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  • Gardener25

    and my wee lad turns 18 today!

    • if he had been born an hour earlier we would have had the same birthday!Gardener
    • Smiling faces, beautiful all around ❤Wordsworth
    • feel good thread of the day!cherub
    • Wow! How did you know what to do? Ok, it was your 3rd, guess by then you know.
      Happy 60+1day Birthday to you and happy 18th to your kid!
    • Beautiful family ❤️mort_
    • I took on her 2 kids when they were 6 & 8 so they're my steps,this lad is ours.Gardener
    • I had 40 years of not bothered with kids then get 3 lol, always glad I got travelling etc out of my system before meeting my good ladyGardener
    • delivering babies is over-rated, trick is not to panic and use common senseGardener
    • congrats buddy... that's a great pic of you and your family there :) very cute :)
      we just celebrated my daughters 19th on Sunday :)
    • Congrats and proper!! xoxoxhydro74
  • microkorg7

    Wee boy (3yo) got up for a piss this morning and the baby seat wasn't on the toilet. Rather than doing the quick task of placing it on, he did his first stand-up 'big boy pee'.

    He came to wake me and tell me quite excitedly.
    The action was completely out of the blue and we've not been trying to prompt him to do this in any way.

    Very proud dad here.

    • Such a great moment. I remember it well.monospaced
    • You’ll be over the moon when he wipes his own bum.shapesalad
  • Nairn18

    Just dropped my daughter off at nursery. We were running a bit late so I ended up hoisting her on top of my shoulders and leg it so that I could there in time. It might not be common knowledge, but it is fucking hot out there today, so despite my only lugging her a couple of hundred metres, I was drenched in sweat. Got in a minute or so early, so had to wait with other parents 'til the doors opened. Put daughter on ground to unpack her bag and she announces, loud enough for everyone to hear "MY PUSSY IS SO WET".

    I couldn't help but laugh, but the weird woman who either works in a local pub or just spends her entire existence smoking outside of it, gave me a less than appreciative look.

    • Oh boy ... lol!monospaced
    • lolYakuZoku
    • ohhhhh boi lolpango
    • front page :)monospaced
    • LOLrzu-rzu
    • hahahaahOBBTKN
    • Yikes! LOLAkagiyama
    • Yikes! I don’t have daughters but I thought they all used cute code names for their girly parts?_niko
    • Is that the word you use at home?monospaced
    • Yes, yes it is.Nairn
    • LOL. That's the funnier part.
      You've only got yourself to blame.
    • Does her mum call it fica?palimpsest
    • Italians have a hundred different names for pussy. I don't what else I'd call it in English. Cute code names are ..weird, everything else is too biological.Nairn
    • 'Pussy is pussy' as I once said to a friend who regretted (or at least claimed to) sleeping with an ugly girl.Nairn
    • Anyway, better than the time my daughter said "you cunt!" to my Dad when he didn't give her something from the fridge. That was a hard one to explain... .Nairn
    • Notwithstanding her entirely correct usage.Nairn
    • Your should tell her not to use that word in public anymore. The proper word is moist.palimpsest
    • Don't know your story, is there no Mrs Nairn involved?sea_sea
    • lolKrassy
    • OMG... : )falcadia
    • @sea_sea - nope I pushed and pushed that surprisingly un-wee creature through my urethra three and some years ago, all alone like some 21st C. Mary (him/it)Nairn
    • #birthing personpalimpsest
    • It's a 'fanny' in this house.microkorg
    • 'My fanny is so wet!' would be as funny, in my book :)Nairn
    • Hahah yup.microkorg
    • LOLsMrT
    • What do Italians call pussy?cherub
    • I heard they call it 'slitta' in swedish. Or another word that means roughly "the trail that snails make"cherub
    • What should she have said instead?drgs
    • When I think about it, Nairn always refers to his other half as "partner"...drgs
    • it shows nairn lolsea_sea
    • Jesus! Haha. Poor lass, as it has been totally boiling today. Stay cool, gang!Ianbolton
    • I've always found it sus that he refers to his baby momma as his pardner.palimpsest
    • With so many options out there: bae, boo, main squeeze, shawty.palimpsest
    • pepepango
  • Gardener44

    my lad's very thoughtful (and cheap) handmade bd card!

