and vague, and I rarely remember anything about it at all.

  • maquito1

    My dreams are nightmares almost every time, and they are a total mess, like something out of Gaspar Noé's mind. I have dreamt I kill, I die, I fly, I lose my teeth, I fire guns, and I fuck like an animal. I often wake up sweating and screaming like a bitch. I also have sleep paralysis.

    • do you have any other unusual spiritual experiences?
      as far the violence, do you feel you have control over your life?
    • Same here except for the bitchy screams partterry_cloth
    • Sounded judgy, not my intention. Sounds like you've got some PTSD type things going on, mine have gotten less alarming as the years roll onterry_cloth
  • Fax_Benson0

    I have an occasionally recurring dream that I was partly responsible for the death of somebody in the past (usually along with a real life friend of mine) and that the crime is on the verge of being discovered. The fear is visceral and it usually takes me a good few minutes of consciousness to convince myself that the police aren't on their way.

    • seems like you harbor guiltyurimon
    • maybe insecurity, fear of being discoveredyurimon
    • yeah, loads, but that's from all the real murders that I don't dream about.Fax_Benson
  • cruddlebub0

    i wake every morning at nigh on the same time, around 5:00am.

    it annoys the shit out of me...

  • yurimon-3

    post mo stuff. im going to practice
    [for entertainment purposes] < disclaimer cause you knows its troo. haha

    • < deterrentmonospaced
    • you're very good at this, yuri. Maybe you're better suited to the dreamworld.Fax_Benson
    • also seems mono prob has control issues. afraid to let go of control to a higher power.yurimon
    • grasshopper the real world n dream world are linked. one would say all is one.yurimon
    • what a cunt move talking shit about me in a post where I'm not involved, with completely fabricated assumptions about a stranger... condescending prickmonospaced
    • but wait, you're just being like this because you think it's "entertainment" and "you're practicing" ... I guess I should just let you misinterpret your downvotmonospaced
    • how is it condescending if you are an atheist who doesnt believe in a high power. plenty of people nowadays have control issues. neutral not good or badyurimon
    • because you're making assumptions about me and talking about me as if you're above me and you're also making suggestions about how to live lifemonospaced
    • when you do that, it's condescending whether you THINK it's true or not, whether it is true or not... it's just a way of speaking that is considered condescendimonospaced
    • you make these half-logical journeys in order to paint pictures of people you don't know and then have the audacity to dole out diagnoses and remediesmonospaced
    • when you do this, it's condescending, by definition... because it's unsolicited, because you don't know me, because between the lines, you're insultingmonospaced
    • if I were to say the same things about you that you are saying about me, you would not be happy eithermonospaced
    • If you haven't noticed, people don't want you practicing your dream interpretation on them. They don't appreciate your questions or your experiments.monospaced
    • Not because you're right or think you are, but because it's condescending in nature.monospaced
    • its not condescending if you are repressing something. how is it me when im basing it on info you provided. by definition anything negative to you is condescendyurimon
    • if you can't understand how calling someone 'grasshopper' isn't condescending, then you are either an idiot, or just trying to create conflict.monospaced
    • if someone posts a positive dream i will try to read it differently. dont get your nickers in a bunch.yurimon
    • it IS condescending! For all the reasons I said. It has nothing to do with if it's true, it has to do with the fact that you don't know if it's truemonospaced
    • when you tell a stranger they're repressing something, that's condescending.monospaced
    • holy shit, you will never get it... everyone else gets it except for you, it's insane... ask anyone, they'd agree with memonospaced
    • You talking to Yuri, mono? Block him, make QBN a better place for you and for me and the entire human race https://lh5.googleus…maquito
    • Buzz, link was an MJ picmaquito
    • you blocked a cure for your bad dreams. ironic.yurimon
    • dude, you posted a dream, i tried to interpret it. most people would say hmmm. is it true yay or nay. you dont particularly have a good dreamyurimon
    • your dream speaks for itself. not even snowflake age. i dont get it.yurimon
    • mono: my leg hurts
      doc: looks like you sprained it
      mono: you condescending prick!
    • the very idea that you consider yourself a doctor in this ludicrous failure of an analogy is condescending toomonospaced
    • you already admitted you don't know the definition of the word, and you've refused to either acknowledge or apologize... this is pointlessmonospaced
    • that was a metaphors of how complain on condescensionyurimon
  • maquito0

    I read Castaneda with a hippie gf I had like 20 years ago. Apparently, when you wake up from a dream, go back to sleep, and carry on with the dream you were having, you have an amazing ability to control the subconscious. I have had, in fact, many of those dream "sequels" after waking up. Nevertheless, I can not control the fact that my nightmares are absolute agony, which usually make a total wreck of my sleep time.

  • kalkal1

    Abstract buildings that make no sense that feel so familiar. Secret passage ways that you couldn't possibly fit through. Usually a new property that's massive, but somewhere Ive never been. Ive very often lost something or someone and the theme is the panic of not being able to find them, or simply being lost some place in the middle of nowhere. For a short while after waking, the feeling of anxiety lingers. Nothing specific, nothing repeats. There are similarities (I think) between dreams but they are pretty random. Its like the familiarity comes either from other similar dreams or parallels with real places. Its almost not like there much visual going on but I can sort of try to describe the layouts, like portions of the structure is missing, like I just forgot how I got from location A to B, but inside the dream, it just makes sense.

  • maquito0

    A very recurrent dream I have is the harvest of weapons and ammo in different places, with a very clear determination to kill someone. I never know who the target is, but in the moment I have to shoot, the gun or rifle or whatever, turns into a very tiny toy gun, and I have to run. In those dreams, I can float (it's something like if holding my breath makes me float), I have trouble running, and I have a big issue with my punching skills, it's like in slo-mo, I can't punch properly. BTW, I never played shooting games; I never played any computer games.

    • I would find a real psychic, you may have attachments. narrow down starting from their? you live in an old house?yurimon
    • thereyurimon
    • Yurimon, just mash your forehead against the keyboardset
    • learn ingrish beeotchyurimon
    • Mash your forehead against the keyboard, it'll save time thinking and make more sense.set
    • ingrish mafacryurimon
    • lol love youset
  • maquito0

    Worst nightmare I recall... I'm sure a shrink would really like this one. I am at this old house having dinner with a girl. It's her parent's house, and her parents are the devil and her wife. Devil is like a human size dragon who is very sarcastic and diplomatic about everything, and wife is a ghost or something, a light. She doesn't talk, but makes sounds of violins or something. I have to escape the place cause I know I'm going to die, and the fate of humanity depends on me. I go out, and the house is literally in the middle of the desert. I run like a motherfucker and suddenly I'm back at the same house, with my gf, the devil's daughter. Panic, wake up screaming like a goat.

    • I hope someone's really enjoying these tales.maquito
    • can you read my message?yurimon
    • I guess not,yurimon
    • ironic. one thing i can possibly help out with. filtered. sweet dreams amigo prince.yurimon
  • Beeswax0

    Fsh, i always see flock of fishies
    either in a sea, lake, river or a pond.

    sometimes white whales, sometimes koi fish, sometimes other different kinds.

    I searched for it. It says i'll get a lot of money from somewhere.
    I've been waiting. I have to pay my credit cards. sheesh.

    • lol I swear every dream means you're getting money.sofakingback
    • its more about potential of abundance through networking and fruition of your efforts.yurimon