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  • kingsteven13

    • AOC? No thanks. She's so annoying.NBQ00
    • still miles better than the stale burger and moldy fries that is Trump & Pence.tank02
    • I voted for one guy, another guy got more votes and won. Crazy world we live inyuekit
    • ^ its a expectation/reality meem people.kingsteven
    • +1 AOC and Sandersi_was
    • I prefer AOC to Sanders as a Progressive. She's always extremely prepared and seems up to the task of the huge undertakings Progressives aspire to.CyBrainX
    • Bernie gives me the feeling he's all talk and nothing would get done unless he had an amazing cabinet. I'd trust Warren more than Bernie too.CyBrainX
    • warren/aoc could've been a great ticket.renderedred
    • didnt realize so many of you want to end up like venezuela. post this in america is fucked thread. ¡patria, socialismo, o muerte!hotroddy
    • I ran rather end up with Venezuela than Hitler's Nazi Germany or Mussolini's Fascist Italy any day of the week.utopian
    • enjoy no running water, electricity nor gas! plus highest crime rates in the world bc
      (like BLM) fighting crime is no priority
    • As much as I want to make fun of some of the ignorance in this one (sup hotroddy), AOC was never eligible for VP. Too young, so this isn't even a thread.garbage
    • @hotroddy why is everything left from you venezuela. it's like all capitalist countries are fascist. there are different ideas you know...renderedred
    • AOC and Bernie would make a mess of the Americas. (and I mean more than USA) Let the FARC and ELM take over south america.hotroddy
    • oh, and by the way, sanders and even aoc are far, very far from a socialist.renderedred
    • for example: biden/harris = moderate right wingrenderedred
    • That the same FARC that renounced violence and dissolved in 2017? Or is roddy talking out his fucking arse again?face_melter
    • And don't mention Márquez, he's a fucking wingnut tilting at windmills.face_melter
    • Oh face_palm.. defending the farc are we?hotroddy
    • No wonder Aoc is not far left enough. We have people defending terrorist organizationshotroddy
    • i will post my antifa id soon for you ;)renderedred
    • and if you didn't pay attention you're living in a fascist/racist dictatorship... if you're from the u.s.renderedred
    • AOC is awesome at all levels.oey_oey
    • hotroddy is right, you should be grateful the ticket isn't Bernie & AOC, unless you enjoy communismernexbcn
    • bernie and aoc are centrist, maybe slightly left of center. that's not communism.renderedred
    • New alert. There is no communism. The only communist country left is Cuba. And it's on a life line thanks to petro dollars of 'socialist' venezuela.hotroddy
    • They are so fucking dumb they even let the goose that lays the golden eggs rot away, there's not even gasoline in Venezuela nowernexbcn
    • I'm sure they'll find a new parasitic relationship with AOC and Berniehotroddy
    • @renderedred PSST PLEASE DON'T TELL ANYBODY ABOUT THE SECRET ANTIFA ID CARDS. Hotroddy doesn't know about them.. yet.garbage
    • Much prefer Kamala to aocnb
    • Actually, I want Kamala as presidentnb
    • AOC is only 30 years old guysyuekit
    • She'll be future president someday maybe, after all the boomers die offyuekit
    • I hope I don't have to point out that you have to be 35 to be president and AOC is 30.CyBrainX
  • monospaced5

    He picked Kamala Harris as his VP running mate.

