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  • nylon

    Any of you guys making bread from image libraries, template sites, 121 zoom lessons etc?

    Am thinking about it and wondering if you have hit any major roadblocks etc?

    Any good companies/websites to partner with?

  • SteveJobs3

    Tried adding yeast to an image library but failed

  • microkorg1

    Sell tshirts and mid century furniture.

  • moldero2

    I sell VR shit @ Envato & Video Blocks and a couple other markets (that aren't worth mentioning, zero ROI on those)
    Envato & Video Blocks will make you some cash for sure

    • its Beer money, I sell on those markets @ a x2 price since I also sell them on Shopify, because Envato's cut is HUGE.moldero
  • ideaist0

    Growing and selling weed to close friends & family has so far provided me:

    I. A flight and trip to Utah to run a 55km Ultramarathon.
    II. A 12.9" iPad Pro for the Mrs.
    III. An Apple Watch.

    AND that's just the last 1.5 years.

    ALSO when a hobby can provide more than $0 as well as making me feel like a "cool" aging hipster, all good.

    : )

  • where_am_i0

    I (try) to sell paintings. Very rewarding when one is sold. Mentally, not so much financially ;)

    • It's like teaching English in Korea. Every damn person alive is trying to do it. Every restaurant you go to, their walls are littered with unsellable art.cherub
    • lol thankswhere_am_i
    • Yeah but getting a job teaching English in Korea is easy.nb
  • drgs4

    Tried to sell a font once, zero buyers.

  • RumperChunk3

    we opened a pop up shop, which worked quite well, then took on the lease and moved the studio into the floors above the shop (3 other floors - its a tall skinny building) - I sell around 2k worth of prints / cards and notebooks a month which pays for the rent on the studio... worked out really well... I also make and sell small tables in the shop, I do about 1/2 of those a month..

    • That's cool man! I like it. Do you put your designs on the prints/cards?HAMT
    • Yea... Initially sold other people’s work as well, but space is limited and we can’t take enough money that way, so now it’s all my work.RumperChunk
    • Nice, I have started to do some design and trying to do something similar to you online. Keep it up!HAMT
  • SteveJobs11

    Had an idea about 10 years ago while getting my first biz off the ground. Acquired a domain name for $450 and have gotten offers of $35k plus for it.

    Finally solidified the idea and started the project in January 2017. Soft-launched a year and a half ago only to find out someone purchased the trademark for that name underneath me. Spent 8+ months, two attorneys, and thousands to acquire it.

    Decided after some time to pivot and completely overhauled the business idea earlier this year and will be launching next month if all goes well...

    Countless 14-16 hr days for months on end the last 4 years, often leaving only to get groceries. All the while learning about self and how to create an environment to keep myself motivated and free of distractions. Very little interaction with others all in an effort to finish this exceedingly ambitious project. All while friends of the past move on with their lives, have children, buy homes, etc. Let's see if it was all worth it..

    • I can see your balls from Ontario, Canada @SteveJobs!

      Here's hoping!

    • genuine intrigue..Fax_Benson
    • @Fax_Benson & I will sign non-disclosure agreements if you place your idea(s) in these notes.

      : )
    • Well this kind of determination gets you success. Good luck and let us know what you got after you launch!grafician
    • thanks and will do. it'll be a slow launch doing small ad buys to ensure everything scales properlySteveJobs
    • yeah sounds like you're putting in the time and effort. Sincerely hope it pays off for you. Report back.ben_
    • username checks outKrassy
    • Good luck. Is that a consumer or b2b?zaq
    • Thanks ben_
      zaq, it's b2c saas
    • It sounds more interesting than having kids and buying homes (sorry parents of QBN)garbage
    • I've lucked into a few good decisions in my life (that domain may be one) & the decision to dedicate years of my life to this project may turn out to be anotherSteveJobs
    • Sounds great best of luck, would love to hear more about it. Are you working on it solo?pedromendez
    • Thanks. Yeah it's just me :)SteveJobs
    • So... U should have sold at 35k and moved on?deathboy
    • Haha, exactly! Nah, I think the experience, in many ways, has been very rewarding on so many levels so selling the domain would have been a bad idea.SteveJobs
  • utopian8

    I sold a few of my domains this year, I made 95k. I usually average about 40-50k a year in domain sales. Selling top-level domain (TLD) names is the easiest money I have ever made.