    • 60p as I'm 60 today!Gardener
    • d'aawwwwscruffics
    • Happy Birthday fellafaxion
    • Happy 80th anniversarydrgs
    • I think you mean 78Gardener
    • Pricelessmonospaced
    • That is class. Happy birthday!mort_
    • Happy birthday!!! Enjoy your dayOBBTKN
    • Happy birthday, sir!Continuity
    • HBD!Wordsworth
    • lol 60p. Three words: "It's ya birthday"garbage
    • Happy birthday - are you officially the oldest (and wisest) QBNer?dee-dubs
    • When I think of "Gardener", I think of records. So a perfect match! HAPPY BIRTHDAY from Germany!SimonFFM
    • Nice. Assume he found it in a box of second-hand birthday cardsFax_Benson
    • HBD from Chicago! Also— so great.wordssssss
    • you are all so kind, thank you for your kind words fellow QBN'rsGardener
    • HBD. How did I know this was yours before I even saw who posted it.fooler
    • Love this ❤️ Happy 60th!PonyBoy
    • What's on the B-side?
      Happy Birthday!
    • Happy b day! Creative lad you got!aliastime
    • love it! happy birthday! :)sea_sea
    • haha happy birthday!YakuZoku
    • Haha, happy birthday mate. Hope it's a blinder. Could you rip that 45' into MP3 or something for us all to hear?! ;-)Ianbolton
    • Happy Birthday!koma_
    • Lonelypedromendez
    • Happy Happy Brithday, this is all great!MrT
    • nice color choices your kid made!sarahfailin
    • incidentally his present was a usb with jingles he had made for my radio show... and chocolateGardener
  • CALLES16

    Little update here fellas

    • I hope you wrote ANDY on the bottom of his shoefooler
    • Precious my man.

      Life is grand, eh?
    • nope. I was another cowboy. we all wereCALLES
    • :.)Nairn
    • Kids got a fivehead.cannonball1978
    • Fuck off canonballtank02
    • Ouch. That's the sort of joke you can make with a good pal (a friend, 'Irish' was also called 'Fiveheed') but if you don't.. that's er.. not what I would do.Nairn
  • zaq1

    Happy Father's day!
    Celebrate like before you had kids!

  • HijoDMaite61

    My baby girl is a college grad! :) BA in Business, Summa Cum Laude. <3

    • wow amazing, should be proud. your baby girl is officially smarter than 99% of QBN.hotroddy
    • ^++YakuZoku
    • Congrats!Krassy
    • "Signs your getting old"NBQ00
    • Congrats!Chimp
    • felicitaciones a tu hija HijoDMaite! seguro que tu familia esta muy orgullosa.BuddhaHat
    • thanks guys :)HijoDMaite
    • lol@hotroddy :D not just smarter...
      congratulations! to both of you :D
    • Amazing!!! Congrats! Is it weird that we all get proud for members of the QBN family?_niko
    • Congrats!!!
      LOLL @ hotroddy
    • Fantastic! I have a degree in Bidniz.stoplying
    • Awesome! Congrats hijo!sea_sea
    • Congratulation! It's an achievement for both of you.
      One day my little one will be in those shoes.
    • congrats!prophetone
    • Nice one! You don't look old enough.Fax_Benson
    • Well done mister!Calderone2000
    • congratulations to her and to you for doing a great job man. plus you are looking good and happy!oey_oey
    • Felicidades Hijo, buen trabajo!! Eso si, la chica ha salido a la madre ;)OBBTKN
    • Let this be a lesson to all those that want to follow their dreams. ;-)
      Congrats !
    • How to join the 1% club of QBNdrgs
    • they grow up so fastpango
    • Enhorabuena Hijo, seguro que la abuela está orgullosa! ;-)Miesfan
    • congratz!milfhunter
    • congrats! next generation qbn'ers are coming :pBeeswax
    • Sweet :)Gnash
    • iWoodutopian
    • Awesome. Congrats!mort_
    • Congrats!!fisheye
  • microkorg5

    Myself and son (3) getting changed in cubicle at Swimming yesterday. He asked the following loudly much to the amusement of folk in surrounding cubicles...

    "Daddy, why's your willy got a beard?"

  • eryx3

    Son 3 and daughter 5.
    Playing duck hunt of NES first time.

    Daughter played first, missed every duck.
    Brothers turn
    Daughter say to brother "shoot the dog!"
    Brothers figures out you can hold zapper against TV and is kicking ass!

    Proud dad for sure!

    • My 7 year old boy is really into NES games I set up on my RetroPie. His favs are 1942 and any other airplane shooting game. Gotta start 'em with the classics!nocomply
    • He also likes to play my favorite game with me, which is Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2. He gets so excited and hugs me when I unlock new levels. It's pretty perfect.nocomply
  • microkorg40

    Our youngest is 3 today.
    I asked him "What does it feel like to be 3?"
    He replied "I don't feel 3 yet."
    I responded "When do you think you'll feel 3?"
    His reply "When I get my cake!"

