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  • HijoDMaite61

    My baby girl is a college grad! :) BA in Business, Summa Cum Laude. <3

    • wow amazing, should be proud. your baby girl is officially smarter than 99% of QBN.hotroddy
    • ^++YakuZoku
    • Congrats!Krassy
    • "Signs your getting old"NBQ00
    • Congrats!Chimp
    • felicitaciones a tu hija HijoDMaite! seguro que tu familia esta muy orgullosa.BuddhaHat
    • thanks guys :)HijoDMaite
    • lol@hotroddy :D not just smarter...
      congratulations! to both of you :D
    • Amazing!!! Congrats! Is it weird that we all get proud for members of the QBN family?_niko
    • Congrats!!!
      LOLL @ hotroddy
    • Fantastic! I have a degree in Bidniz.stoplying
    • Awesome! Congrats hijo!sea_sea
    • Congratulation! It's an achievement for both of you.
      One day my little one will be in those shoes.
    • congrats!prophetone
    • Nice one! You don't look old enough.Fax_Benson
    • Well done mister!Calderone2000
    • congratulations to her and to you for doing a great job man. plus you are looking good and happy!oey_oey
    • Felicidades Hijo, buen trabajo!! Eso si, la chica ha salido a la madre ;)OBBTKN
    • Let this be a lesson to all those that want to follow their dreams. ;-)
      Congrats !
    • How to join the 1% club of QBNdrgs
    • they grow up so fastpango
    • Enhorabuena Hijo, seguro que la abuela está orgullosa! ;-)Miesfan
    • congratz!milfhunter
    • congrats! next generation qbn'ers are coming :pBeeswax
    • Sweet :)Gnash
    • iWoodutopian
    • Awesome. Congrats!mort_
    • Congrats!!fisheye
  • err64

    Hey QBN!
    Meet my son Rocco
    He’s 5 days old today!

  • moldero50

    I'm famous now

    • haha greatutopian
    • yessssinteliboy
    • every kid needs a dad like that and
      a yt channel to show the torture :)
    • "Is he Japanese?" my partner just asked as she walked in as I watched this, lol
      Love it, mold.
    • Because Mother Russia loljaylarson
    • I've been playing this with my kids last couple weeks.. you guys just taught me you can get the soup from the pot with a plate.. Mind BLown!dee-dubs
    • Should get some incentive money from the qoob.ben_
    • Newstoday Tee too! :)microkorg
    • looking at her channel, she has probably have done more work in a year that most of us herezaq
    • Your daughter got my boy hooked on Slime Rancher! :)Melanie
    • Get on Twitch!jaylarson
    • Just saw it lolpango
    • Awesomebezoar
    • amazing! and the shirt!prophetone
    • THE SHIRT!ArchitectofFate
    • damn that shirt hahaernexbcn
    • haha, that is so cool!Fabricio
    • Yes!! Muy buena Moldero...OBBTKN
    • bahahahahans_glib
    • Haha amazing man love itpedromendez
    • Haha nice Moldy.
      I kept seeing Borat when you spoke.
    • damn front page!! lol thanks guys!!moldero
    • Wawaweewa!moldero
    • Old-skool All Your Base reference!evilpeacock
    • Brilliant man! Was jumping around to see if your fake accent ever broke lol_niko
    • is not fake, i crush you!moldero
    • ha! :)_niko
    • Looks like a truly fun time together with your daughter. Well done!stoplying
    • First!Bennn
    • haha, this is brilliant :)fadein11
    • Loving the OG NT tshirtBaskerviIle
  • whatthefunk42

    Our daughter Mia weighing in at 8lbs 4oz and 20" long is in perfect health! 3 days old and I'm already wrapped around her lil' finger. After a few days of being sequestered in a hospital room while wearing a mask 24/7 it's great to be back home with our new family. We couldn't be happier - here we go!

    Cheers to all and I hope everyone is well!

  • Gardener45

    my lad's very thoughtful (and cheap) handmade bd card!