    • Big up to the first Jamaican-American VP Braaaap!_niko
    • oh yeah, and also Indian. And Also a woman. Biden's covered all the bases.
      Let's just hope he doesn't forget and announces it again tomorrow :)
    • It was in his notes a week and a half ago. He should have just stuck w his deadline last week. Happy to hear he finalized it.instrmntl
    • awh mercy!teh
    • Bloooood Clot!teh
    • right out the gates with the casual racism. guess the cunts gotta represent toomonospaced
    • Essentially she'll be President.MondoMorphic
    • ^ this..Krassy
    • Pelosi will be President till Biden kicks the bucket THEN it will be Kamalamoldero
    • Let’s all hope, it’ll be the best possible outcome_niko
    • Good pick, good luck!grafician
    • there was a meme going around about 6 months ago of a doctored photo of young bernie being arrested with biden and harris faces on the cops hahkingsteven
    • Kamala called Biden a racist last year; now she's his running mate. LOL! politics is all smoke & mirrors. A Circus.Krassy
    • she also said believed Tara ReadePonyBoy
    • Rumour has it she can point out Belarus, Missouri, and Romania on a map all at the same time...whatthefunk
    • lol..."President Donald Trump donated twice to Kamala Harris while he was a private citizen and she was a candidate for California attorney general"yuekit
    • I don't get this pick. Kamala got crushed in the preliminaries. It's shocking the Dems couldn't produce a better ticket... Sweet. Jesus.showpony
    • It was enjoyable to watch her drill Barr…zaq
    • so the Dem's got him a caregiver, how niceBustySaintClaire
    • It's almost like they are losing on purpose.deathboy
    • What’s your excuse?monospaced
    • This will lock in the win. Hell, even Trump donated to her campaign.formed
    • @showpony. She hardly got crushed. There were more than 20 people running for a long time. She's not my first choice but strategically, it's a good choice.CyBrainX
  • elahon10

    Nothing can be worse than having that fucking orange shitbag in the White House. Biden could have a clubbed foot and speak in tongues and I'd still vote for him over Trump.

    • Agreed, but is Biden the best the Dem's have? I just don't get it, the risk of getting more Trump by putting him in the race.fadein11
    • I wanted Bernie. But Biden is all we have at this point, and we as the "little people" don't have any choice, really. Yeah, we can write people in and what notelahon
    • But that shit is basically ensuring a vote for Trump. He'll stop at nothing. Even if he loses, he'll contest and bitch and complain and won't concede.elahon
    • Politically, the rest of this year, through November into Jan and Feb, it's going to be a shit show. A complete and utter shit show. Get the popcorn.elahon
    • At least if Biden sucks as president, he'll do it quietly.yuekit
    • People that claim "fuck both of them, I'm not voting!" is the same as voting for Trump. We've got to stand by who we have if we want him out. =(elahon
    • If Biden wins, he'll be there for six months and the VP will take over.face_melter
    • I agree with all of that, everything. But I just worry it's a bit of a gamble. But if that's all there is then yes of course, vote Biden.fadein11
    • I'd say it's less of a gamble than it might appear since Biden is a known quantity for Americans. Doesn't hurt that he's also not a scary woman or minority.yuekit
    • He has consistently polled better vs. Trump than any other candidate, and that was basically his argument during the primaries.yuekit
    • Yep, fair enough. And I get that he may be perceived as a safe bet for many. It remains to be seen if he can swing people who voted Trump in last election.fadein11
    • True he has some mental sharpness issues to put it nicely, but unclear how that shakes out when his opponent is basically a lunatic.yuekit
    • Also the flipside of him being old is that he knows basically everyone in Washington. We haven't had a super experienced president in a while, might not be theyuekit
    • worst thing in the world at a time like this.yuekit
    • Yep, good points.fadein11