    • sedo?SteveJobs
    • huh, do you have any examples of othe sort you've sold - not exact, if that's a bit close to home? Good for you!Nairn
    • Capitalism!!!OBBTKN
    • Teach medrgs
    • By domains, do you mean just the domain names? If so, nice!stoplying
    • Did you create a logo and identity with your domains?zaq
    • wow you're rich man, loli_was
    • Are you
      1) a cybersquatter
      2) bought them in early 2000s
      3) try to think of popular/trendy names
    • Domain extensions are pretty useless, there’s so many alternatives out there don’t know why anyone would pay insane sums for a .com_niko
    • Yes all domain names.
      Some domains I sold with a custom logo
      And yes drgs: 1) 2) 3)
      .coms are still the the most desired
    • So do you come across contemporary memes (in the proper sense) that might have commerical potential and then see if you can make domains from them?Nairn
    • Given how much of my life i spend reading about 'new shit', especially tech, I really should make some use of that lol.Nairn
    • The designing to fit is a neat angle too. Do you do that in advance so people 'buy the package' or do you just offer it as an option on the domain sale page?Nairn
    • Fucking cool, man. You're a man of at least two hidden talents :)Nairn
    • Also - and this is totally retarded - how do you actually SELL a domain? 2x years on the internet, using domains daily, and I've not got a fucking clue, hahaNairn
    • Nairn yes I come with names (the shorter the better). When watching or reading the news or articles. I look for for catch phrases or names that will...utopian
    • ...potentially catch on. Then I register the domain name, place it up for sale on web brokerage websites and or create a simple landing page.utopian
    • I generally takes between 3 months and three years to actually sell a domain name, some even longer. For instance, I was about 2 days late on buying domain...utopian
    • ...names such as, super, etc...Just follow the headline and ponce on some names that seem catchy..utopian
    • I even buy names that can redirect to other domain names or websites that I want to sell.utopian
    • I know of a couple people that do this full-time and make 500k a year in profit. I'm sorta like the "day trader" of domain names.utopian
    • I'm down to about 35 domain names for sale. I've been too busy with design in the past year and half to stay on top of it. My goal is an extra 25k year.utopian
    • To see a a potential domain name is worth buying, try:…utopian
    • i made a ton of money doing this back in the late 2000s - sold off all mine before gtlds became a thing... didn't know it was still so lucrative.kingsteven
    • Hey, thanks for the peek behind the curtain! now wondering whether .co.uks would be worth it - they're about half the price of .coms :)Nairn
    • my prob is I've always bought domains to 'do something', then not. Should've sold the 'brand' and not fretted about the business I was clearly never going to doNairn
    • eg. I bought a few domains years back when I read about toilet stools for improving shitting posture. was going to make them. Didn't.Nairn
    • 2½ years later, 6 months after they ran out, there were articles in The Guardian over here and suddenly it was an OK thing. Should've kept & sold. D'oh.Nairn
    • @Utopian what are some domain name examples that you sold for a good coin?Krassy
    • do you register/resell misspelling domains of popular phrases (that can be used as redirects)? do these sell well?Krassy
    • Utopian, you need to teach your fellow QBNrs . Time to do a QBN webinar. LOLKrassy
    • There are so many people doing this. I kind of slowed down because the marketplace got saturated. I would strongly recommend really listening to news...utopian
    • ...closely following trends, listening for buzz words in the industry and then pouncing on the domain name. Domains generally cost around $15- a pop so...utopian
    • taking some risk and limiting how many domain name you acquire is key. I personally do not like hoarding hundreds of domain names...utopian
    • ...I always kept no more than 50 domain names at time. Right now I have about 35 to 40 domain names and I have only purchased 7 domain names this year.utopian
    • Have you secured yetdrgs
    • 99% of the time the client requires a NDA along with the sale for various reasons. Sorry can't share which domain names, I don't mean to be cagy.utopian
    • fair.