    • 60p as I'm 60 today!Gardener
    • d'aawwwwscruffics
    • Happy Birthday fellafaxion
    • Happy 80th anniversarydrgs
    • I think you mean 78Gardener
    • Pricelessmonospaced
    • That is class. Happy birthday!mort_
    • Happy birthday!!! Enjoy your dayOBBTKN
    • Happy birthday, sir!Continuity
    • HBD!Wordsworth
    • lol 60p. Three words: "It's ya birthday"garbage
    • Happy birthday - are you officially the oldest (and wisest) QBNer?dee-dubs
    • When I think of "Gardener", I think of records. So a perfect match! HAPPY BIRTHDAY from Germany!SimonFFM
    • Nice. Assume he found it in a box of second-hand birthday cardsFax_Benson
    • HBD from Chicago! Also— so great.wordssssss
    • you are all so kind, thank you for your kind words fellow QBN'rsGardener
    • HBD. How did I know this was yours before I even saw who posted it.fooler
    • Love this ❤️ Happy 60th!PonyBoy
    • What's on the B-side?
      Happy Birthday!
    • Happy b day! Creative lad you got!aliastime
    • love it! happy birthday! :)sea_sea
    • haha happy birthday!YakuZoku
    • Haha, happy birthday mate. Hope it's a blinder. Could you rip that 45' into MP3 or something for us all to hear?! ;-)Ianbolton
    • Happy Birthday!koma_
    • Lonelypedromendez
    • Happy Happy Brithday, this is all great!MrT
    • nice color choices your kid made!sarahfailin
    • incidentally his present was a usb with jingles he had made for my radio show... and chocolateGardener
  • HijoDMaite49

    Our last baby is done with High School! :'-(
    Come September she's off to UC Irvine and we will officially be empty nesters! WOW.

    • Congrats!Palindrome
    • Congrats!!!!oey_oey
    • A year and a half ago I was thinking the same thing, our oldest (only one at the time) was off to college... then baby Francisca decided to show up...dmay
    • Congrats!Beeswax
    • wow incredible. I should get started with the whole kids thing. D :shellie
    • congrats hijo!garbage
    • So fucking cool.Nairn
    • @shellie I waited till I was 41. Downside is im gonna be an old ass parent when my little one graduates Highschoolerr
    • congrats dude.. my eldest is only 10.. so a while yet.autoflavour
    • Congrats!Krassy
    • Thanks you guys!HijoDMaite
    • That's excellent, you did it!slappy
    • bravo ! the best.neverscared
    • Mazel tov!Gnash
    • @err - you and me both.
      It was 42 for my partner and myself.
    • Congrats!formed
    • Happy photo! Congrats.Fax_Benson
    • Had our first at 41, second at 43. Don;t think i'd like to have kids much older than this unless you've got bags of energy and dont mind little sleep.microkorg
    • 37 and I feel the time is coming but I already lack energy and love lots of sleepkalkal
    • congrats dudeCalderone2000
    • Congrats! I'm 42, my first is 10 months old. My wife wants another, I'm not sure if I'll survive having two.aliastime
    • congrats and good luck to her :)sted
  • monospaced36

    New Year’s Eve, 4:30 pm, my son came into this world. He opened his eyes and looked at me, and looked around at the world and took it all in, so calm and collected and brave. I am overwhelmed with love and could not be more proud of my wife and what we’ve created. Happy new year everyone!

    • Congrats mono, take care of mum and kid, enjoy!OBBTKN
    • Congrats Mono!bulletfactory
    • Sounds like he landed in a good place, congrats!spl33nidoru
    • Congrats ⓵⓶ ⓷⓵ ⓵⓻utopian
    • Congrats to you and your Missus, mono!! <3PonyBoy
    • Thanks guys. Best day of my life!monospaced
    • Didn’t know you were expecting mono, what a great end to the year! Congrats!!HijoDMaite
    • Joy! Thanks for sharing with usnotype
    • Big congrats dad!!robotron3k
    • Congrats, mono!grotesk_neue
    • Wow congrats, awesome timing :)sted
    • Awesome, Congrats Mono!moldero
    • WOOT WOOT!!pango
    • Mad love to my disfunctional online family. Happy new year! I’m overcome with emotion.monospaced
    • Wow, congrats!pinkfloyd
    • Congratulations, what a way to ring in the new year!whatthefunk
    • Felicidades!Salarrue
    • Awesome stuff, great way to start the year.eryx
    • NY BABY!pango
    • Aww that's the best. Congrats Mono, best to you and your family. What's his name?!sea_sea
    • Congrats man!instrmntl
    • onya mono!inteliboy
    • His name is Ethanmonospaced
    • bible inspired or Ethan hawk inspired?pango
    • lol... ok i'll let my self out....pango
    • Big congrats to you and your mrs monofadein11
    • congrats sir!!! happy new year to your family and you!!!loool
    • congratulations! Best to all of you!uan
    • thumbs upd_gitale
    • Congrats monospaced! What a cool time to be born..yuekit
    • Wonderful news. Congrats :)set
    • Wonderful indeed mono, congrats and may fortune bless your lives! :)oey
    • Well done! Congrats!riskunlogic
    • :)monospaced
    • Post a pic of mini mono soon!robotron3k
    • Sweet! happy new years, dad.Gnash
    • Congrats!!!Krassy
    • Pretty Wild! Congrats man!plash
    • Congratulations!PhanLo
    • Great news! Congrats!stoplying
    • Congratulations!chukkaphob
    • Congrats. Hope your all doing well and fuck yeah on the timingmugwart
    • Ya NY and birthday all on one day. Saves time. And always have days off.pango
    • Congrats Mono :) This is beautiful news!!Fabricio
    • Congrats man.Beeswax
    • Wohoo. All the best to you and your family.Longcopylover
  • CALLES32