    • lol @ people thinking biden could do worse than trump. DJT literally said "it is what it is" after letting 150k people die. this is great again? lololimbecile
    • we all agree on that imbecile.fadein11
    • well in these comments obviously.fadein11
    • I think if they debate Trump will crush him unfortunately, he’ll go for the jugular. Biden will seem lost and confused. The NYT is going so far as to say skip_niko
    • The debates while Biden is ahead on the polls._niko
    • He should be hammering trump, jumping on every tragic blunder that trump is doing on a daily basis but instead he hides, and when he does speak its jibberish_niko
    • For the love of humanity forget blm for a moment, Forget Covid for a moment and put all your energies in Finding a replacement for Biden or we’re fucked_niko
    • it won't be a debate. it'll be an adult discussing complex topics w/ a child hurling lies & insults. the public will eat it up because they're fb/twitter stupidimbecile
    • the idea of people looking at these "debates" as if they offer any real view, then treating them like anything other than a dog & pony show is frightening.imbecile
    • _niko, this is America...ANY candidate will be endlessly nitpicked, second guessed and torn apart.yuekit
    • to keep acting like the system will support a nominee other than biden now is insane. you may not want to pour urine on a fire, but it needs extinguished.imbecile
    • waiting four more years, for fresh clean water, to put out this dumpster fire is bad for infrastructure.imbecile
    • Right now people are saying it should have been Sanders, but if Sanders was actually the nominee we'd be having a six month debate over the meaning of communismyuekit
    • And the same people crying about Biden would be handwringing over that. Personally I favored the more left-wing candidates but at this point let's justyuekit
    • get rid of Trump, enough is enough. Realistically you're electing a team of people anyway, not one guy.yuekit
    • lol at thinking Biden will fix anything when the main Dem party machine have pretty much voted for everything the Trump admin has put through.face_melter
    • so yeah, tweet more Yaaass! Queen! whenever Pelosi claps or whatever while they vote for more military spending.face_melter
    • And I agree with facemelter if he does miraculously pull it off the VP will be press within a year lol_niko
    • Barely no 'resistance' whatsoever. Corporate Democrats (inc. Biden) are happy with the status quo otherwise they lose all their financial support.face_melter
    • Imbecile, I started this post after seeing polls suggesting trump is closing the gap. How the fuck is the worst president in history in the middle of the bigges_niko
    • Biggest crisis in modern history and a complete fuckup And totally incompetent at everything actually closing the gap?_niko
    • Clinton was leagues above trump on all issues, she was smarter, more articulate and yet on that stage, the orange bacon shined, he was in his element showmanshp_niko
    • If Trump wins then climate change treaty is dead, he'll appoint another far-right Supreme Court justice, Roe vs. Wade will likely be overturned along with otheryuekit
    • the world will not easily forgive another 4 years of trump, everybody is bored about that constant lying sack of shit.neverscared
    • reactionary decisions on workers rights etc. And we could easily sleepwalk into a war with China. It's easy to be cynical but never discount the possibilityyuekit
    • that things can get much, much worse :)yuekit
    • I don’t give a fuck who’s president as long as he can speak clearly and answer a direct question in a complete sentence without talking about his ratings.monospaced
    • And can at least pretend to actually care about people. Trump is none of that.monospaced
    • maybe the world is out of good politicians and we're doomed to have stupidier one until total IdiocratyBennn
    • Trump's October Surprise = vids of Biden hair sniffing (and worse) on pedo island.Doris_McSquirter
    • wut?monospaced
    • We never get the candidate we want. We get the candidate we deserve. i.e. low voter turnout, complacency, corrupt system, gerrymandering, etc. That's America foFNP14
    • -for you. tee hee.FNP14
  • colin_s0