      thanks for all the info you already shared
    • I've just spent £312 on covid21.orgNairn
    • is worth less than $100. Hmmm.Krassy
    • Just popped in here to say that this thread was awesome.Gucci
    • In 2012 I almost went freelance with my own business. I bought for $35 and never did anything. Sold it 4 years later for $15,000.monospaced
    • I think I had at least 3 cash offers a year before I finally bit. Sale process took a few days.monospaced
    • always through a domain broker?_niko
    • Good
    • utopian would be interesting to know if any you sold were developed in to websites. mine just got squatted (some with huge pricetags!)kingsteven
    • I suddenly want to buy domain names..!Bennn
    • Yes always use domain broker, they ensure the entire transaction. Typically the fees range from 5% to 20%. I generally pay 12%.utopian
    • Many of the domain names that I sold were eventually used for websites, and some of them just disappeared off the map.utopian
    • Interesting...I have a few I've been meaning to look into selling. This is good inspiration thanks utopian!yuekit
    • Just checked appraisal on a couple old domains I registered 10+ years ago and one is worth $5k and the other one $1.7k ! Tnx Utopian!Krassy
    • domain squating like the lowest level of capitalism. glad u could benrfitdeathboy
    • but if you can make that money selling domains why all the paid troll shit? perhaps youtube videos and subscriptions as well?deathboy
    • is worth $18Kmisterhow
    • I recently attempted to purchase Sadly, it was taken. You'll never guess where it redirectsmisterhow
    • db, he's not a troll, paid or otherwisemonospaced
    • I sold a single .com sports domain for $35k in 2018 and around 2014 i sold another sports one for $1500... only 2 domains I have ever sold... both cases buyersslinky
    • approached meslinky
    • well mono i'll trust my instincts over yours. especially since your only evidence is take your word... actually the domain name thing appeals to trollsdeathboy
    • and would align with other dark side internet get rich quick behaviors. Clearly he spends more time here than working.... unless it is working... get itdeathboy
  • imbecile0

    gonna open a gym

  • section_0141

    I'm always trying to think of app side hustles, but nothing sticks. Which sucks, because I can build the app, backend service, and whatever else myself.

    Used to design small (mom n' pop) websites, but I honestly hated it. Clients were all too cheap, and a pain in the ass to work with (ie. the logo's too small). Still get a request every once in a while, but I don't bother anymore.

    • observe the world around you and pay attention to things that annoy/frustrate you. go for long drives or pace and think of creative ways to solve those problemsSteveJobs
    • write everything down. let the seed germinate and let your natural talents, interest, and passion do the rest. accept the likelihood of failure but push forwardSteveJobs
    • What type of apps have you built out of curiosity?Static_Line
    • ^^ MIDI sequencer app (ios), and a closet organizer (android) that I didn't end up launching. Lots of internal stuff for work though. Budgeting, payroll, etc.section_014
    • Nice - definitely a skill I wish I had more knowledge on ...started with unity and Xcode but so much to learn still!!Static_Line
  • omahadesigns-3

    Flip things on eBay

  • scarabin6

    My girl buys broken teddy ruxpins on ebay and i fix them for her to flip. She makes a bit of cash that way.

    I make LED staffs and lightsabers for burners, props and costume shit for post-apocalyptic folks, and am working on a kind of wireless lamp thing i want to monetize.

    Mostly this stuff just finances their own development and workshop upgrades, and keeps me entertained

  • lemmy_k2

    Trying to make a go of selling handmade longboards and other wood products to no avail.

  • mantrakid5

    every time i start a side hustle, i end up with a website no one goes to and no idea or... passion, really, to get people to it. I like the conception and creation but hate the selling.