    Hello Everyone. Someone feed us after midnight!

  • Nairn28

    One more to the club with a little girl, barely three hours old.



    • Congrats! Terrifying... yes... exhilarating... yes. Best thing to ever happen to you... yes.slinky
    • Big congrats!fadein11
    • wow! that's great, i had no idea that was even on the cards. hope mother and daughter are doing well.hans_glib
    • :)Gnash
    • Ey, I didn't know about this plan yo!! Congrats, enjoy, now starts the best part of your lives, hugs for the mother too!!OBBTKN
    • Congrats! Hello no sleep and wonderment.PhanLo
    • Thought you brought a little girl to the club on the first read lolpango
    • congratulations!monospaced
    • OMFG, Nairn reproduced. There ought to have been a law against that.

      I kid. ;) Congrats!
    • Congratulations Nairn!Bennn
    • Congratulations!CALLES
    • Huge Congrats!Krassy
    • Congrats.
      Enjoy the silence as long as you can. :)
    • Congrats Nairn!Salarrue
    • congrats!!!PonyBoy
    • congratsrenderedred
    • who won the name battle?Gnash
    • Congrats!!!dyspl
    • Congrats & Welcomedbloc
    • Congrats. Welcome to the best part of your life. :)mg33
    • :)utopian
    • Congrats man!yuekit
    • No way! Congratulations old friend :)set
    • Nice one! congrats. our new one is 5 weeks and still terrifying ;)microkorg
    • congratulations!Bluejam
    • nice one Nairn!Fax_Benson
    • big congrats buddy :)exador1
    • Really happy for you!!stoplying
    • bravo! all the best!api
    • Thanks all! x
      I get the impression I'm never going to sleep well again... .
      @gnash - spelling aside, we actually agreed, weirdly!
    • sweet :) good health to the three of youGnash
    • You’ll sleep well again. In a few months. Hang in there. Take all the time from work you possibly can. It’s worth it.monospaced
  • mg3330

    Happy to welcome our new son into the world today!

    Ethan William Gallegly
    Born 10:37am
    8 lbs 11oz

    Can't wait for our daughter who is 2 1/2 to meet him. She's been staying with family since last week.

  • microkorg40

    Our youngest is 3 today.
    I asked him "What does it feel like to be 3?"
    He replied "I don't feel 3 yet."
    I responded "When do you think you'll feel 3?"
    His reply "When I get my cake!"

    • hahautopian
    • NiceGuyFawkes
    • Thug Life ⌐■_■NonEntity
    • I still remember the blue motorcycle I had on my 3rd year birthday cake. :)kaiyohtee
    • Class :)mrAtor
    • deal-with-it.gifKrassy
    • I too have a 3 year old; they giveth AND taketh away! High highs and low lows / precious moments / Cheers @microkorg!!!ideaist
    • Share his photo when he gets his cake.CyBrainX
  • robotinc25

    I get to join the club!

    Maximilian, 8lbs 22in and he and mom are both in excellent health.

    @whathefunk I now recognize the kp swaddle

    • Welcome to child ownership!