    joe biden fucking sucks and is directly or indirectly responsible for so much dogshit policy over the course of his career.

    and liberals don't care about this, because trump has done far worse things in and out of office and been just fine.

    however, that argument thus equivocates the two. that puts them on the same playing field, one where if being a hypocrite doesn't matter, why would you go with the one who lies about it?

    it's the same fucking trap the clinton people fell into, because they both want the privilege of being morally unimpeachable (which is a grotesque evolution of white supremacy) while also appearing as "open and moral and good" and in the end they just look like a bunch of idiots.

    anyway, the best thing i've seen people say so far is "go and vote and be as aware as you can of all your local races for office and the judiciary, be aware of laws being passed, and when it comes to president, do what you will."

    biden is going to be the excuse for people to go back to saying they give a shit about others.

    • Let's be honest, both options suck.dbloc
    • They both suck, but voting for Trump is shameful. You’re a bad person if you support or even accept him.nb
    • Biden might not be the president anyone particularly wants but he's a stepping stone to a better government and certainly better than trump.BaskerviIle
    • He will be scrutinized that is for sure.monospaced
    • You arguments are invalid. Biden is a human being. Trump is dogshit.tank02
    • First Hillary, now Biden, the DNC will never learn.moldero
    • joe will be the greatest president america has ever had.neverscared
    • Joe has spent his entire political career angling for the Top Job, ironic that, if he wins, his brain is so melted he won't even remember it happened.face_melter
    • At least Biden did something of value with his life. Trump has never done a thing.nb
    • Trump is an animal who should be destroyed but I'm struggling to think what Joe has done that was of value.face_melter
    • I mean, there's ICE expanding their operations, his bankruptcy law, his crime bill, refusal for Medicare For All, increased military spending...face_melter
    • u will see it he will pull the u.s.a out of hitlers ass.neverscared
    • ...and being entirely beholden to Wall St, financiers. Just off the top of my head.face_melter
    • I think people are hung up on thinking you have to agree with a presidentjtb26
    • Joe Biden isn’t my favorite candidate. In general elections (not primaries) I weigh electability and alignment. I get more political power from Biden than Trumpjtb26
    • I’m not a fucking crybaby about not getting every policy I want lime folks on the far left and far right. I’m a rational socialist.jtb26
    • i am not defending trump at all - i'm saying in the political playbook, the biden people are falling for the shit the clinton people didcolin_s
    • and that if the biden campaign continues to try and play the moral superiority card - instead of offer a vision for the future - they could very well losecolin_s
    • since biden's history is not one that has any sort of dignity attached to it, and most of his political empathy comes from a dead soncolin_s
    • You think playing the moral superiority card against trump is bad strategy? It's the one clearcut thing most agree on, Trump's lack of morals.zarkonite
    • hiding is his best strategymoldero
    • It's like Boris vs Corbyn in the UK. People voted for Boris as Corbyn just sucked.shapesalad
    • Ya... But your other option is Trump... Not much of an option....pango
    • Sanders / Ocasio are worse so hey I'll take Bidenernexbcn
    • do you cuss the waitress out if they have pepsi instead of coke? up in arms about supporting the only option to remove the worst human ever to be pres? stfuimbecile
    • i'm saying that people are getting caught up in this idea that trump is so bad he will obviously lose, and aren't being as tactical in messaging for bidencolin_s
    • and because biden's history is checkered at best - and outright terrible to those on the left - they need to be making broad, substantive gesturescolin_s
    • only you are getting caught in that rhetoric. plenty of others are continuing to share the message of get out and actually vote, which you're shitting on too.imbecile
    • Unfortunately you have to understand that the left is not the main voting block in America...and won't be until they start showing up in numbers large enough toyuekit
    • matter. Look at the primaries, they had their ideal candidate in Bernie Sanders and turnout among young people and non traditional voters was still mediocre.yuekit
    • Anyway I agree it's important not to just run on moral superiority and "Trump is bad" but I'm also not in a swing state so I'm not seeing the ads they areyuekit
    • running. Biden does have a lot of detailed policies beyond just "Trump is bad" so I assume they are highlighting these for the voters of each region.yuekit
    • If Democrats win the problem will not be that they have no policies, it will be what to tackle first given the state Trump has left the country in.yuekit
    • @yuekit - maybe? but at this point in 2016 nobody thought trump would win either. i'm just saying there's a lot of game left to be played for this shitcolin_s
    • This hasn't been decided imo and any of the 2 can still winernexbcn
    • Trump is still losing in every swing state, so he's going to have to cheat way beyond our worst expectations to pull off a win.CyBrainX
    • This whole argument is close to a false equivalency. If you're punched in the face or eviscerated with a rusty saw do you conclude that you were assaulted...CyBrainX
    • ...and the degree of injury doesn't matter?CyBrainX
    • Remember when this used to be a design blog?TOMMYxGUNN
    • Look, we don't love Biden, ok? We just LOATH Trump. Why is this equation so difficult for some?FNP14
    • Dust yourself off, become politically active and make better choices next round.FNP14
  • elahon9

    • One can dream.Continuity
    • 24 hours and this could be truedkoblesky
    • This should have been Biden's one and only ad.yuekit
    • You will. Even if Biden wins. For the next 50 years until they all die out.NBQ00
    • Unfortunately.NBQ00
    • We'll keep hearing from them until their ratings become too low for Fox & Friends.zarkonite
    • The cycle continues with Barron Trump .. President in 2048Ramanisky2
    • I bet they start their own broadcast network.monospaced
    • lock them up!, lock them up!_niko
  • Ramanisky29

