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  • Nairn10

    My daughter and I count car occupancy when we're walking around (FUN!) and seeing traffic backed up with pissed-off looking people all quietly swearing at all the other drivers taking up their road. Literally 90% of cars in London have one person in them. It's so stupid.

    ANd then there're all the fucking SUVs.

    • yep - fuck all those (usually small)yummy mummies in their fugly ginormo-heaps who don't know the width of their tanks, clogging up the streets...hans_glib
    • ...driving their likkle darlings a couple of miles to school.hans_glib
    • ...and then dumping their tatwagons on the pavement with blinkers on as they 'just quickly' dash into school for ten minutes and fuck you all.Nairn
    • lol @ tatwagons. It's pretty common to use a suicide lane for quick parking here, but it's not convenient because they're usually stuffed with delivery trucks.garbage
    • i wish we had more trust in one and other to have more ridesharing here in the UK. Getting the kids to school shouldnt be a nightmare for everyone else.Ianbolton
    • Or, y'know, a comprehensive review of public transportation and appropriate taxation on cars, higher the more expensive/larger they become.Nairn
    • Also, means-tested parking fines so all the shitty Mercedes-owners don't just park where the fuck they like and eat the flat-rate £60 fine or whatever it is.Nairn
    • And it is always Mercedes owners.Nairn
    • so weird as it's the same in Leeds. Merc SUV owners pulling over, hazards lights on, holding up rows and rows of traffic. I hate driving!Ianbolton
    • It's Tesla owners in my neighborhood. They're angry at the world because they've made a terrible life decision.garbage
    • I definitely have the win here: I have witnessed an illegally parked white Model 3 in fucking Sentry Mode.garbage
    • Two people on my block run Sentry Mode at home, in the safest neighborhood in Seattle. Assuming the cameras work, they have a lot of bird finger photos.garbage
  • milfhunter1

    Every American city is car centric. Any European city rebuild after the war who took this American futuristic idea of car first are now slowly going back in understanding that this is not what humans want.

    • i doubt there is any city in europe that is as car centric as L.A..neverscared

    We live in a rural town (less than 2000 inhabitants) and most houses have 2, 3 or even 4 cars each. Most of them don't move all week... It's a topic that will change, a lot, in about 10 or 15 years, but right now it's totally meaningless.

    • We don't need cleaner fuels, we need less private property.palimpsest
  • CyBrainX0

    Where I live in New York is adjacent to the FDR Expressway and near the Williamsburg Bridge. Many of my neighbors have cars and they've waited about 10 years for a spot in the coop's parking lot. They're losing their minds over congestion pricing now. I can't imagine how so many of them need to drive a car in Manhattan. They must be throwing away so much money doing that.

  • palimpsest-1

    Meriadeck in Bordeaux was planned with a futurist (at the time) car-centric idea. The result was that it isolated itself from the city, there's been recent work done to integrate the area back to city, mainly by ramps for pedestrians.

    I searched for "Meriadeck urbanism" and this is what I could find.……