    • hahautopian
    • NiceGuyFawkes
    • Thug Life ⌐■_■NonEntity
    • I still remember the blue motorcycle I had on my 3rd year birthday cake. :)kaiyohtee
    • Class :)mrAtor
    • deal-with-it.gifKrassy
    • I too have a 3 year old; they giveth AND taketh away! High highs and low lows / precious moments / Cheers @microkorg!!!ideaist
    • Share his photo when he gets his cake.CyBrainX
  • tank021

    So my oldest (3,5) has been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Syndrome. So that is some rough news. Looking for some advice or bad jokes.

    I've always seen myself as borderline on the spectrum because I never fit in. Luckily he is of 'normal' IQ, but seeing him struggle is hard.

    I would give my right arm to fix it, but I guess that is some of the hardships of being a parent.

    • accept that he is imperfect, no matter how much it interferes with your pride.
      don’t solve all his problems, help him finding the ways to solve difficult ones
    • Don't get me wrong, I'm very proud of him. I don't mind most of the time. But a therapy session with his therapist and its hard for him, he understands his pathtank02
    • is different.tank02
    • I lived up close enough to know what it is like when these things aren't taken seriously enough and one parent fails to accept and the other gives up everythingsted
    • to maintain the life of that one kid free from disadvantages and failures.sted
    • that is rough sted, my wife and I are on the some track though. He is also being choached a lot, and has his safe spaces at school. Plus he very curious andtank02
    • and socal, and its up us to feed this. Being a freelancers its a blessing to arrange my work schedule around this hours.tank02
    • My mother used to say that it's like having a 4th kid.Think about the long ass hours you're going to spend teaching him basic math, getting him memorizing poemssted
    • While to docs saying the your kid is sitting next to the lucky ones in this diagnosis spectrum.sted
    • Thanks these days this isn't such a shame that you can't tell the teachers, you can get a lot of help, and I don’t think the paths you can take aren't thatsted
    • as hopeless as it was decades ago.sted
    • At age 3 1/2, what kind of signs does he show that made you look into it? My son is almost 4.monospaced
    • Hey mono, well that is the tricky thing, it goes from avoiding the playground, to detail to spec. things, a linguistic problem, rocking motion.....tank02
    • .... but it's a spectrum. there are so many moments he is.a 'normal' kid, but due to stress, those elements come out, its now finding a system to avoid ittank02
    • but like sted says. School actually noticed it second. I already had some ideas. Now the team of pyschs, school help, etc.... the system is good.tank02
    • society is more open to this now. I had ADHD when I was kid, so i threw in to the school trash, Repeating 3 years, 'unhandelable' etc... now its diff.tank02
    • mail me for more info if you want; i also want to help others.tank02
    • Fascinating. You sound like you are geared up to take this on, good attitude. They’re lucky to have a man like you.monospaced
    • Don't think of it as an imperfection or a flaw. Autism is nothing to be ashamed of. Yes, a lot of people on the autism spectrum have struggles that may go alongslinky
    • with their autism but it is not their autism causing it. My son is almost 11 and is high function autistic, had adhd, ocd, tourettes & severe anxiety strugglesslinky
    • My son is also profoundly gifted and has special abilities that come along with his autism (near perfect photographic memory, taught himself how to read/writeslinky
    • My son is also profoundly gifted and has special abilities that come along with his autism (near perfect photographic memory, taught himself how to read/writeslinky
    • when he was about 2 years old.slinky
    • above all, his anxiety is the biggest struggle for him. its tough when he says things like he "doesn't want to exist" & is always beating himself up for thingsslinky
    • tank02, if you ever need advice on anything, feel free to ask. we've seen everything!slinky
    • Hey Slinky. I don't see it as a imperfection. I just don't want him to struggle. I would be nice to exchange stories. My e-mail is bart@coffeeklatch.betank02
  • PhanLo0

    • Congrats Adamfaxion
    • District Attorney is a good jobnb
  • ideaist0

    A night out in Chatham, ON @ The Satellite Restaurant; birthplace of the Hawaiian pizza.

    The "Heir" / Gold / Kingsley:


    The "Spare" / Silver / Sterling

    Loving these dudes more than I can possibly love myself.

  • Nairn2

    My phone keeps giving me Storage Space warnings. It doesn't have a great capacity, but I don't put a lot on there, so I had a quick spring clean and copied off and then deleted all of the photos.

    Going through them I think I now realise why I had so little space - my daughter's clearly been stealing my phone when I'm not paying attention and then taking shitloads of photos. There are literally hundreds of the fuckers, blurry, chaotic, terrible. It's brilliant. Like I've found a secret life...