    • thanks obamahans_glib
    • Start from junk all the drones you haveOBBTKN
    • War will be back in business in no time.GuyFawkes
    • just sayin'GuyFawkes
    • guy fawkes it seems the americano-doofus-her... needs war to stay in their place and not go chazArchitectofFate
    • someones gotta keep that machine goingGuyFawkes
    • A war on white nationalism maybeRamanisky2
    • its been a while I know, but eventually you will remember.GuyFawkes
    • lol @ thinking Trump was a peaceful presidentfadein11
    • oh hey, it's that guy who took a four year holiday.face_melter
  • whatthefunk13

  • nb10

    Come on

    hurry up with these election results

    I can hardly wait for Joe Biden to solve all my problems

    • Haha. I think having a president that doesn’t vomit on social media all day, question science or serve junk food in the White House is a great start already.monospaced
    • I didn’t even have many problems stemming directly from trump outside of some tax issues. I was spared due to my white privilege.monospaced
    • Me too, but I think it would be easier to find work if he didn't destroy the economy with his pro-death platform.CyBrainX
    • I was doing okay financially under Trump, until his incompetence shined through during the pandemic. Good riddance Dotard.utopian
    • We can solve most of our own problems. We just need a president who don't make that process more difficult.FNP14
  • nb8

    I am so over these people on my side (leaning left) who think they’re being smart when they wont vote for Biden because he’s not far enough left. Or not the candidate they wanted. Or isn’t whatever enough. They think they’re helping. They think they’re being intellectual. They think they’re taking a stand.

    But here’s the truth:

    No one in America has ever — EVER — voted for their perfect candidate.

    Every vote is a compromise. Even the candidates spouse probably disagrees on a few things! Hell, even Biden himself probably doesn’t like A few of his own policies!

    You’re not special. Stop pretending you’re in some kind of special category of voter who uniquely knows that Biden isn’t perfect. We all know. We’ve all known it about every candidate we have ever voted for.

    • This is Stockholm syndrome.monNom
    • "i don't like this fire extinguisher, i prefer to add fuel to the flame"imbecile
    • +10000 nb. I still haven't heard any rational argument for why keeping Trump in power is somehow good for the leftyuekit
    • On one hand I think it's a good thing that people in USA especially young people are finally open to new ideas. But some people have gone so far out on a limbyuekit
    • and so dogmatic in their views that it effectively renders them useless in ever changing things. If you are a "socialist" but the only form this takes isyuekit
    • self-identifying as one on social media, then you are really just a cog in a consumerist society.yuekit
    • That's a really good post, nb! So true.MondoMorphic
    • I agree especially in relation to your current election and situation. These kind of egos was pretty much what let to the 2016 result, right "left" leaning...islandbridge
    • ... people were like, oh she is not progressive enough bla. bla. as if voting or in that case not voting was a way to display own political stance, failing ...islandbridge
    • ... to see the bigger picture in regard to the consequences of letting this Crazy man getting into office.islandbridge
    • In denmark we have 11 different parties pretty much covering the entire spectrum, which gives space for people to actually vote in allignment with their...islandbridge
    • ...political views. This also evens out the playing field for new ideas and political parties. For me that is - in its core what democracy is about. Its sad...islandbridge
    • ...and a shame you dont have that option due to your broken 2 party system.islandbridge
    • Yes the two party system is terrible and very difficult to break free from, sadly.nb
  • moldero3

    Why the fuck did the DNC put all their cards on fuckin Biden?