      : )
    • Congratulations little buddha :)
      And a great name too! (That or Maxwell were my options if we'd had a boy)
    • Congratszaq
    • Nice!stoplying
    • congrats!PonyBoy
    • congratsutopian
    • congrats!renderedred
    • congrats!bezoar
    • !!!!moldero
    • Congrats!duckseason
    • Whooooop! CongratsPhanLo
    • welcome and congrats! :-)oey_oey
    • bravo!api
    • Congrats!Krassy
    • Congrats and cool name for the lil dudeRamanisky2
    • Nice, congrats bud! Embrace the infant stage, they grow so quickly! We're on week 21 - it's flown by...whatthefunk
    • Max is almost as cool a name as scarabin. Congrats!scarabin
    • Congratsgarbage
    • Welcome to the jungle!ben_
    • Watch it bring you to your shun n-n-n-n-n-n-n-n knees, kneesDRIFTMONKEY
    • bravoneverscared
    • Congrats!Gnash
    • Congrats and welcome! It's a sweet ride. My only tip: Get a new Spotify & Netflix user.maquito
    • Congrats! With luck you’ll get to sleep a full night in 4 months... I did :)dmay
  • mg3337

    My daughter turned six yesterday. :)

    • A day unfortunately overshadowed by the chaos in DC. It was nice for her to be home and tune the news out and focus on her special day.mg33
    • Happy birthday and congrats! My son older son turned 6 on Jan. 3.nocomply
    • Such a great age - I loved this time with my kidsGnash
    • congrats! Mine is turning 7 tomorrowzaq
    • Mine turned 3 on New Year’s Eve.monospaced
    • she has my eyesutopian
    • :)utopian
    • My daughter just returned to college in British Columbia.boobs
    • Congrats!!OBBTKN
    • Happy birthday!
      I can’t even imagine how hard it can be to isolate her from these things to feel good when there’s enough trouble in the long run.
    • Her eyes tell that you’ve done a good job :)
    • congrats!oey_oey
  • Longcopylover24

    I invite myself to the club.

    Tonight my first son Vincent Alexis was born.

    Small but strong and healthy. Wife is fine too.
    It was quite an easy ride – I was told. (I did not get the whole story since I passed out a few seconds and found myself on the floor.)

    Up to a totally new chapter.

    • Congratulations! good, you passed out...must have been the last time you got sleep for the next few month;-)uan
    • Great name! All the best.
      We need a Dad's advice thread now!
    • Lol at the passing out. Congratulations and welcome to the club!microkorg
    • Congrats!PonyBoy
    • So you were down the business end eh? Happy Birthday Vincent.faxion
    • congratulationsd_gitale
    • LOL. Congrats pussy ;-)Hayzilla
    • awesome congrats!moldero
    • Congrats! Happy to hear it was a smooth ride. Mine is due in 8 weeks. I hope I don't pass outmonospaced
    • Congrats Sir! @uan - 100% about the sleep... zombie parents.umbee54
    • Welcome to child ownership Longcopylover! I NEARLY passed out as well; homemade protein bars every 15 minutes or so and a mid labour Budweiser kept me alive...ideaist
    • Well done. if I can give any advice it's to always remember that it's not that he has become your son, it's you that has become his father.Gnash
    • you've taken on a sacred role in his life. lead with your heart. best of luck to your familyGnash
    • Well wishes of good health. I still think you're all insane for having kids though.garbage
    • Pango winsHayzilla
    • Congrats. Nothing can compare to the awesome sight of a little person with your face being squeezed out of your wife's vagina. Did you cut the chord?monoboy
    • If I close my eyes now I can still picture the arrival of both of mine. Epic experience.monoboy
    • Congratulations, You are in for the time of your life! Welcome to the club.eryx
    • Congrats! It's a job I never knew I wanted, but now I could never live without.bulletfactory
    • Congrats!!!kona
    • Congrats! Enjoy the magic!Krassy
    • Congrats! It's an awesome feeling isn't it?dbloc
    • Congrats man!! Sleep all you can now, bla, bla... but try to enjoy all the days you are with your son, work less, live more, and bring love! Welcome to the clubOBBTKN
    • Best Club Everstoplying
    • congrats! having kids is awesomesausages
    • this is great! congrats!!!sureshot
    • Haha, these are so many good comments. Thanks everyone for the wishes, this community is really weird in a great way. That's why I like to stalk around here.Longcopylover
  • dbloc25