    • +1monNom
    • SameBaskerviIle
    • yephelloeatbreathedrive
    • An engineer friend of mine once said he likes to get about 80% into a project before stopping. That sounds just about right.monNom
    • And if you're familiar with the Pareto principle, that likely means you actually spent 20% of the time learning and doing the fun stuff...monNom
    • and left the 80% of miserable slogging toward completion on the chopping block.monNom
    • also related: Per the Mythical Man Month: a project released to the public will take 3 times as long as something just for you.monNom
    • so maybe we're all just being really efficient with out time?monNom
  • BaskerviIle4

    I've always come up with ideas for apps, businesses, websites etc. I usually ride the initial enthusiasm/motivation period and create a visual identity, instagram account etc. Then the reality hits that it's a lot more difficult than just the fun design side of things and I gradually lose motivation and end up with a graveyard of ideas.

    I've recently shifted my outlook into thinking more about building my own personal brand as a designer. Funnelling my energy into creating a good online portfolio, writing articles and thought pieces on Medium, starting an email newsletter on design etc.

    Rather than looking to unrelated side projects as a source of income, trying to strengthen what I'm already good at, adding value that will most likely help my career more in the long term.

    I also do the occasional freelance design project in addition to my full-time day job.

    • I think a lot of the statistics of why so businesses fail is captured in that first paragraph.SteveJobs
    • It may happen in different phases, but it takes the proper amount passion, dedication, and resiliency to see things through.SteveJobs
  • Bluejam9

    • Everyone loves a Finger Diddlemicrokorg
    • Are these your pics? Looks like someone's found this whilst doing home renovations.microkorg
    • this has made my weekendhans_glib
    • @microkorg found via twitterBluejam
    • Green Shield Stamps?monospaced
    • lol @ tongue bathmonospaced

      This is one of the best things I've seen in ages.
    • (Two times guaranteed)imbecile
    • Brilliantgarbage
    • Hans, I doubt he's in business any more, I'm afraid. Just going to have to solo it.Nairn
    • My Nan would have done it for the green shield stamps.ben_
  • hans_glib1

    here is a picture of percy long prong accepting his turnip trophy with two delighted customers.

  • misterhow6

    I've been drawing and selling surface patterns for fabric. I have the fabric printed by Spoonflower and sew handkerchiefs and neck gaiter/buffs. I sell at local antique and knick knack shops. I've sent samples here and there but I've only gotten one biz that consistently buys wholesale from me. It's not much coin but it keeps me busy and there's been quite a substantial bump due to the covid.

    Yes, I sew. I guess I'm a seamster.

    • And no, I didn't make $95K last year with thismisterhow
    • The money is just gravy. If you have a passion for your work (or at least like-like it) then you have achieved true success imo.SteveJobs
    • Sewing machine is a power tool. I use one frequently. Auto upholstery, masks for friends and family and most recently a storage bag for my awning attached to.lemmy_k
    • .... my pop up trailer.lemmy_k
    • Agreed SJ. I like to make stuff and get it out there. It's fun to see my work out in the wildmisterhow
    • Sewing is funscarabin
    • i used to call myself a seamster. i'm a straight up tailor. be proud. it's an awesome skill.imbecile
    • Have you spoken to Reb Tevye yet?cherub
    • Topol onlymisterhow
    • I'd like to see.

      also, I sew.
    • I have a leather sewing machine, and a pro serger. Remnants of a past adhd hobbyGnash
    • I use a regular sewing machine for simple stitches, a serger for overlock edges and a coverstitch machine for the gaiter/buffs. @shellie, my website is lame...misterhow
    • And in need of an update. There’s a bunch of photos on my Instagram though: @misterhowmisterhow
    • liking your work is fox and the grapes level lying to yourselfimbecile
  • Beeswax2

    @utopian how much do you think this site goes for?

    I've built this in 2018 and since then neglected it until you mentioned your side hustle.
    Godaddy estimates domain value as $1573, is it generally accurate?
    I want to sell it as a functioning site on Flippa or somewhere else maybe for over $2000.

    Need your expertise here sir.