    • What a fuckin shit showmoldero
    • trump is flailing idiot but biden can't land any punches at all. worst debate ever.sarahfailin
    • idk bidenbot is rustysted
    • Going exactly as expectedGnash
    • Biden is tooo damn old, but what the fuck is trump going on about? like that asshole in high school that just gets louder and louder.capn_ron
    • Biden isn't great. But Trump makes him look like Einstein. Go Joe!BusterBoy
    • Agreed, GnashMondoMorphic
    • Biden's wearing down and getting sloppy, slurring his words.MondoMorphic
    • true Mondo, but be fair, they are both slurring and sloshing about up there.capn_ron
    • As shitty as Biden has been in the past what exactly has he done to make this debate shit? Trump is a total childmonospaced
    • he has some nice moves, bit off with the message. all i got against him in this debate that it's showing how old he is and trump is
      rebuild the building :D
    • For sure, Ron! I'd be wearing down too, frankly, but I'm not running for President! hahahahaMondoMorphic
    • I would have preferred Bernie, Warren or Yang, but I don't understand this "DNC made Biden the nominee." People voted for him.yuekit
    • And the entire election you could see Biden did better than any other Democrat against Trump. Americans are weird, they like goofy old guys like Trump and Bidenyuekit
    • apparently. If the nominee was a woman, you can probably subtract 3 points off the bat in America.yuekit
    • Gabbard and Yang would have been my preference.MondoMorphic
    • Hillary was right about Gabbard being a Russian operative. Gabbard even said the Dems should lay off impeachment. She was knocked out of her primary, thankfullyCyBrainX
    • I would have gone with Warren or Klobuchar but I agree with Yuekit. Being a woman in the US lowers your change by about 3%. USA!CyBrainX
    • Hillary thinks everyone she doesn't agree with is a Russian operativemoldero
    • Gabbard is great if you're not the establishment, unfortunately her and Bernie didn't stand a chancemoldero
    • Purple votes is the correct answerFNP14
  • BaskerviIle7

    Joe Biden and his campaign, the democrats, their supporters etc need to stop mentioning Trump at all for the next 60 days if they want to win. They need to stop giving him the oxygen of publicity.

    What they don't realise is that every mention of Trump's name is strengthening his recognition in people's heads. It doesn't matter that they spend all their time criticising or skewering him the point is that so much of their message focuses on Trump. They need to reframe around Biden. Trump has way higher recognition, even if it's bad associations. Biden needs to be seen as a leader, not merely reacting to a bad president. People need to go to the polls with Biden's name in their heads, not Trump's.

    I think the entire left side of the spectrum need to agree to entirely ignore Trump and not dare say his name until election day. Same goes for the left-leaning media. All you hear is Trump on every media platform. Whether it's for good or bad reasons, the point is, Trump's name dominates the conversation, both sides spend all their time talking about him.

    Those who have already decided who to vote for can be disregarded for the moment. The undecideds may consciously or unconsciously be swayed towards Trump merely because his name is out there more. To counteract this Biden's name needs to dominate the conversation, which it's currently a very long way from doing.

    • +1 The issue is that they have very little proactive things to talk about other than 'we're not trump'. There seems to be some serious questions around..Morning_star
    • ...Biden's suitability and health and his running mate seems to be a response to the current social climate rather than a formidable opponent.Morning_star
    • In what sense is Biden, Harris or the rest of them 'Left'?Phrenological
    • Trump is the POTUS, the incumbent. Not mentioning his is a bit 'ears in fingers' no?Phrenological
    • @Phrenological – I agree, no one in the US political spectrum is 'Left' but democrats are left of Republicans for sure (they're all Right wing from my UK view)BaskerviIle
    • It's hardly 'fingers in ears' we've had 4 years of conversation about Trump. We know he's racist, incompetent, corrupt etc You're either convinced or not by nowBaskerviIle
    • those pesky 'radical left' democrats bwahahahafadein11
    • same here, they'd be conservatives in canada. but agree they need to shut up about trump.Gnash
    • Problem is the Democrats aren't passionate about Biden and there are legit questions about his suitability, so it's out of necessity that it's all TrumpMondoMorphic
    • It’s possible to discuss trump without hanging on his every word and blunder day in and out.monospaced
  • drgs8

  • PhanLo6

    Imagine getting a poet, was Toby Keith busy?