    2 New Additions to the family

    Maxon Hurst Brown
    Born @ 8:58am
    6lb 2oz
    18" 3/4 long

    Cy Denson Brown
    Born @ 9:01am
    7lb 6oz
    20" long

    • Welcome! Handsome boys you've got there, and you can tell they already have a secret between them :)monospaced
    • wow, amazing, congrats dude!
      I don't know much about twin birth but that seems super close together. I heard it can take 30 minutes between births or more
    • amazing - they look so alert!
      Massive congrats dude
    • ^ niko, me a twin, 11mins between.shapesalad
    • But that is close! Double the trouble, congrats!shapesalad
    • I'm a twin, with only 2 minutes between.monospaced
    • It was a c-section so they pulled them both out pretty quicklydbloc
    • congrats to you & mama, hope everyone is healthyBustySaintClaire
    • double congrats!!zaq
    • they look like PSD mockupsutopian
    • congrats dblocutopian
    • Congrats! Daddy dblocbezoar
    • Whoa! Welcome to the twin club. Are they identical? Mine are nearly 5. I'd tell you how challenging it is, but everyone else is going to tell you that.mathinc
    • The best part about twins is witnessing that bond. It's like nothing else. Every night is a slumber party. They're an unbreakable unit. If I scold one of them,mathinc
    • the other one defends her. They're bolder because they have each other. It's neat to witness it.mathinc
    • jesus h christ they look like plastic dolls. is that in phone shit or just the lightdeathboy
    • Congrats in stereo!mort_
    • go away deathboymonospaced
    • congrats! they look like mini Kraftwerk.uan
    • So amazing to see such strong expression on both of them! So lovely!
    • Keep them BOTH away from QBN as long as you can! Welcome to child ownership!!!ideaist
    • Congrats, twins are definitely an interesting ride. Mine are 11, and for the record were born 4 mins apart, with the second one a breach birth.evilpeacock
    • Big congrats to your family! They look so alert at such a young age. Best friends for life!nocomply
    • Congrats x 2!stoplying
    • Thanks all we're excited and very sleep depriveddbloc
    • @mathinc. they are fraternaldbloc
    • Congrats! Enjoy the ride!!!Krassy
    • awesome!moldero
    • Congrats! Fraternal twin here as well. Enjoy the ride!BonSeff
  • duckseason25

    I'm a dad!

    • Welcome to child ownership @duckseason!!!

    • wow% what a cutie :D
      job well done :) congrats!
    • Congratulations.webazoot
    • She's precious! Congrats!nocomply
    • Congrats! Welcome to the best part of your life. :)mg33
    • Congratulations, and welcome to the club! Let us know if you have any questions.monospaced
    • All the best to all of you. Have fun.
      (And have some sleep as long as you can :))
    • Congrats!Krassy
    • Congrats!PhanLo
    • Congrats! Next month it’s my turn :)dmay
    • thank you for the good news! all the best!api
    • wow! congrats!renderedred
    • Congrats! We're 36 weeks today, getting close ourselves. Happy for ya...whatthefunk
    • Congrats!bezoar
    • Awesome news.. Welcome to Gen Cautoflavour
    • congrats!!!loool
    • congrats!!!loool
    • Get out of internet now, and go to sleep ;) Congratulations to your wife and, ok, you too... Enjoy!!OBBTKN
    • Welcome to your new life!stoplying
    • Beautiful lil'duckling!
      Enjoy! x

      ps. I dig those shoes.
    • congrats!!!!!moldero
  • monospaced26

    My son is now nearly 11 months old, and every day he amazes and humbles me. He is teaching me patience and compassion, and helping me relearn the joys of being a child. I look into his eyes and I can see myself, and I can also see his mother. He's developing a strong sense of humor, and he is starting to speak to us, even though it's still complete gibberish. It's hard to put into words how. proud I am of how he's growing up, and who he's turning into. He's such a joyous, loving little guy.

    He loves to pull himself up to standing on anything he can reach, cruise around and throw everything on the ground. He also loves his books, which I arranged by color the other day. This face, it is everything to me.

    • I miss those days. Kids change you for the better, for sure.aslip
    • he's so proud of his books! awesomehotroddy
    • Nice post!stoplying
    • Every day at that age you get to see them learn something new. Seeing their wonder and enthusiasm really helps dull the cynicism for a while. :-)PhanLo
    • Adorable, dude!! We may not see eye to eye much but I hope to fuck this kid gets a great world to grow up in, mono. <3 He's already in Awesome U too! Smart! :)PonyBoy
    • Thanks everyone. PonyBoy, although we might not see eye-to-eye, I always respect your point of view. My life is dedicated to giving this kid the best upbringingmonospaced
    • Well said! I’m also the proud dad of an almost-11-month-old and it's a fantastic age.Daithi
    • That's a lie! There's no way he went to university!pango
    • but remember Mono, np matter how you raise him...dyspl
    • he might end up liking PCs :)dyspl
    • and nice post btw.dyspl
    • Beautiful mono!utopian
    • ah lovely, all the best to you all mono!fadein11
    • Handsome little guy! Congrats mono. The meaning of life right there.maquito
    • :Dmonospaced
    • "Beautiful mono! - utopian" I'm going to quote this out of context in future.

