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  • orrinward2

    Hey guys and gals.

    I'm trying to find web services that do a great job of motivating people to sign up for their service and get using it as frequently as possible after signing up.

    Methods web services use to prevent the nosedive from number of people signed up to number of active users.

    Dropbox has a numbered checklist of things to do in it's getting started.

    Pinterest and Twitter both just throw you into doing stuff and don't give you time to think "meh I'll do this later."

    Foursquare had a numbered list and location-tailored things to do:

    Anything that uses gamification to get people using their stuff early is exactly what I'm after. "If you do XXXXX now then you get YYYYY" sort of stuff.

    Thanks in advance for any help!

  • detritus0

    ‘incentivised onboarding’ & ‘gamification’ in one schpiel?

    Jesus Christ.

    • Exactly what I was thinking. Someone drank from the poisoned marketing-speak chalice.Continuity
  • orrinward20

    Haha. It's the only way I know to describe it. I'll try and de-buzzword it...

    Examples of companies using rewards-for-doing-stuff as a way to turn a higher percentage of new users into users that use the service a lot (buzzword - 'engaged').

    Examples of companies turning the first steps of using their product into some kind of game as a way to turn a higher percentage of new users into users that use the service a lot (buzzword - 'engaged').

    Is that better? Worse?

    As far as buzzwords go I feel those 2 work pretty well and aren't hollow...

    Maybe I've been pitching too much...

  • sublocked0

    I've run into a few iPad/iPhone games that unlock special things if you tweet from the app.

    First one I can think of off the bat is the Final Fantasy touch app for iPad/iPhone. I think you unlock special characters if you tweet. It's been a minute since I've played it so can't say specifically.

  • sublocked0

    There's also quite a few companies using referral programs to either earn money in your pocket, or off your monthly bill.

    I miss when Basecamp used to do that, as I earned a decent amount doing do. Not sure why they discontinued it, as I never saw a public statement or reason.

  • orrinward20

    Thanks for these. I refer friends to Betfair for £25 a pop.

    These are good examples of incentivised sharing, but do you know of any services that gives users an extra push into using the service immediately after you sign up. Our service has a high-converting registration page but a low number of the signed up users then become regular users of the service as there's a bit of work involved in getting the benefits. Users have to install a bookmarklet and the benefits of the service really kick in after you've used the bookmarklet somewhere. A lot of people don't get that far.

    • none that spring to mind immediately but i'll keep my eye out. i have a similar problem with my app...sublocked
    • Wanna have a swap session over Skype or Google Hangout?orrinward2
    • for sure maybe this weekend? traveling today.sublocked