  • whatthefunk10

    • I upvoted you mf lolgrafician
    • this is spot ongrafician
    • yes yes... sit and idle those cars in sub zero weather whilst jojo yammers on about the environment... *gigglePonyBoy
    • Surely, they were all driving electric cars, pony.Gnash
  • whatthefunk11


    This man is senile (-‸ლ)


    • Nice guy but, Yup.GuyFawkes
    • Is he for real?monospaced
    • Even if true, which it ain't, still a gazillion times better than Trump.BusterBoy
    • Trump was racist, senile, obese and probably suffered from erectile dysfunction... I think Uncle Joe is a step up.jonny_quest_lives
    • cmon man!, it worked for ReaganStoicLevels
    • What did he do?utopian
    • i dont know. dont really care eitherStoicLevels
    • Biden's is so boring it might actually be a good thing.pango
    • lol, you guisemonospaced
    • He's not boring if you follow what is happening. He's boring as an apocalyptic reality show horror story.CyBrainX
    • I'm glad our president isn't mouthing off like a cunt on a daily basis, desperately trying to garner attention on twitter like a deluded, pathetic fuckmonospaced
    • Trump is a very low bar to compare anything to, I like Biden, but hes just too god damn old, we need some young bloodGuyFawkes
    • He is seriously old. It’s weird.monospaced
  • utopian2

    A few of Hunter Biden's paintings


    • Should have posted to the Show Some Recent Work thread hahanb
    • I like em.PhanLo
    • I can now justify his qualifications for being on the board of directors of a multi billion dollar oil companyhotroddy
    • They're nice and organic. I'd hang one on my wall and they may look good in a gallery.omahadesigns
    • If my daughter made this, I'd tell her "good job".omahadesigns
    • But if I saw these in a dumpster or at a thrift store, my perception would change.omahadesigns
    • Also looks like garbage.omahadesigns
    • Someone will buy these for $20,000 and be dumbomahadesigns
    • The last one is pretty cool.monospaced
    • I would love to see your art, painting or design omaha, please share with us.utopian
    • omaha #triggeralertSalarrue
    • https://www.nytimes.…jonny_quest_lives
    • really sort of dig the third one... in the NY Times interview he comes across as a human unlike all the Trump Spawn. Good for Hunter.jonny_quest_lives
    • i would hang the one behind his head in my breakfast nook for a year... https://static01.nyt…jonny_quest_lives
    • I like the third and fourth ones.CyBrainX
    • Surprisingly original stuffscarabin
  • colin_s-1

    • Mine is the one that ho best Trump and invited Harris, which is yours?oey_oey
    • harris is a fucking cop and the 94 bill directly correlates to mass race-based incarceration in the united states, it's insane you are cheering these people oncolin_s
    • being glad trump is gone is one thing but being happy biden is there now is completely differentcolin_s
    • That's what I'm partially sayingoey_oey
    • 2002.imbecile
    • I’m happy with the OBVIOUSLY not communist, not socialist, not radical left and not Trump version that won the election.monospaced
    • I think people are happy Trump is done and dont care that much about Biden.
      So nice try.
    • It's a toss up between voting for Reagan's tax cuts Biden, building the cages Biden, or siding with police after murdering black people Biden. I can't decide.face_melter
    • Ahhhhh bro why didn’t you post this jpg before we all voted for him! We would have voted for one of the other great candidates !!!nb
    • The one where he's fondling un developed boobs, smelling girls, and talking about snakes in a bed - making small girls feel very uncomfortable...shapesalad
    • Biden is like the Forrest Gump of bad American policies based on this imageyuekit
    • lol - true ^. It says something for how poorly Trump's campaign was run if he couldn't beat Biden.MondoMorphic
    • i support this post. let's keep in mind whom we're dealing with.sarahfailin
    • Indeed sarahNBQ00
  • grafician9

    this woman probably and most certainly delivered Georgia...……

    she fought a lot against voter suppression in that state, created a movement and registered nearly 800,000 new voters in Georgia

    • +2,462,099 (and counting)12xu
    • there will be a lot of ppl not acknowledged in the coming win, but I wanted u guys to know some of the ppl that made this thing realgrafician
    • well thanks for the hard work but he already wonmilfhunter
  • whatthefunk9

    • Biden is an average politician running against a terrible person. He said that he was running AGAINST Trump. And that is all we need right nowdkoblesky
    • all these people criticizing him....look at the current president...dkoblesky
    • he only looks good when compared to Trump, whatevs, hope he wins so we can get back to "normal"moldero
    • For a second, I thought the American flag in the third image was at half mast.CyBrainX