      A bonnie bairn, mono - good job!
    • Great stuff!HijoDMaite
    • Nice post mono! My son is 17 months old and I've been teaching him what his feet are, and his nose, stomach, ears, etc.mg33
    • Half the time I say "where's your foot?" and he puts his finger in his nose. LOLmg33
    • Haha nice.monospaced
    • such a wonderful age :) my daughter is 15 now, and my son is 12.. and all the wonderful moments of fatherhood continue :)exador1
    • It's amazing as they get older, and have their own identities, their own likes and dislikes...exador1
    • my daughter definitely got the art and design talents, and has a HUGE love for 70s and 80s music (massive Supertramp fan)exador1
    • and both kids have amazing senses of humour... grew up watching SNL and Monty Python etc...exador1
    • When i looked at the photo of your boy, all i could think of was, 'man...he's at the very beginning of such a wonderful adventure' :)exador1
    • Is he calling your names yet? :)notype
    • nope, not yet!monospaced
  • slinky32

    my wife snapped this pic yesterday for my birthday dinner... my daughter's birthday is in a week.

  • skwiotsmith26

    Lilia was born 8/8/18 at 8:15am. Couldn't be more excited to have her here! Mom, baby & me are doing great!

  • Nairn18

    Just dropped my daughter off at nursery. We were running a bit late so I ended up hoisting her on top of my shoulders and leg it so that I could there in time. It might not be common knowledge, but it is fucking hot out there today, so despite my only lugging her a couple of hundred metres, I was drenched in sweat. Got in a minute or so early, so had to wait with other parents 'til the doors opened. Put daughter on ground to unpack her bag and she announces, loud enough for everyone to hear "MY PUSSY IS SO WET".

    I couldn't help but laugh, but the weird woman who either works in a local pub or just spends her entire existence smoking outside of it, gave me a less than appreciative look.

    • Oh boy ... lol!monospaced
    • lolYakuZoku
    • ohhhhh boi lolpango
    • front page :)monospaced
    • LOLrzu-rzu
    • hahahaahOBBTKN
    • Yikes! LOLAkagiyama
    • Yikes! I don’t have daughters but I thought they all used cute code names for their girly parts?_niko
    • Is that the word you use at home?monospaced
    • Yes, yes it is.Nairn
    • LOL. That's the funnier part.
      You've only got yourself to blame.
    • Does her mum call it fica?palimpsest
    • Italians have a hundred different names for pussy. I don't what else I'd call it in English. Cute code names are ..weird, everything else is too biological.Nairn
    • 'Pussy is pussy' as I once said to a friend who regretted (or at least claimed to) sleeping with an ugly girl.Nairn
    • Anyway, better than the time my daughter said "you cunt!" to my Dad when he didn't give her something from the fridge. That was a hard one to explain... .Nairn
    • Notwithstanding her entirely correct usage.Nairn
    • Your should tell her not to use that word in public anymore. The proper word is moist.palimpsest
    • Don't know your story, is there no Mrs Nairn involved?sea_sea
    • lolKrassy
    • OMG... : )falcadia
    • @sea_sea - nope I pushed and pushed that surprisingly un-wee creature through my urethra three and some years ago, all alone like some 21st C. Mary (him/it)Nairn
    • #birthing personpalimpsest
    • It's a 'fanny' in this house.microkorg
    • 'My fanny is so wet!' would be as funny, in my book :)Nairn
    • Hahah yup.microkorg
    • LOLsMrT
    • What do Italians call pussy?cherub
    • I heard they call it 'slitta' in swedish. Or another word that means roughly "the trail that snails make"cherub
    • What should she have said instead?drgs
    • When I think about it, Nairn always refers to his other half as "partner"...drgs
    • it shows nairn lolsea_sea
    • Jesus! Haha. Poor lass, as it has been totally boiling today. Stay cool, gang!Ianbolton
    • I've always found it sus that he refers to his baby momma as his pardner.palimpsest
    • With so many options out there: bae, boo, main squeeze, shawty.palimpsest
    • pepepango