    • lol! My son does the same thing and it's amazing.monospaced
  • Danish1

  • mg3318

    I took my daughter to an awesome indoor rock climbing gym in Chicago yesterday. She has been really interested in climbing since watching all of the climbing events in the Olympics, but it only ever climbed on smaller kid friendly stuff at a place in our town.

    She LOVED it. I rented a harness and shoes for myself because I was so envious of how much fun she was having, so it was an awesome thing for us to do together and encourage each other.

    A bigger indoor gym will be open in about 20 minutes from us in January, and I’m willing to bet that we will have a membership there. It was just so much fun.

    • nice :)sted
    • wow! She's pretty high up there on that first shot... pretty awesome for a kid to go all out on a wall like that her first time... what a little badass!PonyBoy
    • Cool activity. Nice!stoplying
    • Oh man, climbing is such rad thing for families to do together...right on.JackRyan
    • Thanks everyone! I climbed once at a gym I went to over 10 years ago, but never did it again because I didn't want to mess up my fingers for playing guitar.mg33
    • I was in my band at the time.mg33
    • She's such a brave kid and I was so happy to see her determination. I like to look for activities that involve problem solving, failure, and persistence,mg33
    • and this has those in spades. I'd love to make it a regular thing, get trained to belay, and really put some time into it. It was a blast.mg33
    • Since we went I've definitely had that "gonna try X next time..." like figuring out a route differently, not fearing a jumping lunge upwards to a higher hold.mg33
    • We came home and watched Free Solo to watch his actual climb at the end. Seen it so many times, always amazed at his achievement.mg33
    • One of the coolest hobbies I took up w/my partner right b4 the pandemic & I need to get over it and touch walls again. I miss it. also best arms ever!shellie
    • That's awesome. I took my daughters a few months ago and they absolutely HATED it lol. Find something else I guess. :)Cosmodrome
    • Nice! Fellow climber here. Hopefully, you learn the skills and venture outdoors too.dorf
    • The best that it's her choice. and yeah opens lots of opportunities not just for her but you (staying fit ahha) :D anyways it helps a lot of build confidencested
    • Awesome! Ive always wondered how they get those giant pieces of gum to stick like that....ArmandoEstrada
    • We have one near us in Raleigh... my son loved doing it years ago (when he was around 7-8)... want to go back and do again, hopefully my 6yr old daughter willslinky
    • We have one near us in Raleigh... my son loved doing it years ago (when he was around 7-8)... want to go back and do again, hopefully my 6yr old daughter willslinky
    • try itslinky
  • HijoDMaite49

    Our last baby is done with High School! :'-(
    Come September she's off to UC Irvine and we will officially be empty nesters! WOW.

    • Congrats!Palindrome
    • Congrats!!!!oey_oey
    • A year and a half ago I was thinking the same thing, our oldest (only one at the time) was off to college... then baby Francisca decided to show up...dmay
    • Congrats!Beeswax
    • wow incredible. I should get started with the whole kids thing. D :shellie
    • congrats hijo!garbage
    • So fucking cool.Nairn
    • @shellie I waited till I was 41. Downside is im gonna be an old ass parent when my little one graduates Highschoolerr
    • congrats dude.. my eldest is only 10.. so a while yet.autoflavour
    • Congrats!Krassy
    • Thanks you guys!HijoDMaite
    • That's excellent, you did it!slappy
    • bravo ! the best.neverscared
    • Mazel tov!Gnash
    • @err - you and me both.
      It was 42 for my partner and myself.
    • Congrats!formed
    • Happy photo! Congrats.Fax_Benson
    • Had our first at 41, second at 43. Don;t think i'd like to have kids much older than this unless you've got bags of energy and dont mind little sleep.microkorg
    • 37 and I feel the time is coming but I already lack energy and love lots of sleepkalkal
    • congrats dudeCalderone2000
    • Congrats! I'm 42, my first is 10 months old. My wife wants another, I'm not sure if I'll survive having two.aliastime
    • congrats and good luck to her :)sted
  • Salarrue9

  • mg3325

    My little guy is four today!

    • Start car shopping because he will be 16 in a few weeks (it'll feel like it)lemmy_k
    • Nice sunglassespango
    • Awwmort_
    • Wordsworth
    • Krassy
    • awww bless..autoflavour
    • Thanks everyone. He got a ton of new Hot Wheels track builders. He’s assisted to his cars, and it’s a fun activity for us to do together. :)mg33
    • he looks like he was born cool :D
      and whos that hairy bloke teaching him how to pick his nose? hehh
    • So lucky...I wish my guys were that age again.BusterBoy
  • Nairn0

    Whoops, apparently it's not a good idea to give under fives tea to drink... haha. Some websites suggest 'under 12', but that's crazy talk for a Northernish Brit.